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Figures 16 and 17 show a similar pattern in payments to hospitals. Rezapour A, Arabloo J, Soleimani MJ, Azar FEF, Safari H. Microeconomic Analysis of Healthcare Services in Bou Ali Sina University Hospital. Unlike a clinical analysis that analyzes likelihoods based on medical history, patient profiling exercises view patients as “customers” and look for common demographic and lifestyle characteristics. Brian Wedderspoon is VP of Analytics Services at Sentry Data Systems. Figure 16 is from data from the American Hospital Association (AHA) and shows average payments divided by costs for inpatient care for all U.S. hospitals each year since 1981. To be truly useful, this data must be viewable by service line, subservice line, hospital and physician services, and be available at the patient level. Now, technology can automate many of these processes, allowing hospital analysts to focus on the information needed to support management decisions, rather than spending their time on routine maintenance of costing details. Service line analytics are an essential tool for hospitals and health systems of all sizes. It’s not enough to just push all of a hospital’s different databases into a central data warehouse and layer a generic reporting tool on top of it. Service line analytics are an essential tool for hospitals and health systems of all sizes. Analyze, match, and attract brands to your community. International Journal of Hospital Research 2012, 1(1):41-50. Analyzing the profitability of clinical activities as diverse as orthopedic surgery, cardiac care, childbirth, and behavioral health is challenging in large part because of the disconnect between the way revenues are generated and how costs are incurred. It is only through this patient-level cost accounting process that expenses from departments can be aligned with revenues from clinical service lines. HOSPITAL CONTINUITY PLANNING TOOLKIT PAGE 2 utilized by departments and/or Planning Chief, in coordination with the Business Continuity Branch Director, to … Solutions for service line analytics need to manage all these diverse data sources and costing algorithms, while making sure every dollar is accounted for and providing an audit trail that gives managers confidence in the results. – Service line managers most frequently were physicians, although in some cases multidisciplinary dyads or larger teams shared joint responsibility for service line management. By studying service line potential using analytics, you can optimize your service offerings and make more informed investment decisions. Whether you are a small hospital striving to ensure access to health services in your local community, or a regional health system looking to coordinate and optimize the delivery of care across multiple facilities, understanding the cost structure and profitability of all your varied surgical and medical services, both inpatient and outpatient, is critical to sound management and decision making. ANALYSIS OF HOSPITAL COSTS: A MANUAL FOR MANAGERS by Donald S. Shepard, Ph.D. Dominic Hodgkin, Ph.D. Yvonne Anthony, Ph.D. September 29, 1998 Institute for Health Policy Heller School Brandeis University Facility service lines initially had mostly negative Whether you are a small hospital striving to ensure access to health services in your local community, or a regional health system looking to Our progress has been slow—purposely so. Several different algorithms can be used for this purpose, including activity-based costing (ABC), relative value units (RVUs), and ratio of cost to charges (RCC). Learn how to do a service line competitive analysis and optimize your healthcare service line content to better reach patients. A hospital has people’s lives depending on it and hence such an organization needs to run a SWOT analysis from time to time. Then, all the expenses in each patient care department are allocated to the individual patients the department served. Unlike a clinical analysis that analyzes likelihoods based on medical history, patient profiling exercises view patients as “customers” and look for common demographic and lifestyle characteristics. A SWOT analysis is useful for hospitals, medical groups, and individuals in private practice—it helps focus your marketing in areas that harbor the strongest benefits. Select the best answer and write the corresponding letter on line beside numeral. The bulk of hospital revenue is driven by per-case and per-visit reimbursement rates that are determined by the patient’s clinical diagnosis or their primary surgical procedure. Service line analytics can be a helpful tool for healthcare executives seeking to define a system-wide strategy, particularly when identifying investment opportunities and improving resource allocation. These factors are combined and weighted in a service line model that benchmarks the potential for a service line across a defined market. Northwell began using a service-line approach for managing its operations in the mid-1990s. Service line analytics is the process of analyzing performance drivers for a specific healthcare service line to benchmark areas of high and low potential within a market. With the right advanced analytic capabilities, service line reporting can be practical and affordable for hospitals of all sizes — and accessible to the whole management team. Optimizing the Bottom Line of Your Hospital’s Food Service Program A well-planned, methodical approach can help you determine if your food service program is challenging your bottom line. PREVIOUS ARTICLECapturing Lost Revenue Through Local Store Marketing, NEXT ARTICLEHow Market Opportunity Analysis Can Guide Your Real Estate Strategy, Tools and insights to make data-driven decision and optimize strategies and grow revenue, Use data to understand patient behavior to maximize facilities and service lines. Service line excellence and growth don't occur organically. For any hospital, large or small, the construct and implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan are complex and dynamic. A longitudinal analysis of the impact of hospital service line profitability on the likelihood of readmission. Average hospital costs, total discharges, and average length of stay by hospital service line, 2003-2013 Table 1 summarizes the average hospital costs, total discharges, and average length of stay for all inpatient hospitalizations and hospitalizations for five component hospital service lines in 2003 and 2011 (actual values) and for 2013 (projected values). It usually makes sense to use a combination of these methods across the different departments in the hospital. But service line analytics don’t end with a patient profile. Learn how your comment data is processed. Check Generate Lines on the Line Generation tab of the service area analysis layer's Layer Properties dialog box. They are the result of purposeful planning, and these plans must dovetail with the vision, strategic direction, and strengths of the hospital or system. Hospitals that succeed with this strategy can reap tremendous fiscal benefits while enhancing their ability to serve their communities. Service line analytics is one of the latest buzzwords in health systems today. Looking at the variation in costs by surgeon, for example, can highlight differences in clinical practice such as the selection of costly implantable devices, the utilization of minimally invasive surgical techniques, or scheduling procedures in an ambulatory surgery center. To calculate profitability, you need to take all the expenses within a department and apportion those costs to each of the individual patients who were served by the department. Service Line Analytics: An Introductory Guide for Healthcare Executives, 5 Pitfalls of Healthcare Real Estate Investment. The process of accurately allocating departmental expenses to patients is complex. Here’s a serious need for drug rehab in Arizona, read more here. Service lines represent a major paradigm shift These include diagnostic and treatment functions, such as clinical laboratories, im… Managing a health system is a complex task. Expenses from overhead areas are allocated to patient care departments. actionable information about the hospital’s performance with regard to clinical, operational and financial key performance indicators (KPIs). Understanding the organizational structure of a hospital is important to because it lets the hospital personnel know who is responsible Service area lines are not generated by default during a service area analysis; you can choose to generate them.

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