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We are never open on weekends and bank holidays. There are 3 dual triode valves (12AX7A) plus various op-amps in the pre-amp and the solid state 100W output stage uses a pair of complementary power MOSFETs (output transistors Exicon 10P20, 10N20 – £11.80 a pair on ebay). Probably the next thing to do is to remove the power transformer from the cabinet, temporarily hook it up to mains and check the voltages coming out of it. Mains T2A slo-blo fuse is blown. A three screw cover allows access to the truss rod. Kala U-Bass • Aquila ShortBass-One • Ortega D-Walker. The headstock is burst painted to match the body and carries a script Fender logo in black with a gold outline. Although there is no sign the wiring has been modified, the control reversal, if it is not original, could be the result of a re-wire. 12 String Nut - £80. Guitar Repairs London. Flexible opening hours. The chrome bar, trapeze mount, two point pivot tremolo, has a blued steel, string tension balance leaf spring, concealed in the hollow chrome plated, pressed steel tailpiece. Other paint schemes in the Coronado line feature more conventional sunbursts or solid colours. Standard Fender necks are 43mm at the nut to 55mm at the last fret. The electronics are mounted on a separate bent steel plate under the transport plate. But in practice it is the movement of the anchor forwards (flat) and backwards (sharp) that dominates the tremolos action. 1 x Valencia 1 x Martin Colette 1 x unbranded Unfortunately I know nothing about guitars. At London Guitars we feel that our customers deserve a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Improved its appearance by using a craft knife to trim away a straight strip of Lexan including the chips. The Coronado II’s were made with a number of variations and colours, such as a transparent pick guard (with black script) instead of the black burst white with the script ‘Antigua’ guard on this one, a two screws and a bar string retainer instead of a string tree, two smaller knobs for the tone controls and the addition of the lettering ‘Coronado II’ in black to the headstock. Amp shows no sign of life when plugged in and switched on. Since the Coronado here is left handed that makes replacement arms even rarer. All four controls show signs of the lubricant thickening. They keep the original aesthetic, but add ‘upgrades’ or changes to make the guitars more player friendly. Parts replaced – Playback head, Bottom grille, lamp, 3 core mains cable, output cable, 2 fixing screws, knob insert. The workshop’s located on the top floor of 125 Charing Cross Road in London’s West End – right opposite the west end of Denmark Street. London Guitar Repairs is the place for repairs, setups and modifications to your guitar & stringed instruments including re-strings, setups, re-frets, refinishing, neck resets, vintage restoration, relic-ing, blasting, cracked tops, broken or loose acoustic guitar braces, pickup installation, custom electronics, bone nuts and saddles, binding and major reconstruction. There’s a rotary volume for the neck pickup, three slide switches and rotary volume for the bridge pickup. Large Fender CBS style headstock. Similarly, isopropyl alcohol followed by a spot of light oil freed up all the controls. We carry a wide range of Acoustic and Electric guitars, amplifiers and accessories. The controls and pre-amp PCB with the three valves are at the top of the panel. Disassembled the tremolo, cleaned, lubricated and reassembled. Dropped the bridge height from the high setting as received to adjust the action and adjusted the depth of the two threaded bridge posts that are screwed in to inserts in the top of the guitar. Can be found on offer for as high as £799. Removed the amp chassis from the cabinet. The re-issues only have a trapeze tailpiece, no tremolo. Two small white plastic strap buttons are screwed to the body, one to the heel and one to the end of the trapeze tailpiece. These parts are designed to fit a genuine Bigsby and neither are a direct retro fit in the Epiphone licensed version of the Bigsby. Coronado’s other than the Antigua had a black painted headstock and dot fret markers. So when you play one, you’ll know it’s an original. The foot switch is active when both push/push buttons are up (blue and green LEDs on). “Great! And an effects level return on the back panel. Measure clearance from the bottom of the string to the top of the pickup pole piece. They are rated at either 500mA (Maplin 10pk GL56L £3.19) or 2A (Maplin 10pk GL62S £3.19). Steel String Guitar or Bass $20 12-String Guitar $30 Locking-Tremolo Guitar $30 Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo $30 Ukulele $15 Setups Guitar or Bass (Electric or Acoustic) $75 and up Requires neck removal for truss-rod adjustment Add $10 Non-locking tremolo bridge Add $10 Locking tremolo bridge Add $25 12-string Add $25 The pickups are all the same polarity with the South pole uppermost, (no Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity – RWRP – here). Portobello Music specialises in the repair and overhaul electric/acoustic guitars and string-family instruments. The sprung back is then hooked over the pin at one end and pushed down until it clips around the outside of the worm. With excellent diagnostic skills, high quality guitar repairs, and vintage restorations. Work done – Disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and polished the guitar. A 1/4” roller axle is used, running in push-in nylon bushings inserted, both into the frame and into the ends of the thin tension roller tube. I used a standard 43mm wide nut with a 35mm string spacing and filed the ends down to match the narrow 40mm wide neck. The truss rod was loose with no tension applied. As a result, when the Epiphone string shaft is rotated it feels like the bearings are full of sand. Even so there should be enough thread and the pressure from the springs should stop the screws from loosening. Allparts USA does carry a right-handed Mustang arm – BP-0274-005 Tremolo Arm for Vintage Mustang®. Acoustic guitar repair and setups. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Martin Custom X~12 string Dreadnought acoustic~electric guitar~PARTS~REPAIR. Lifted the two pickups to clean under them and found a small hex wrench attached to the underside of the pickup poles by magnetic attraction. Body – The body is 3 piece, probably of Sen Ash, finished in metallic silver. Unlike the Mustang / Jazzmaster bridges which are of folded steel, this bridge is cast from Zinc alloy and then chrome plated, as are the two pivot pucks. Guitars need regular servicing to maintain playability, electronics, action and tuning intonation. Unlike my Korean made, but genuine, Bigsby B5, on the Epiphone licensed version there are retaining circlips fitted on either end of the string shaft, holding it in place in the frame. Tremolo springs replaced with the new Wilkinson, as the old Tokai springs had hooks that were too long for the Wilkinson block. With the strings removed the neck had a tiny amount of forward bow. Drilled and tapped the back of the Bigsby frame for 3mm grub screws to lock the conversion sleeves and axle in place. 32 – 0 – 32 V AC @ 2A (128VA so buy a 150VA) for the MOSFET power amplifier – orange – black – orange, 14V AC @ 0.7A (9.8VA so 10VA) for the 12AX7 pre-amp valve series heaters (pins 4 & 5) pair of white wires, 250V @ 75mA (18.75VA so 20VA) for the valve HT – pair of yellow wires, CON81 (on power amp PCB) Numbered left to right on pin side, 3 – 32 V AC goes to F81 T2AL250V NOT blown. We guarantee all our work – Your satisfaction is our aim! Your email address will not be published. The neck is bound in white plastic with large oval black edge markers. The original Fender Mustang has the same heavy string anchor bar and the same tremolo arm, but uses two coil springs to provide counter tension to the strings. Obviously at some point someone had dropped the wrench inside the guitar and it ended up stuck to the pickup magnets.The top E pole screw had been noticeably raised to compensate for the higher volume from the other strings due to the increase in the upper magnetic field caused by the wrench. London Guitars is a musical instrument store in London, Ontario, Canada! The replacement control panel is for a more ‘modern’ version of the bass, the circuitry is simpler (it has two 14mm diameter 500K controls – 443K and 485K 10% log curve – three 2 way slide switches and a 0.047uF tone cap, no other components). Text Me. Front panel Drive / Clean push switch is jammed. Plays like a Martin guitar now. The string roller and the arm now swing with very low friction. The axle is retained by circlips at either end rather than the grub screw through the frame as on a geniune Bigsby. 4 were here. Judging by traces of an abrasive white power found under the Bigsby and by the state of the finish, the previous owner tried rubbing down the gloss of the finish, possibly to make it look like an older guitar. Two bent metal string trees with a spacer. In particular the synchronised vibrato bridge, which on many Tokai S type guitars is a chrome plated, single piece, zinc alloy casting, with cast zinc alloy saddles. Oak 5 way pickup selector switch fitted, with a black switch tip secured with a drop of superglue. Our friends at Gryphon know guitars and are fully authorised to service and repair Lowden Guitars. Body – The double cutaway, arched, thinline body is of beechwood ply with a white/black/white binding front and back. 0.186 inch diameter, I assume Alnico 5, unbevelled magnets, set flat on the bottom with a smooth 7.25inch radius stagger on top. Entire amplifier cleaned. Black  connector 81 pin 2 ground, Yellow 33V Orange connector 81 pin 4  Power amp, Orange 12V White connector 1 pin 1  valve heaters, Red 12V White connector 1 pin 2  valve heaters, Black 230V Yellow connector 1 pin 5  valve HT, Red 230V Yellow connector 1 pin 6  valve HT, Copyright reserved T Relph-Knight 18/01/18, A new Höfner 500/1-64-0 can be purchased for £ 2,106.98, or the Höfner Vintage 500/1-62 Mersey for £ 1,842.50. Neck – Maple, one piece, 3 bolt neck with black plastic dots finished in a high gloss poly that has darkened to a ‘vintage’ amber. 1 to 2 = 14.76 V AC no valves plugged in. All aspects of the guitar’s adjustment are covered including, Fret board conditioning, Truss rod adjustment, Acoustic pick up installation. At London Guitar Repair we aim to offer the best repair, upgrade, and maintenance services for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars in the London area. If any of the play heads are open circuit the playback amplifier sees an open circuit when that head is selected by its push button, and the output produces a loud hum. Description – Bradley amplifiers are an early example of a hybrid valve / solid state design. Repair Log: 2006 Epiphone Custom Shop Limited Edition Casino, Repair log – 1963 Watkins Copicat MkII – tape loop echo/reverb unit. Acoustic guitars normally have an end block and a neck block at opposite ends of the body. I wanted to upgrade the Epiphone licensed Bigsby by fitting a Callaham solid, stainless steel tension roller (3/16” shaft 0.187 inch, roller is 2.215 long by ?? Two mismatched securing screws replaced with matching screws. Size – 67cm long x 23.5 to 21.5cm tapered width x 38.5cm high. 32V AC for power amp – rectified to plus and minus 40V DC, F81 – T2A L250V …. The light gauge stainless flats in 39 to 96, apparently are the strings used by Paul McCartney. 32V AC for power amp – rectified to plus and minus 40V DC. Input jack on top panel. Histories unravel as the body of the instrument takes shape from an 18th Century piano and a discarded painting of South Africa. With over 3000 instruments available from stock we have the best selection in the UK. All the drive and volume controls including the Return level crackled when rotated and if the amp was switched to the Blue channel, with Drive selected, the Drive control turned up and the Drive Volume and Master Volume turned up, it went into internal feedback. Mains fuse blown as well as several internal fuses. Repair Date – 09/09/16 Customer – xxxx xxxx, Price – The original price in 1962 was £38.10 (around £763 inflation adjusted). Inserted two fibre washers to take up the slack between the bearing in the Bigsby arm and the inner face of the arm bracket. Just about every picture on the web shows the floating bridge in a different place and angle. There is no control over tone. Two Epiphone P90 pickups with chrome plated dog-ear covers (the base plates of the P90s have their two end tabs soldered to the inside of the dog ears on the covers), Epiphone ABR-1 style Tone-O-Matic bridge (nickel plated). Replace all screws with new – black screws on the pickguard, Electrically screen the guitar with copper tape, Replace the bridge with a Wilkinson steel block bridge with vintage saddles, Replace the old bent metal string trees with Graph Tech trees, New D’Addario waterfall swirl scratch plate. These connections were rewired directly to the power transformers. It is fitted with block cast zinc alloy saddles. Pots – Japanese, Vol 308.2K, tone 314.5K, tone 307.3K, all 20% law. Two piece (scarfed headstock) mahogany D profile narrow neck, 41mm at the nut. With luck the only fault was in the transformer and the fuses protected all the electronics from permanent harm. Tremolo cavity fitted with a silver mirror cover plate. Apart from a slight peening of the ends, there is nothing to hold these pins in place other than the tension of the spring. Staffed by touring guitar techs, we specialize in vintage/used guitars, amps and pedals. So all these fuses are slow blow 20mm glass fuses rated at 250V. The bridge should be adjusted to close to vertical on its pivots. The glue Fender used to fix the body binding on some of the Coronado bodies left a stain, or chemical burn, around the edge of the body. A further 6 way connector CON80 on the power amp board connects the output of the pre-amp to the input of the power amp and feeds plus and minus, zener regulated supplies, for the pre-amp ICs (blue and red wires) derivedfrom the power amp 32-0-32 V supplies. All the internal routing is extremely clean and tidy. 12 inch radius rosewood fretboard with off-white plastic dots and 22 medium jumbo frets. So with the old strings fitted, the intonation is generally very sharp – the bridge is too near the neck. Badly needs a new tape loop. The specifications for the current Casino on the Epiphone web site give a neck width of 1.68 inches. Some Coronados had a black/white chequerboard pattern in the binding. three head unit was his response). Some Fender guitars of the period also feature solid cast zinc bridges as a cost saving (the more complicated and expensive machined steel inertia block, bolted to a hardened steel bridge plate, with folded steel saddles was judged unnecessary by Fender management at the time) so exactly who was copying who isn’t clear. means ‘death to Selmer’. The control route is stamped with 12=1SG Y. Work done –  Guitar disassembled, cleaned and polished. This is the size of wrench used to adjust the bridge height grub screws. and DC regulator to valve heaters, F3 – T500mA L250V …. Each half of one ECC83 is used as an input amp for the two input channels (inputs are 1Meg each), the 6BR8 (a dual tetrode plus triode) is used for the record head driver and for the bias oscillator and the second ECC83 is used as the playback amplifier. This example is a three channel, 2 by 12 combo amp with channel volumes and Master volume control. Metal insert witch hat knobs (reflector knobs). Apparently these bar’s are the same as those used on Fender Mustangs, but replacements are extremely hard to find. Unfortunately the new panel has no engraving and the three switches are attached with countersunk screws running through the panel. There is a £25 minimum charge for guitar repairs. Pickup services are offered from complete rewinds to waxing/potting. Modern light gauge strings probably do not apply enough tension to apply the load this tremolo was designed for. The main change that Epiphone have made to the design, presumably in order to save money, is that rather than drill the 3/16” holes in the aluminium frame for the front roller axle and drill and tap for a grub screw in the frame leg, Epiphone chose to cast larger 3/8” inch holes (roughly 3/8” the holes actually taper from the outside in). Repairs . Two ¼ inch mono jack sockets for input 1 and 2. Body has 3 routes for single coil pickups. The covers don’t fit flush, they are short of the forbon baseplate by about 1mm which allows clearance for the two lead out wires. The PCB mount pins on these are rather flexible and the PCB mount part moves around by a worrying amount. There is no internal shielding. Vintage style 6/64″ (2.4 mm) 5/64″ (2 mm), 1.5mm Hex Key for the bridge saddle heights and for the arm tension, £ 4.50 for teflon insulated silver plated wire and tie wraps, £ 3.92 Set of 3 black Strat knobs with white legends, £ 2.10 1 x Orange Drop 0.022uF capacitor for tone control, £ 2.00 Silver mirror finish tremolo cavity cover, £ 30.00 D’Andrea blue swirl pearl pick guard, £ 0.72 6 x M3 by 35mm black hex button screws for the pickups @ 12p each. 250V AC supply – rectified and smoothed for valve HT, F4 – T500mA L250V …. The Rhythm position drops the volume a little and the other two switches are for pickup selection (up is on). The team at Gryphon can assess your guitar and liaise with us on the appropriate care. We simply believe that a handmade guitar offers something unique and magical. The saddles are hollow cylinders of nickel plated brass with string grooves, sitting in a trough in the bridge. Delivered strung with flatwound strings 0.043, 0.061, 0.078, 0.100 as measured. It is a bolt neck, in this case left handed, thin-line hollow guitar (there is a block under the tremolo) with a bound body, two bound F holes and a floating pickguard. Cabinet fitted with two Eminence 12 inch SPK100 121505 8 ohm parallel wired to present a 4 ohm load to the amp. A further two holes serve as ‘knife edge’ bearing points for the two tremolo pivots which are two short hex rods with a turned waist serving as a V pivot. So this neck is supposedly a B, a standard width 1 5/8 neck. Possibly worth restoring? Painted on some clear nail varnish across a crack in the finish that runs from the lower corner of the neck pocket in an attempt to stabilise the finish and minimise the possibility of a large chip coming away. Elites Acoustic Strings • Acoustic Collection • Exclusive Acoustics • Babicz Guitars • Brian May Acoustic Guitars • NS Design Instruments. The bodies are marked but seem straight. Epiphone licensed Bigsby B700 model trapeze vibrato tailpiece. DENMARK STREET GUITARS RARE AND VINTAGE GUITARS AND AMPS. Situated at 16 Delancey Street, just off Camden High Street, guitarguitar Camden is a haven for any guitarist and a destination worth making the journey for, regardless where you live. One piece Zinc alloy bridge replaced with a Wilkinson WV6SBCR (chrome plated steel bridge plate with a steel inertia block) which has the narrower 2 1/8 inch string spacing and the oval mounting holes that will allow for the odd Tokai bridge mounting screw spacing. Each one of our handmade acoustic guitars is made with at least 120 hours of hand tooling and inspection. A small grub screw at the bottom of the tailpiece allows adjustment for the spring tension. LaBella make bass strings specifically for this instrument. Get contact details videos photos opening times and map directions. Value – maybe £2,000, the guitar is not in mint condition, but it is left handed. Whether your guitar needs basic service work or has been thrown out of an 11th story window by your girlfriend (or boyfriend), there’s a good chance Dave can make it sing again. Parts – LaBella 760FHB2 strings – £36 + 2 post. Push on knobs onto round shaft pots don’t lock to the shafts, so control knobs tend to just spin round and round. Welcome to Tim Marten Guitar Repairs based in Charing Cross Road, London. This supply is also used to feed the front panel LEDs. The tuner pegs have fixed white plastic buttons. London Guitar Repairs. The neck and headstock are painted black with the Epiphone brand inlaid in mother of pearl at the top of the headstock. On another saddle the intonation screw thread is damaged and the screw is jammed. Guitar repairs guitar makers and guitar setups by London’s best professional luthiers.

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