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Usability Test Checklist Checklist for the practical examination for the CPUX-UT certificate Version 1.08, 31 August 2018 Publisher: UXQB e. V. In CUE-2, the size of the nine reports varied from five pages to 52 pages—a 10-times difference. The Usability Testing Report template serves as a blueprint to hit the major strokes in the overall process of conducting usability testing: from sourcing participants to analyzing results. These curricula are available free of charge from UXQB’s website . The quality of the usability test reports varied dramatically. Usability Test Plan Template. In order to gain the CPUX-UT certification, you must score at least 70% in both tests. Finally, the report discusses broader implications and applications of Define here the purpose of the usability testing and list perhaps the questions that the testing helped answer. See the example in section 5. We recommend that a usability test report should be limited to at most 25 usability findings and 25 pages (including appendices), and that it should include: According to our CUE studies not all of these features are self-evident in professional usability test reports. is based on the mainstream approach to usability testing described in the CPUX-UT Curriculum. In Usability testing, the application flow is tested so that a new user can understand the application easily. 312 0 obj <> endobj CPUX-UT Curriculum (Version 1.18, November 2020) CPUX-UT Examination regulations (Version 1.25, November 2020) Checklist for the evaluation of the practical test (Version 1.15, November 2020) CPUX-UT Public Test Questions (Version 3.02, November 2020) Sample usability test report … Find event and ticket information. Summary: An example of a usability test plan. These curricula are available free of charge from UXQB’s website. The sample usability test report fulfills many of the requirements in the draft version of the standardISO/IEC DIS 25066 – Common Industry Format for Usability Evaluation Reports dated September 2014. Here’s the approach to usability test certification that a candidate must follow if they want a CPUX-UT usability test certificate from our not-for-profit organization, the UXQB – User Experience Qualification Board: The sample usability test report does not include examples of all requirements in the ISO 25066 standard. Many of the anonymous usability test reports from the CUE-studies are great examples of how to write a usability test report. 8.1, 8.2, 8.7 9 The usability test report describes findings that are not evident from the videos. Basically, system navigation is checked in Usability testing. To submit for evaluation are the test reports and the raw video data. Customize the plan to suit your needs. For the practical part, you must plan, conduct and report a usability test with at least 3 usability test participants of a website within one week of your choice. The report describes test scenarios, provides participant demographics, and presents findings from OWL usability tests conducted between February and July 2006. In order to gain the CPUX-UT certification, you must score at … a one-page executive summary placed at the very beginning of the report; a short and succinct description of each usability finding; classification of usability findings by easily distinguishable, colorful icons that make it simple to skim the report for important issues. %%EOF Or it can be as involved as an online study with participants responding on a mobile phone. Quality problems in some usability test reports. March 2015 Publisher: UXQB e. V. Contact: [email protected] www.uxqb.org Autoren: R. Molich, C. Riedemann, L. Daske All test participants must belong to the same primary user group of the website. 335 0 obj <>stream With this in mind, location based breadcrumbs can improve site usability and promote content accessibility Remote Mobile App, Website Usability and User Experience Testing Demo Clip Videos. DOCX - 77KB. 0 It uses terms that are defined in the CPUX-F Curriculum and the CPUX-UT Curriculum. Sample-Usability-Report.pdf; This work is ... Download this sample PDF report to gather and publish the results of Web site usability tests. Traditionally, usability testing is used to achieve the following goals: Sample usability test tasks for Ryanair’s website ... Write the usability test report Communicate the usability findings Usability test of a prototype. CPUX-UT Usability Test Report Example Version 1 EN: 12. A Usability test establishes the ease of use and effectiveness of a product using a standard Usability test practices. This user group must be identified and described in the usability test report. Organization: Usability.gov. Usability testing is a research methodthat helps you understand how well users interact with a product in order to improve the overall experience. These usability tests shall be conducted within one week, as far as possible. The practice part of the CPUX-UT certification exam requires conducting usability tests of three websites, with self-acquired participants. This usability test report does not contain any examples of such usability problems. Usability testing can be as simple as listening to people as they use a … My favorite is. The comments include rules of thumb and recommendations, for example with regard to how many findings should be included. There are many good textbooks about how to do usability testing. Suitability for use CPUX-UT Public Test Questions (Version 2.07, February 2017) Sample usability test report (Version 1.0, March 2015) CPUX-UT Curriculum (Version 1.07, Februar 2017) Heuristic evaluation versus usability inspection, Increasing the UX Maturity of your organization. CPUX-UT teaches proven knowledge about usability evaluation – that is, usability inspection, usability testing and user survey. It does not discuss whether this approach is optimal. Sample usability test report. To obtain the CPUX-UT training license, you must score at least 80% in both tests. h޴TKLa���>,-�֮����J�X*��B[�iJ���� у�&Dڃ�� ) This report presents the findings of the usability evaluation test for the Jane Doe Library website at site url. basic certification CPUX-F and preparation for CPUX-UT Advanced Level certification according to UXQB® and basics for the development and design of medical devices according to EN62366 / IEC 62336-1 / -2 and FDA, incl. Tags: Test Participants, Testing, Usability Evaluation, Use Cases, User Research, User-centered Design Process. The usability test must be conducted with 4 test tasks and at least 3 test participants. %PDF-1.5 %���� Usability & UX expert in 5 days incl. Such comments are not included in a regular usability test report. It uses terms that are defined in the CPUX-F Curriculum and the CPUX-UT Curriculum. TestCon 2018, Moscow: If the users can’t use it, it doesn’t work ... CPUX-UT curriculum: Usability testing explained in 60 pages 3. What is the purpose or Goal of Usability testing? It is intended to help usability testers produce better usability test reports. She has been doing usability research, user interface design, and technical communications consulting and development since 1982. Buy tickets for 24th - 26th November 2020 CPUX-Foundation Course and Certification Exam, London at Remote course, Tue 24 Nov 2020 - Thu 26 Nov 2020 - Prove your UX knowledge, get CPUX certified! For example: both satisfaction and performance … Usability test certification. Eventbrite - Bunnyfoot presents 31st March - 2nd April 2020 CPUX-Foundation Course and Certification Exam, Dublin - Tuesday, 31 March 2020 | Thursday, 2 April 2020 at Aviva Stadium, Dublin 4, County Dublin. Typically the test is conducted with a group of potential users either in a usability lab, remotely (using e-meeting software and telephone connection), or on-site with portable equipment. You get the CPUX-UT certificate if you score at least 70% in both the theoretical and the practical exam. Dana took part in her first usability test in 1983, while she was working as The rules of thumb are based on the authors’ extensive experience and have been checked by other usability professionals. If the users can’t use it, it doesn’t work, A UX Stratega – An example of a UX strategy, Training – Foundation level user experience, Assessment of the quality of usability tests. The theoretical test takes place at the end of the third day of the training. The CPUX certification is a great way to demonstrate your skills and gives you the qualification needed to advance to the higher certificates in the areas of Usability Testing (CPUX-UT) and User Requirements engineering (CPUX-UR). by WebJunction Course Development Team Last Modified: 21 March 2012. A usability test is intended to determine the extent an interface facilitates a user’s ability to complete routine tasks. The sample usability test report does not include examples of all requirements in the ISO 25066 standard. UA3100 Usability & UX Expert CPUX medical products IEC62366 certificate course. CUE-1 – Are usability tests reproducible? The moderator turns the usability test session into an interview, for example by repeatedly asking"What would you do?" Z)HL8�z0�y��Pk�$�4B������]Z���3������ b �� �԰v� �(r݊��H�`F�a �� �ح�����^� �v�FQ!4�������֮2�ٔx�o"���wh��l��tڱ# ��{τ\��|�ٔ\�a�Lv��W��t;�Kv�[Cy�s���ˆ��9�v��R�W&��4�uD�2� �ֺ���9�| �6ڄ$�ic˨r��:*Y��nPշ�y�:Br����ɉ:W�����㚾��Z4M*$˭G��9V�Y��̲�%}��1��N�}SKwG�{� Nr;C�6-M����6fv4d�[���T�2�^g�Lj�U-�� �r��.3Ί�K��y��j���Lr��@�j��[M�D����h�2R]�M�9�Q7mBh]|����Q�b�ٕ�M��nبpEF�s�m���''юW�u �50���̿��O&|P'��5�&Mh�_m֬N]ߪ�����ռ�0Ѡ�eb�R;) ���9?>> YL#/o��I�A"��S�. A usability test can be as basic as approaching strangers at Starbucks and asking them to use an app. DialogDesign believes that usability professionals must set a good example to the world by creating highly useful and usable test reports. 326 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<49D69BBD55561955AADDE3963AAF7BAD><85E99FD430176A45B96F6A542FF6E457>]/Index[312 24]/Info 311 0 R/Length 85/Prev 1230282/Root 313 0 R/Size 336/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream The practical exam to attain the CPUX-UR certificate consists of analysing the usability context, drawing up a report on user needs as well as formulating and prioritising the user requirements. The content of the seminar is based on the curriculum of the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB®) . For the practical part, you must plan, conduct and report a usability test with at least 3 usability test participants of a website within one week of your choice. Dana Chisnell is an independent usability consultant and user researcher operating UsabilityWorks in San Francisco, CA. CPUX-UT Curriculum from the UXQB, 2020, about 80 pages This curriculum describes much of my current knowledge about usability testing and usability inspection. Discover example videos from real users testing a website CPUX-UT Usability Test Report Example Version 1 EN: 12. Each usability test session must last at most 30 minutes. Sample Usability Report. A sample CPUX-UT … See for example the report from team M in the CUE-10 study. 4. PDF On Jan 1, 2001, Joseph Dumas and others published Usability testing methods: Think-aloud protocols. At the end of the one week-period, you must submit a usability test report and raw videos of the usability test sessions for evaluation by an expert examiner. Before the CPUX UT certificate is awarded, you must also pass an additional practical exam in the form of a usability test that you have prepared and conducted yourself. Some reports lacked positive findings, executive summaries, and screen shots. The sample usability test report is an example of how to document the findings of a qualitative usability test. Stay Connected . endstream endobj startxref Upon request, we would be happy to support you for this practical exam as specified by the examination regulations. Boxes with a yellow background contain comments provided by the authors to the usability test report. The report presents our recommendations for the OWL based on data-driven findings and user-centered theory. 5. h�bbd```b`` �� ��D2�Iq�T"�Z��i ��H2&p�ؾ�`,�$��}d`bd`6���(�?Ö� -" The sample usability test report is annotated.

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