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We manufacture a considerable range of vests for off the rack and website purchase and have the capability to supply a vast range of Styles, Colours and Sizes with various complimentary trim and boutique leathers. Hi, Size: I enjoy shooting clays, and this vest is exactly the right tool for the job. We can embroidery on back of the vest. Is it possible to have both sides if the pocket in leather as the body side of the pockets show no wear at all? Regards, American pride at it's best! Shoot the Moon Cart :: Purchase OnLine. While buying a shooting vest for yourself, make sure that you check its capacity. She wants a shooting vest that is hot pink / black. It employees the same principal scientists later used to accelerate and decelerate spacecraft when landing on the moon. Regards, Shoot the Moon ; Question posted on 12/13/2016 Are your vests with leather machine washable? Question posted on  07/11/2016 Hello I am stationed on overseas with the US Army, do you ship to APO box numbers? Practice Photos from Ken’s Garage December 24, 1988 Read more. Recoil is the most unpleasant aspect of a day at the range. I really like my shooting vest. Shoot the Moon holds an extensive IP portfolio of utility patents, trademarks and copyrights. If you're still looking for a vest, please let me know and we'll check our stock. We have three shades of grey. Shoot the Moon, Question posted on  03/21/2016 Hello, Here is a link to the back of the vest. Adding black and white trim items looks fantastic. If you need custom embroidery, I suggest you give us a call at 719-495-3272 and place the order. It is the second image on the product page: Read more. For mesh, we carry white, black, red, royal, navy, purple, silver/grey, khaki gold & bright gold. The best way to order that vest is to give us a call at 719-495-3272 and we can walk you through the process. Shoot the Moon, Question posted on  05/17/2015 Can you tell me all the colors you can put on the STM100 Champion - Men's vest, Hi, Shoot The Moon Shotgun Vest And Shooting Sporting Clays Type Of Shotgun Reviews : Get best Shoot The Moon Shotgun Vest And Shooting Sporting Clays Type Of Shotg Free name embroidered on each vest. This product development team has developed, marketed and licensed consumer mega-hits such as Teddy Ruxpin, Lazer Tag, Fijit Friends, Little Live Pets, Hatchimals and many more. Shoot the Moon is a product invention company founded in 1991 by David Small and Paul Rago. (HANDCRAFTED BY CHUCK DIETL) Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Free shipping . The Pro … Continue reading "Shooting Gear" regards, Shoot in style and comfort! 25 talking about this. Regards, The classic bunker shooting vest design Also what would be the extra cost for this? Navy Blue is the main color accented with white mesh on the side panels (Navy mesh is used for a mesh back)and red piping emphasizes the military cut for that perfect fit! Hang dry only. The breadth of products that are developed by this talented invention team and the sales volumes generated by their inventions is truly staggering. Shoot the Moon. Hi, 4.2 out of 5 stars 79. I've checked out Shoot The Moon, but they want $129.00 for one. Yes, you can machine wash our vests. Shoot the Moon. Question posted on  01/21/2016 Wondering what you might have in stock in a 4XL color and option wise. Question posted on  10/16/2015 Is there a picture of the Champion YOKE Option? Navy Blue is the main color accented with white mesh on the side panels (Navy mesh is used for a mesh back)and red piping emphasizes the military cut for that perfect fit! To Order call :(406) 461-9760. The Embroidery charges are typically $12.00. We can do all the things you asked. Now please continue for the shameless plug: I've been providing quality shooting vests for all levels of shooters from tyros to Olympic champions, both men and ladies, for some 25 years and am proud of the product. My Dream Girl Live December 17, 1988 Warehouse Party. There are several vests made in LH only, and also some made with pads on both shoulders. Paul’s expertise is in product development and marketing while David’s expertise is in product development, engineering and manufacturing. The vest is light and breathes well. You are able to focus on your prey completely. And where would you add this information in the order? Any idea how a grey vest modeled after the Champion's design with black and white trim would look? High density neoprene shooting pad provides extra protection when you need it and can be easily attached to the backside of most shooting garments with a safety pin. The Mid-Valley Clays Pro Shop carries a variety of shooting-related apparel, such as vests, gloves, jackets, shirts, t-shirts and hats. Worn by members of the USA Shooting Team and Team USA, the Champion is a patriotic show of the USA with Red, White and Blue. And the sizing is spot on - I am 70 1/2", 190lbs and the large fits me perfectly. One thing I kept having issues with is the pockets as the shells would wear through the outside material (red). If you are “dimensionally challenged,” you might want to consider a custom vest from BEST (Ballistic Equipment & Sports Technology) or Shoot the Moon. Below are some representative pictures. Read more. Regards, Anthony, Anthony, Brands from Beretta, Shooter King, Wild Hare, Browning, Shoot the Moon, and Miz Mac provide a variety of styles, prices, and sizes to suit most anyone. If you require custom colors, it is best to give us a call 719-495-3272 or email at I've talked to the folks at MizMac, but they don't know when they're going to be making any more hot pinks, and all retailers are out of stock in that color. Question posted on  04/18/2016 Is there any way you can see the customizations that you are adding to the vests? ... Women's Custom SHOOT THE MOON Shotgun Hunting Vest. Items listing (Search criteria: Category Men's Vests ordered by: no ordering specified ) Men's Vests During Shoot the Moon's existence, it has licensed many new patented products that have launched entirely new industry categories such as television interactive products, CMOS imaging products, countless licensed food prep products, 15 Minute Battery charging for toys and consumer electronics just to name a few! Gets hot down in Florida in the summertime. A must for all shooting and outdoors enthusiast. A mother of four is abandoned by her husband for a younger woman. I have an interest in a shooting vest but don't know exactly what the colors would look like. Shoot the Moon – Womens Vest $ 185.00. Question posted on  11/09/2015 To get a schools name added to the back of the vest do you need the mesh back with the yoke? A box of 25 shells fits easily in each pouch. Star Jiajie Shoot The Moon Game, Classic Desktop Games Wooden Hockey Play for Adult Children's Educational Toys. makers of custom fitted, exceptional quality shooting vests for over 25 years! Use a gentle cycle and gentle soap. Keep focused on your competition and targets instead of the stifling heat and humidity with an airy, durable shooting vest from Browning. I talked to you about this in last year in San Antonio at nationals when we ordered one for my wife. It’s the moon’s shape, not its features, that make a successful crescent image, so an overexposed crescent doesn’t bother me. The Whiskey February 7, 1989 Read more. What goes up doesn’t necessarily come down when playing Shoot the Moon, the classic game from the 1940s that magically defies gravity. Question posted on  12/24/2016 Hi I was interested in the Men's Champions vest with a custom lettering on the yoke on the back of the vest and custom colors, could this be possible and if so how do I need to order it? Shoot the Moon’s toy portfolio is vast with toys that range from low cost collectables to high cost animatronics, within the industry we are recognized as leaders in technologically complex toys that have mass market appeal. They look great in their Shoot the Moon vests! My daughter shoots trap, skeet, and sporting clays. What option is the picture on the website? And crescent moons are made for silhouette images. You can see our fabric colors at this link: FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Shooting Vest – Shoot the Moon Shooting Bag – Castellani Pants – Under Armour Shirt – Under Armour Shoes – Nike Gun Oil – Never cleaned a gun Gun Slip – Krieghoff Transportation on course – Feet What vehicle do you drive? 16 Gigabyte Usb Drive in the shape of a Clay Target. Regards, Yes, you can machine wash our vests. Excellent product at a great price. If the moon is a part of a landscape, and you need shallow depth of field, by all means, shoot with wide apertures, but know the moon will not be sharp in those images. Photographing a crescent moon means shooting toward the brightest part of the sky, making exposure difficult. Would it be possible to have an outside zipper pocket to place a choke tube case in? It gives you enough room to move your shoulders and armpits. Best manufactures and sells “off the shelf” and “custom, tailor made to order” Clay Target Shooting Vests for Individuals, Clubs, Teams, Corporate and Retailers. A shooting vest with a perfect fit gives you the freedom to shoot without any worry. All those options are possible. David and Paul were both toy company executives when they decided to start their own invention company to service the toy industry as well as consumer products in general. Gets hot down in Florida in the summertime. Shooting wide open may make the moon softer, as will diffraction from stopping the aperture down too much. #7.5 (Practice) Fiocchi Little Rino Papers, 1 ounce, #7.5 (FITASC) Fiocchi White Rino Papers, 1-1/8th ounce, #7.5 (Competitions) Shooting Vests, shell pouches, toe tabs, shooting glasses if you need it to shoot we got it. Like if I changed the color to something else could I see it on a vest? Question posted on  05/22/2016 I ordered one of these several years ago and have thoroughly wore it out. With Albert Finney, Diane Keaton, Karen Allen, Peter Weller. 15 talking about this. I shoot off of both shoulders, so I went with a Cabela's Targetmaster II Cabela's Targetmaster II Shooting Vest for Men | Cabela's for colder weather shooting, and I have a Bob Alllen half-vest that I strung onto a Midway competition shooting belt (Much more rigid than the cheap web belt that came … Regards, Shoot the Moon. Sorry about the late response. Take the sting out with a Browning Reactar G2 pad. Browning Womens Sporter II Shooting Vest Sage/Tan/Pink L (compare to Summit) $29.99. Vintage 1960s 10X Hunting Vest Skeet Shotgun Leather Trim Large. I believe this vest is left handed with … Shooting Vests, shell pouches, toe tabs, shooting glasses if you need it to shoot we got it. The best way to order that vest is to give us a call at 719-495-3272 and we can walk you through the process. About. I'm also interested in embroidery as well as a zipper pocket on the outside. Shoot The Moon Live warehouse party 12-17-1988 My Dream Girl. Ages: 16 - 16 years. Colorado Trapshooting Association Web Site. Regards, Mark Winser #32. Shooting Vests, shell pouches, toe tabs, shooting glasses if you need it to shoot we got it. Shoot in style and comfort! Regards, Home / Uncategorized / Shoot the Moon – Womens Vest. Ray’s Equipment. Shoot the Moon employs some of the finest electrical engineers, product designers and mechanical/animation experts in the industry. Hi, Yes we can create a graphical mockup. Capacity. Question posted on  12/13/2016 Are your vests with leather machine washable? Please send an email to with your requirements and I'll email the mockup. The Black leather pad finishes off the look. Shoot the Moon is a product invention company founded in 1991 by David Small and Paul Rago. We don't carry much stock because of all the color variations and other options we offer. Bentley – BMW – Range Rover. Hi, yes we can ship to APO addresses. Additional information. regards, Copyright © 2019 Shoot the Moon Products. 99. In stock on December 1, 2020. Directed by Alan Parker. We can do all the things you asked. Shoot the Moon Cart :: Purchase OnLine. Overall, I prefer shooting in a vest over a pouch because it ensures a consistent surface to which to mount your shotgun. If it is an all mesh vest, we'll need to add a yoke on the back. Worn by members of the USA Shooting Team and Team USA, the Champion is a patriotic show of the USA with Red, White and Blue. Visit today to see our full selection. May also be used in conjunction with clothing that features an Insert-A-Pad pocket. Hi, Some of the Air Force Shooting Team at the Olympic Trials last week in Tucson, AZ! Husband, wife and children struggle to survive the seemingly inevitable divorce. Shoot the Moon. $15.99 $ 15. Shooting for the Olympics . Under the guidance of David and Paul, Shoot the Moon has developed and licensed hundreds of product lines into the marketplace accounting for roughly $4 Billion in retail sales. The shoulder pad is great. Shooting Vests by Bob Allen. Shoot the Moon. Wild Hare Shooting Gear At Wild Hare Shooting Gear, our goal is to bring our customers innovative and high quality products that help them better enjoy their outdoor experience. Shooting Vests – Low Impact Shooting. Hi, yes we can reinforce the pockets. Shoot in the sweet spot for whatever lens you are using. Thank you! Do not machine dry. You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab.Link to read me page with more information. The Black leather pad finishes off the look. Gun: Krieghoff K80 Super Scroll Nickel Flat Rib Sporter Barrels: Custom barrel work by Kerry Allor Chokes: Custom fit Extreme Chokes by Kerry Allor Stock: Custom fit stock by S&S Plus Custom Gun Stocks Shells: Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics, 1 oz. Four members of the Air Force International Trap Shooting Team competed in the second round of the United States Olympic Trials in Tucson, Arizona, February 27th through March 2nd.

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