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Look for ingredients like petrolatum, wax, and shea butter. Pro hand care is on the rise, say experts. The skin at the back of the hands becomes loose and begins to sag. In most cases, dry skin responds well to lifestyle measures, such as using moisturizers and avoiding long, hot showers and baths. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. Hand Peel Mask 5 Pack, Hand Treatment Mask, Moisturizing Gloves, Moisture Enhancing Gloves for Dry Hands, Moisturizes Rough Skin for Women or Men-Winter Clearance Sale, While Stocks Last 4.1 out of 5 stars 333 Best Treatment. ", Best Non-Greasy: O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream at Amazon, "Designed to moisturize extremely dry skin without that greasy feeling. They note that a little goes a long way, but say it can be greasy if you use too much. Redness and bumps that appear on the hands may indicate that the peeling is not just a surface problem. Some medications also cause dry hands; The solution to get soft hands is to take proper care of your hands and using the right products like soaps, moisturizers etc. Dry skin (xerosis) is a common condition with many causes. The best solution I’ve found for my dry hands so far is this Gold Bond cream, which I absolutely swear by. This powerful hand cream transforms rough flaky skin into smooth perfection. They will always help to keep its moisture making it be soft and smooth. Almost magic, according to more than a few, everything from the smell to the packaging gets high marks. In the cold weather, dishwashing may give you bleeding and cracked hands. The award-winning formula contains coconut oil as well as other moisturizers, including shea butter and avocado oil to protect and repair dry, cracked skin. If you are looking for a natural moisturizer, olive oil is one of the best options you have. Since [it’s affordable], I’ve given myself full freedom to use as much of it as possible when my hands feel even the tiniest bit dry—I never have to worry about the cost of restocking it.“ —T.D. 17 Small Ways to Look After Yourself While Stuck at Home, 9 Hyaluronic Acid Products Dermatologists Always Recommend for Hydrated Skin, 9 Bath Products That Make My Tiny Tub Feel Like a Spa. Wash Your Hands Wisely. You can find it in our DermaSpa Goodness³ Indulgent Hand Cream For potent healing power that doesn’t pack in a bunch of artificial ingredients, Burt’s Bees offers its 99.9% natural Almond & Milk Hand Cream. The development of wrinkles or lines is also common. Keeping the skin moisturized is of utmost importance in order to fight dryness. I love the peach one in particular because it reminds me of my all-time favorite Tony Moly hand cream but this one comes in a tube that’s a lot easier to take in a purse.” —Sarah J. That’s why we’ve rounded up the hand creams that we’ve found to be most effective at combating dry hands. For more on how to heal dry, cracked hands from over-washing, read our tips here. It’s superrich, which is great for my dry, over-washed hands. Meet hand masks, the at-home, spa-like experience that keeps your hands looking younger longer (and are fun to use). doi:10.1002/14651858.CD008762.pub2, Lin T-K, Zhong L, Santiago J. Anti-Inflammatory and Skin Barrier Repair Effects of Topical Application of Some Plant Oils. But in most cases, dry skin … If you're looking for a simple-yet-effective treatment to tackle the driest of hands, you'll want to reach for this thick and heavy, glycerin-rich cream, which will soothe and hydrate. Ashley Hall is a writer and fact checker who has been published in multiple medical journals in the field of surgery. In that situation, moisturizing gloves become your best bet. If somehow, you get dry rough hands, try these natural remedies to make your hands softer. At that time, your hand needs proper treatment. If you think your dry hands might be due to hand eczema, see your dermatologist. It’s a humectant (which means it helps to retain water), so it locks moisture into your skin, keeping it hydrated and soft. There are several natural remedies at home which can help to deal with this problem. ", Best Intense: Vermont's Original Bag Balm at Amazon, "Works on dry skin, cuts, scrapes, chafing, and more.". When distilled, lanolin becomes a skin super-healer. We rounded up the best hand creams to soothe dry, cracked hands during any season. Applying lotion or ointment won’t do any good because it will simply smear off of your hands. Cold temperatures and dry air come together with the obsessive hand-washing for a match made in dried-out cuticle hell. Many also note how much they love its tropical scent, and say the price is right to keep multiple bottles on hand to stash in a purse, nightstand, and other places you find yourself frequently reaching for hand lotion.

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