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Purchased another one online, received the bat and it was straight. Pros: it has great pop great feel solid line drives better for batersbeith a blances feel, Pros: Great feeling, good pop, nice design. What difference would Alloy / Composite vs. all composite bat make? Lightweight performance alloy for maximum pop and durability. The difference is that the Voodoo is a hybrid two-piece bat with an alloy barrel and composite handle; the Zen will be a two-piece all composite. Free returns and free shipping on orders over $50! White (6) White (6) Facet Value. There is some type of issue with the transition from the barrel to handle. Introducing the 2020 Voodoo (-3) BBCOR bat from DeMarini, designed for the player who wants the durability and power of alloy with the speed and feel of a two-piece hybrid. WTDXVBC 2831-20, WTDXVBC 2932-20, WTDXVBC 3033-20, X14 Alloy Barrel: Lightweight performance alloy built for maximum pop and durability, Half + Half: Continuation of DeMarini's innovative technology featuring a composite handle and alloy barrel for improved bat speed and performance, 3Fusion Connection: The streamlined design allows for greater weight control and feel while continuing to reduce vibration and redirect energy back into the barrel, ReAction End Cap: Built with a blend of stronger and lighter materials, this end cap increases barrel performance without sacrificing swing speed. Which would benefit a solid contact hitter better? Sign up now to be alerted when we get more. Did you purchase a product from us, but noticed that it is now at a lower price?Please let us know, and we will honor our lowest price within the past 30 days by issuing a refund for the price difference or adjusting the price for you over the phone. I noticed on the DeMarini website that the Voodoo Balanced and the CF Insane had the same mass index. With a scientific approach to training, a batting speed of 96 miles-per-hour and a bombastic attitude, DeMarini fast earned a reputation as a savage competitor. Free Shipping! 2012 DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat Adult -3oz DXVDC. Should I get the balanced or Insane? I am unsure of the exact age or history of this item. Today, a 40-foot sign announcing RAY DEMARINI FIELD graces the outfield, and an interpretive display chronicling Ray’s life greets players as they register for games. How does this bat compare to the Easton BBCOR Ghost X? .I love the line drives it gives me, Cons: .Scratches easily DSP (Dura-Soft Polymer) batting grip was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes. However, the white is light-years better than the <<>> gold that plagued this bat for too many years. The Omaha 519 will feature a one-piece all alloy design. Or an alloy BBCOR baseball bat? Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-401-1835, if you have any issues accessing information on this website. Please upgrade to a supported browser: What is the difference between last year's model and the new 2019? Great swing weight, Pros: I was at a highschool summer game and used this bat and first at bat I smoked one for a double into left center.has amazing pop and super balanced, Pros: Pop= amazing balanced swing no vibration it just feels great, Pros: .Loads of pop What is the difference in the BC19 and the IC19? Build your baseball-specific muscles as you dial in your swing before stepping into the batter's box. Average Ratings Based on 13 Customer Reviews. Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours. This bag features 3 compartments: (1) A main section (2) A vented shoe section and (3) A hidden zippered section. Built by outlaws, for outlaws. You could check with your coach or a high school official to make sure your league is not implementing that rule as well, but it should not affect high school players. Browser Not Supported. With BBCOR certification, you can step up to the plate holding a powerhouse two-piece bat in high school and collegiate games. This not only allows for a better grip on the bat, but it also makes the gloves more durable as it eliminates much of the stress on the leather that can cause tears. Find the DeMarini VooDoo, the CF Insane, the CF Zen and other baseball bats. A cult hero among avid players, Ray DeMarini emerged on the professional softball scene at the age of 40, a veritable geriatric among younger players. As of now we are only selling the 2019 DeMarini CF Insane BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXCIC19 not the Insane model of the 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19. The same 3 Fusion technology goes to work on the end cap, redirecting the energy of your hit right into the barrel, for a big and powerful sweet spot. The pop between the two bats will be nearly identical, yes, according to DeMarini's Mass Index chart. Utilizing their knowledge and experience in developing grips, Lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative batting tape for baseball and softball players. It's large enough to fit a helmet, glove and cleats along with any … I am 5'8" tall and 210 lbs. Brand is DeMarini. Unfortunately trying to find the end-loaded version (Insane) of the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 may be tough at this juncture as DeMarini will be releasing a 2020 lineup of bats in the near future. In addition, enjoy the EAZYPull-Tab Zippers to get in and out of the bag quickly while also utilizing fence hooks to hang it. NEW to Justbats! Would you like to add this item to your order? The DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 will not require a break in period and because of that will be hot out of the wrapper. This leather gives a great grip while maintaining it's flexibility. Show all 13 reviews of the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19, Show all 26 Questions and Answers about the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19. Balanced models can be used by both contact and power hitters while end loaded bats are generally only used by power hitters. This setup delivers a hot out of the wrapper bat (no work in needed) and the comfort of a nice two piece feel on hits and mishits. How does this compare to the Louisville Slugger Omaha 519? In the early days, DeMarini Sports hardly made a blip on the radar screen of softball. To understand the rise of the DeMarini Dynasty, you need to know Ray DeMarini. What can you do with this power in your hands? $65.00 Now $ 43 98 Save $21. I think the 2014 version (LIMITED at least) has a bit more current appeal, but the look wasn't part of my buying decision. With the player specs listed, we would suggest the 32" option of the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19. DeMarini 2019 Voodoo One Balanced (-10) 2 5/8" USA Baseball Bat, 31"/21 oz. What bat of the 2 2019 Voodoo One models (Voodoo One & Voodoo One balanced) are closest to the 2018 voodoo One Balanced BBCOR? In terms of overall construction, the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat (WTDXVBC19) and DeMarini Voodoo RAW BBCOR Baseball Bat (DXVDC) will be fairly similar - both bats feature a composite handle and aluminum barrel. Was: $349.99. $41.98 $ 41. 1 offer from $688.81. If when you receive the batting gloves, tried them out and they do not fit or work perfectly for you, you may return them within two weeks for an exchange or full refund whether you have worn them or not. If the same size and product is out of stock on the competitor's website, we are unable to match their price. $230.00 + shipping . Unfortunately we do not handle any of the warranty claims on the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 so we would not know if these bats have become bent after using. I agree to the Terms of Sale for customized products. I'm a power hitter and I was wondering would the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR be too light for me? The Baseball Bat Bros help answer the age-old question: which is better: a composite BBCOR baseball bat? .Can't feel vibrations $15.00 shipping. Lizard Skin works as a great all-around grip, balancing cushion with thickness, and providing the highest amount of versatility. The Voodoo youth bat also uses DeMarini's Taper Ring Technology. Built to optimize weight distribution and energy transfer, the 3Fusion connection minimizes hand sting and maximizes performance. Ray believed it was a perfect fit, as both companies shared a vision of developing game-enhancing equipment for avid players. The Zen will have a slightly more balanced feel and I would recommend that for someone who needs help with swing speed. Alloy is hottest right out of the wrapper, whereas composite gets hotter over time when the fibers start to break down. The DeMarini Vexxum BBCOR (DXVNC) White Adult meets all the requirements to be legal for high school play, but a BBCOR bat is not always required for players below high school. This DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 is a balanced bat, while the WTDXVIC19 (Insane) is an end loaded bat. Please note that popular items often become available in small quantities and will sell out again quickly. The cutting-edge Paraflex Plus Composite handle design feels lively when you make contact with the ball, so you get increased momentum you can feel. We're here from click to hit! Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 2. Comfort won't be sacrificed either as there are padded back-straps and a back-plate for when it is fully loaded. No, this is a BBCOR certified bat indicating that it is intended for high school play and above. With flawless balance, this DeMarini baseball bat has great weight distribution that comes from the 3 Fusion taper design. Released in 1993, the DeMarini Doublewall was the world’s first multi-wall bat. DeMarini 2020 The Goods (-3) 2 5/8" BBCOR Baseball Bat Series 4.6 out of 5 stars 51. Pros: Greatbalance,amazing pop out the wrapper,little vibration,good balance, looks amazing too. Join us! Orange (4) Orange (4) Facet Value. Really put a hurt on that red lacing with this thick, meaty barrel. Decided to give the bat another try just, thinking I just got a lemon or it got damaged at the store. Model VDC-15. DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) WTDXVBC-20 - 32/29. What size bat would you recommend for me if I am 6 feet and 185 lbs? Yes, will price match a competitor's listed price! The DeMarini Voodoo has been one of the best selling aluminum barreled bats throughout its time. $37.95. Formerly known as Delta #1, the field was DeMarini’s favorite place to test bats during the early days of business. If you think you can handle the heavier feel of an end-loaded model, it will offer better power, but the balanced models do make it a bit easier to get the bat around. It will feature an alloy barrel and a composite handle. What size should I get I’m 5ft 9 and weigh 145lbs? Purple (4) Purple (4) Facet Value. 4.7 out of 5 stars 183. Get yours today and step up your confidence when you step up to the plate! We must confirm if the competitor charges sales tax and/or shipping fees since these are added to the final price of the product. To accomplish this, he needed an engineer. Cons: I purchased this bat a local sporting goods store. So Farsi good, Pros: Has Great Pop hit 5 homers in my spring season Having the composite handle will break down on vibration during contact. Cons: You mite experience all little scratches here and there because of the matt still nothing worry about. In the end though it is mostly personal preference since swinging the model you are most comfortable with will do more for your performance than anything. DeMarini Bats Retailer - Home Field Advantage at 141 Granville St in Gahanna, Ohio 43230: store location & hours, services, holiday hours, map, driving directions and more Call Us at 1-866-321-2287 for Assistance. How do I determine what size bat I should get? Cons: First time I hit with it the button at the bottom of the handle flew off. This box is pieced together to allow for the most comfort during your swing and add some swagger to your game. The JustBats Batter's Box features a bat weight, thumb pad, knob pad, pine tar stick, and a black Lizard Skin bat grip all in one small box and an affordable price. DeMarini’s sales exploded, and before long opposing bat manufacturers to notice. They are extremely comfortable and durable. While established companies made "juiced" bats for the pros and ordinary bats for the public, DeMarini focused on making one line of high-performance bats for pros and amateurs alike. Large enough to fit a helmet, glove and cleats along with any extra equipment or personal items. $349.95. Does that mean that they will have the same amount of pop? What is the difference between this bat and the 2016 Voodoo Raw? If you find a lower price on demarini bags somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee. Bundle this with other eligible items or purchase two or more to receive extra savings in your cart! Went to the cage and did soft toss and didn't get through a bucket of balls and noticed the bat was bent again. The three-year-old company had climbed a rung on the proverbial ladder of success, moving its world headquarters from a dirt-floored barn to a slightly larger metal shack. Thanks! Lizard Skin grips feature 1.1 mm thickness Durasoft Polymer material. Dig in to hit long and quick with this lightweight DeMarini bat that comes to you with free shipping and a full, one-year warranty direct from the manufacturer. DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19. Utilizing their knowledge and experience in developing grips, Lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative batting tape for baseball and softball players. 2020 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced -5 USSSA Baseball Bat: WTDXVB520 Spice up your senior league play this season with this Voodoo Balanced USSSA bat from DeMarini. In December 2001, 12 years after the genesis of DeMarini Sports, Ray DeMarini died of cancer in his Northwest Portland home. He was 55. Balanced bat like the 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 are best suited for contact hitter. The Voodoo baseball bat that has taken over the sport has once again stepped the game up to a higher level by usings a new end cap, new composite handle and Demarini exclusive SC4 Alloy in the barrel. As useful for bats as this Glove Care Kit is for gloves! .Great feel If you searched for a specific term, please broaden your search. Within a year, DeMarini unveiled the industry’s first concept bat, the $35,000 F1. "It was a big move for us," recalled Ray DeMarini from the batting cage of DeMarini Sport’s present-day Bat Industrial Complex. The Voodoo Rebirth takes the most popular backpack in the game to another level with new neoprene bat sleeves and an area for customization. You will consistently drive the ball to the outfield when swinging with this 2019 DeMarini Voodoo baseball bat. How would this compare to the 2019 CF Zen balanced BBCOR? Once these points have been confirmed, simply give our Bat Experts a call at 1-866-321-2287, email us at, or Live Chat. 1 offer from $408.99. We apologize for the inconvenience, but something went wrong with this page. The 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat (WTDXVBC19) will feature a two-piece design. Case in point: the company's first piece of automated bat-making equipment had the heart of an abandoned washing machine. This bag has everything a ballplayer needs to get all of his gear to the field. Shop for the DeMARINI Voodoo OG Bat Pack featuring a large main compartment, two neoprene bat sleeves, shoe compartment, fleece-lined cell phone pocket, and water-resistant bottom! Baseball Bat 2015 DeMarini Voodoo Overlord BBCOR 32 Inch 29 Ounce Design Alloy. This thickness is also great for transitioning to wood bats. Our alloy bats provide unmatched durability, swing after swing after swing. Related searches. This bat comes with a full 12 month warranty. 2020 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC20 Find that sweet swing with this BBCOR approved Voodoo baseball bat from DeMarini. Can I get one that has both? Based on your height and weight, I would recommend getting the 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 in a 33''. Impressed with DeMarini's knowledge and scientific approach to training, Lytle not only hired Ray as an advisor—he hired him as the host. Trying to decide between the 2019 Demarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR and the 2019 Dmarini Zen. Together, they produced Ray DeMarini's Reflex Hitting System, ESPN's most successful home video to date. Green (4) Green (4) Facet Value. $259.00. Hit off a tee one time and noticed the bat was bent. Like the older Demarini voodoo baseball bats, does this model need to be broken it at all or is it fresh out of he wrapper like aluminum bats? However, the Voodoo will have an alloy barrel and composite handle. How come I can’t find the 2019 Voodoo Insane anywhere? Where would you like us to send the notification email? DeMarini Shatter Batting Gloves, White, Medium, Pair. With BBCOR certification, you can step up to the plate holding a powerhouse two-piece bat in high school and collegiate games. More "Insane Dedication to Performance" is in store for tomorrow. The 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 will have the paraflex composite handle, D-Tak grip, 3Fusion Taper and the new cosmetic looks. With Eggiman as Chief Engineer, DeMarini Sports delivered a series of industry firsts: the first multi-wall bat (Doublewall Distance), the first high-performance bat for massive players (Fatboy) and the first high-performance youth bat (Black Coyote).In 2000, DeMarini joined forces with Wilson Sporting Goods to develop the next generation of hitting technology. Will you be selling the Voodoo Insane BBCOR? Pros: Still in the cage have yet to get outside. The price match must cover that manufacturer cost for the item. It feels heavier than other bbcor bats Bat Weight (Donut Style) Fits Over The End Of The Bat & Helps Improve Bat Speed, Thumb Pad To Minimize Potential Bat Sting To The Hands, Knob Pad to Provide Bottom Hand Comfort During The Swing, NEW Gator Grip Pine Tar Stick Improves Grip & Ensures An Extended Life Span For Grip, 1.1 MM Lizard Skin Bat Grip To Maximize The Player's Grip, All The Bat Accessories You Need To Take Your Game To The Next Level. Take your two go-to bats with you in a pair of neoprene bat sleeves and keep your cleats dry in a separate breathable shoe compartment. The 2019 DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 will not come with a USA stamp and there will not be a BBCOR bat that will come with a USA stamp. 98. $99.99 +$10.75 shipping. Being offered in both a balanced and end loaded version allows players to select one of the two models based on feel. Having garnered national recognition through ESPN, Ray turned his efforts toward designing a high-performance bat for the masses. Padded shoulder straps and back paneling keep you comfortable as you gear up for battle. This approach, combined with a passion for the sport, led to the greatest innovation in softball history - the world’s first multi-wall bat: the DeMarini Doublewall. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please give us a call to assist. Have a question about the DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19? Is this bat legal for the 2020 NFHS high school season this spring in Texas ? What bat would be most like the old DeMarini Voodoo Overlord BBCOR from back in 2014-15? The DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 and the Easton Ghost X are both going to be balanced two-piece bats. Length is 33", weight 30 ounces, barrel is 2-5/8" diameter. The DeMarini Voodoo Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXVBC19 was released the first week of August 2018, so I would expect around the same time for the 2020 models. 2-piece hybrid bat featuring an alloy barrel and composite handle. The ball fires off the lightweight X14 Alloy and our 3Fusion Connection puts you in control, redirecting energy back into the barrel with every swing in a stick that feels as good as it swings. DeMarini Paradox Batting Helmet with Softball Protective Mask. Which option(s) do you want to be notified about? "The new shop was larger, more storm resistant, and -best of all- it had a heater.". Answer a short series of guided questions to see bat recommendations created just for you.

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