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What makes this journey so memorable are the fantastic views you get left, right and centre throughout the whole ride. The Golden Pass Line connects the centre of Switzerland with the shores of Lake Geneva. Thousands of people every year and in all seasons go to Switzerland just to ride the rails and look out the panoramic windows of famous view trains like the Glacier Express, the Bernina Express and Golden Pass Line, though indeed most everywhere you go in the country can be considered a scenic … A little crazy but for someone that loves trains, it’s perfect. Bernina Express Panoramic TrainFrom Chur to Tirano, the Bernina Express passes over UNESCO protected viaducts, past raging mountain torrents and along ancient glaciers. That way, you can research the prices as well and make sure you have a bed to sleep in. You’ll overnight in Zurich, Lucerne, Lausanne, Zermatt, and St. Moritz. Happy planning and enjoy your trip to Switzerland. This 130 km (80 miles) train route runs from Lucerne (or Lucerne) in the heart of Switzerland to St. Gallen in the east. https://lostinswitzerland.com/scenic-train-rides-in-switzerland The Glacier Express, the ‘slowest fast train in the world’, is not only one of the most scenic train rides in Switzerland but is also one of the great railway journeys of the world.. The Glacier Express making its way across the Alps at Oberalp Pass. Regards, Seraina. I have some specific questions for you:-. You’ve come to the right place! Thanks for reaching out Actually, if you do any of the other scenic rides (as in the full journey or a section that’s longer than an hour) it doesn’t really matter which side you pick. In Flüelen, the Gotthard Panorama Express train takes you through the historic Gotthard route all the way down to the sunny south on Switzerland. For a more detailed guide of things to do in St. Gallen, head over here. Looking forward to visiting this beautiful country. Scenic Train Through Swiss Alps - Switzerland Train Journeys Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Chocolate Train, Golden Pass Train, Gotthard Panorama Express, Wilhelm Tell Express, Palm Express, Voralpen Express,  Lötscherberger, Centovalli Railway, Glacier ExpressSwiss Premium TourBest of Switzerland, Swiss AlpsGrand Tour of SwitzerlandGotthard Base TunnelSwitzerland Extensions, © magicswitzerland.com — All rights reserved 2020 |. Its quite elaborate. And skipping Glacier3000 is probably a good idea because getting there takes a while, wherever you start from. Not to push anything on you, but I created a couple of itinerary guides that give people visiting Switzerland for the first time an idea of what’s possible in a certain amount of time and how I recommend breaking up the journey. St. Moritz Night stay @Zermatt. With soaring Alpine peaks, chocolate box towns and world-renowned sports resorts nestled in its mountains and valleys, it’s little wonder Switzerland is cited as one of the world’s most beautiful countries. 1. The Glacier Express - also known as the world’s slowest express train – is probably the best known scenic train ride in Switzerland. Whether you’re into biking, hiking, stand up paddling, swimming, windsurfing, skiing, sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing or just enjoying the views, you’ll find your heart’s desire. Night stay Lucerne. Trains run eight times a day, all year round. The Rail system is easy and Friendly. Do we need a Eurail pass ? I hope this helped. This is what I have thought of for 4th-7th Oct. (I will have a Swiss travel pass). Centovalli RailwayThe Centovalli Railway connects Locarno with Domodossola in Italy. You can definitely find enough to do in four days. One of the most famous trains in Switzerland! You’d be surprised, but even though you’ll be changing trains all the time, it’ll only take you around 20 minutes longer to reach your destination. However, you will be rewarded with many sights on this picturesque route. This vibrant city by the shores of Lake Lucerne is mostly known for the Kapellbrücke – a wooden footbridge leading across the River Reuss – spectacular views over Lake Lucerne and Mount Pilatus as well as the Lion’s Monument and the Glacier Garden. Thank you for the suggestion. The train ride from Flüelen to Lugano is included. Its Mediterranean charm, the flowery parks and the stunning views from one of the many surrounding mountains make this city worth paying a visit. So it comes as no surprise that, in a place that is often associated with amazing scenery, a handful of these 5.200-odd kilometres are quite appealing to the eye. This area is a dream for mountain-lovers and pretty much sums up what Switzerland is about. In comparison to the other train rides in this post, the Voralpen Express is the least touristy one. As to your question, you can generally get on and off any train in Switzerland whenever, wherever and as often as you like with your travel pass. Please see above for a more detailed description of Chur, the Rhine Gorge, the Albula Line, the Landwasser Viaduct and St. Moritz. It’s possible to travel between St. Moritz and Zermatt without paying a reservation fee. There’s even a song about the Chileli vo Wasse… That’s how popular it is. Had a question regarding train visit vs by road visit. There is no better way to enjoy the incredible vistas than aboard the Glacier Express, the Bernina Express, or the GoldenPass Panoramic Express. The mountain village of St. Moritz is a highly popular holiday destination all year round. Keen to travel around Switzerland by train but not sure where to start? The hiking, biking and photo opportunities in this area are seemingly endless. You’d need a full day for that. Your question actually isn’t an easy one to answer. This Scenic Switzerland by Train tour is the perfect way to see Switzerland’s breathtaking mountains, charming mountain resorts, fascinating old towns, and beautiful lakes—all while you relax in first-class aboard Switzerland’s famous trains. 2 reviews. You have plenty of options and are quite flexible. Or 2.5 times the size of Beijing. Golden Pass TrainTThe scenic Golden Pass train runs along 6 lakes and over 3 mountain passes. To avoid paying the reservation fee, use regular trains. This scenic train ride connects central Switzerland with Lake Geneva. Surrounded by towering mountains and in close proximity to Lake St. Moritz and Lake Silvaplana, the area offers something for everyone. But generally speaking, I think temperatures during the day should range between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius in the places you mentioned. We are interested in the Golden Pass line. Thanks so much for sharing. But generally speaking, you can’t go wrong. For these towns, do we stop at Interlaken and take other trains? Discover Switzerland's most scenic train routes. I will try to answer your questions as accurately as I can. Scenic train routes in Switzerland. I mean, Sheldon Cooper big. I’m really sorry and hope you can understand. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any detailed suggestions as there are so many things you can do in Switzerland in the amount of time you have available. You get the idea. Read more about William Tell and the saga around his existence here. Travel all the way from historic Lucerne to Montreaux and enjoy tall mountains, green valleys and endless vineyards. For more insider tips about what to do in Zermatt, read the interview I did with my local friend Gabriela. 2. Glacier Express Panoramic Train This gorgeous scenic train through the Swiss Alps is an 8 hour ride over hundreds of bridges and through countless tunnels, and over the 6708ft high Oberalp Pass. Walking the moorland trail between Biberbrugg and Rothenthurm takes just over two hours and is very easy to complete. Book Early and Save! Short distances cost between 13 and 33 CHF, while long distances range between 23 and 43 CHF. You’ve done your research with the trains as well, which is great. * This is an affiliate link. What would be your suggestion about tickets and from where shall we start and end? I just purchased the ebook you have written for travel in Switzerland. At 2.033 metres (6.670 feet) above sea level, the Oberalp Pass connects Disentis/Mustér in the Canton of Grisons with Andermatt in the Canton of Uri. Cruising through the beautiful Bernese Oberland. Hi Ravi, thanks for your comment. Book your Switzerland rail journey today with Magic Switzerland. My friend shall join me and he comes all the way from France. Since the train loses lots of altitude in this segment, it spirals its way down across six viaducts and through three loop tunnels. Scenic Switzerland by Train 9 Day Guided Tour & Rail Journey from Zurich to Zurich with Cosmos. Otherwise, please send me the link for booking online and please advise on early booking. I hope you enjoy your time in Switzerland. The Glacier Express – known as the ‘Slowest Express Train in the World’ … After the pass and on your way down to Interlaken, you’ll be presented with stunning views over Lake Brienz and into the Bernese Alps. Would like to know what would be the best scenic route we can take as we don’t mind arriving at one but returning from a different airport as long as we can make most of our trip. I only have 3 days in Swiss. But that doesn’t make it any less worth riding. The Glacier Express is not only … It’s also the starting point to many a trip in the vicinity, like to the crystal clear Lake Gauma or the dramatic Rhine Gorge. Even if you have a travel pass, reservations are mandatory. Required fields are marked. The city of St. Gallen has a lot to offer. After St. Moritz, it starts climbing up to glistening glaciers before heading down to the palms of Italy. Thank you for your time. Thanks in advance for your help. Day 1- Early morning train from Geneva to Lauterbrunnen (6AM-9:25AM). This train takes you from the medieval city of Chur across the Alps and all the way into sunny Italy. Think of them as pre-built itinerary suggestions that will give you ideas and inspiration to plan your trip and what to expect in Switzerland. I‘m happy to hear you‘re coming to Switzerland . Please refer to the Bernina Express timetable (here’s the direct link) to find your connection. Most Swiss trains are operated by SBB, which provide different types of trains. Unfortunately, their schedule is too complicated to put in words. Yes. Will be good if we can start from one end and finish at the other. Can i do round trip in 1 day ? Say Zurich is your starting point, you take a regular train to St Gallen, then Voralpen, Gothaard, Bernina, Glaciers, regular train to Montreaux (or loop around to Chamonix, Geneve, Evian, Lausanne), Golden Pass and then regular train to Berne and on to Zurich. We are planning to do Lucerne to Montreux (reserved); stay in Montreux for 2 nights; take golden pass (not reserved) back to Lucerne this time would love to do stopovers and explore Lake Thun, Spiez, Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. After passing the lake, the train starts climbing up to Brünig Pass, which sits at 1.008 metres (3.307 feet) above sea level. Like for instance the mountain railways up Jungfrau, Pilatus or Gornergrat. They are part of the country's heritage and history. But like I said, if you go up into the mountains, you should get a good amount of snow there. It is a nice alternative to the new tunnel, even though the train journey takes significantly longer. Thank you for your comment. Thank you, Hi Vijay, you’re welcome Yes, I’d suggest you buy a Eurail Pass for this trip as it covers the whole Golden Pass Line along with tons of other train rides in Switzerland. And yes, you can absolutely travel the Golden Pass Line from Montreux to Lucerne. The Voralpen Express is a scenic train ride in Switzerland. Centovalli means “A thousand valleys” and offers pristine views of valleys with gushing waterfalls, vineyards, and chestnut trees growing on the foot of the mountains. Lucerne is either the starting or finishing point for people travelling the Voralpen Express. The Voralpen Express, which literally translates to „pre-Alpine Express“, commutes between St.Gallen and Lucerne. I lived here for three years while I was studying urban planning with Gabriela, Andrea, Tobi and Yannic. Golden Pass line. Coming from Interlaken, the best lake views are on the left. Whether you‘re visiting the Château de Chillon, the city of Vevey, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Lavaux vineyards or just hanging out next to the Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux, this city will make it worth your while. For the first leg of your trip, you travel across the lake from Lucerne to Flüelen on board a steamboat. Swiss scenic trains #3: Glacier Express The Glacier Express is possibly the best known of these Swiss scenic rail journeys. where is the best scenic views that i could get? The reason why we are going back to Lucerne my aunt lives in Italy. Timings are taken from http://www.sbb.ch/en Thank you very much for your help. This impressive construction is 142 metres (466 feet) long and 65 metres (213 feet) high. I’m sure you could find some inspiration in there and the scenic train rides are also included in those chapters. SWITZERLAND HOTEL DEALS : SWISS SCENIC TRAINS. The excursion includes seat reservation, all transfers, and entries to the Gruyère cheese production and the Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory. Thanks so much. I talk about those option in more depth in this post. They are also a chance to see a different side of a country and its people. The golden pass scenic train ride in Switzerland is one of the best train journeys I’ve ever taken. Thank you for your comment. Since i have a rental vehicle i need to find a place to park it for few days while i ride a train. If you’d like to cut off certain parts, I suggest you either leave out St. Moritz – Chur or Visp – Zermatt. As I have not booked our flight yet as I do not know where we will land, as this depends on the trains. The only thing you’ll be missing out on are the panorama windows. Or from Ushuaia to São Paulo. One of the most famous trains in Switzerland! There really is no better way to explore the small but incredibly beautiful country of Switzerland than by train. Me and fiancé will be in Zurich on 18/Dec – 22/Dec. Since the Voralpen Express is not a panoramic tourist train like the other ones and you therefore don't need a reservation, you can get off along the way as often and as long as you want. So even if you arrive in another city, you’ll make it to Bern/Interlaken within one or two hours. The large windows on the train make for some amazing sight seeing. Read 12 reviews and enjoy exclusive savings on Cosmos 9 Day Scenic Switzerland by Train. Eurail*, Interrail*, Swiss Travel Pass (Flex), SBB Day Pass. Loved the way you guided the others so here’s my question and it would be great If you could suggest me something. Travel on the famous Glacier Express – one of Switzerland's best scenic train rides across the Alps connecting two of the most popular resorts – Zermatt and St. Moritz. Can you find the same amount of scenic views by road or it’s better to take train? The train ends in the Italian city of Tirano. Dear Neelam Thank you for your question. Places like the Abbey District, the recreational area of Drei Weieren and the free wildlife park of Peter & Paul make it easy to spend a few hours in this city. Between Tirano and Lugano the seasonal Bernina Express bus runs. Lakes, mountains, lush meadows with grazing cows, glaciers, tons of hiking trails, wonderful landscapes and cute little villages. 5 of the Best Scenic Train Rides in Switzerland. Switzerland's panorama train routes are among the most beautiful rail routes in the world. LötschbergerThe Lötschberger RegioExpress is a train from Switzerland’s capital Berne to Brig on the old rails from before the Lötschberg base tunnel. Along with its "sister" ride, the Glacier Express (also in Switzerland), it is widely regarded as one of the most unforgettable train journeys in the world. Does that sound right? Voralpen ExpressThe Voralpen Express (or Pre-Alpine Express) takes travelers from Central Switzerland to Lake Constance and vice versa. Ending up in Geneva will be good as we plan to head to Florence after that. It’s where the Bernina Express crosses the Swiss-Italian border and takes you to Tirano, where you transfer to the Bernina Express Bus to Lugano. Alpenwild has created a similar tour called Scenic Alps by Rail. Thanks for this super helpful post. I hope this helped. Will you be able to shed some light to our trip? Chur is the capital city of the Canton of Grisons. We would like to see most of the country either by regular or scenic trains. The Albula Line between Preda and Bergün is going to make your head spin. They say the most spectacular way to cross the Alps is on board the Bernina Express. For the Golden Pass line you were able to specify which side of the train(left, right) we should sit for best views. That definitely is a bit much. The Landwasser Viaduct between St. Moritz and Thusis is quite a masterpiece. This beautiful city by Lake Geneva is the gateway to many attractions in the area. Grindelwald Train Rides. To plan your route, I suggest you visit the Grand Tour of Switzerland website. We are planning to stay at Interlaken as we also want to visit Mt. Especially since you’re looking for things to do on a weekend. The Rhine Gorge - also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. In this post, I’ll introduce you to the five most scenic and popular train rides in Switzerland. However, like I said, getting there from Interlaken will still take a while. Then travel to Rhine Falls. Sit back and enjoy spectacular views from the panorama windows of a train, a Postal bus or from the deck of a lake boat. I wonder why it never gets mentioned in travel blogs. The entire journey takes around 7.5 hours and crosses 291 bridges, passes through 91 tunnels and … Before crossing the border back into Switzerland, you’ll be driving past Lake Como, the place where George Clooney and many other celebrities got married. Follow the booking process all the way through to the end, select your pass just before checking out and the ticket price will be taken off your total. Thanks to our interactive Swiss rail map, you can browse through some of the most popular routes in Switzerland, including the most scenic ones. Will it be possible to do these stopovers on same day journey. But since you’re travelling the other way round, you can catch a regular bus from Lugano to Tirano and transfer to the Bernina Express train in Tirano. Or, if you’re using public transport in Switzerland for more than just the Golden Pass Line, grab a Eurail/Interrail or Swiss Travel Pass. and we are wondering how are we gonna get to do these if we are coming from Paris? The Bernina Express is a scenic train ride through the Swiss Alps. Just wondering which two 2-day routes to choose for a nice mini vacation with my wife. Enjoy browsing through the selection of wonderful scenic rail journeys below. I’m happy to hear you’re feeling less overwhelmed now That’s the whole point of my blog and hearing from you motivates me to keep going…. This little town by Lake Zurich is one of my favourite places in Switzerland. What you could do, if you land in Zurich, is to go straight to Chur, spend a night there, take the Glacier Express the next day to Visp and go from Visp to Interlaken. Night stay @Geneva. Mountain railways excluded. There are daily connections from Lucerne to either Locarno or Lugano or vice versa. Happy to help…. Just to name a few. You can find it here. Show all Common.Of Train … As for the reservation, I can’t tell you how busy it will be in fall. Do you think the above itinerary is possible or is it too ambitious or hectic? Thank you for such a detailed description of each route. Relatively small in size, it offers plenty of sights and a wonderful old town. So since you are based in Lucerne, either the Voralpen Express or the Golden Pass Line will work. Please check their current timetable to put together your itinerary. Your email address will not be published. Their season starts in April and ends in October. I hope this helps. The village of Zermatt sits right in front of the Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most famous mountain. This picturesque lake lies in a valley and can best be seen if you grab a seat on the right side. From Chur travel to Lucerne ( 7:16PM – 9:25PM). But keep in mind that this might end up being more expensive without any research. Travel along a scenic route to Poschiavo on the Bernina Express, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful railway journeys. This will still be a very long day with lots of train rides, but you will have seen some of the Glacier Express route. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a great itinerary, I will use it as a reference in the future! In the above itinerary I am missing Glacier 3000. The trip from Lucerne via Arth-Goldau and St. Gallen to Romanshorn takes about 3 hours. Also referred to as the slowest Express Train in the world, this train with panoramic windows connects the famous resorts of St. Moritz and Zermatt taking you through pristine mountain landscapes. The scenic train ride looks like a must when traveling in Switzerland. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland is comprised of eight routes totalling 1,280km (795mi) that stitch together the country’s best bits, from castles and snow-dusted cliffs to shimmering lakes and historic cities. Technically, you could do the Golden Pass in one day but that would be a looot of hours on the train. Thank you for your comment. For example, the 139-mile route from Zurich to Geneva is served by InterCity trains, which connect these two major Swiss cities in 2h 44m. Riding up the Gornergrat with its mountain and glacier views will blow your socks off. Lugano is the biggest city in the Canton of Ticino and the third biggest financial centre in Switzerland - right behind Zurich and Geneva. Thanks for your comment. All the travel mentioned here is by train. Enjoy your time here. Discover Switzerland on the 8-day Grand Train Tour of Switzerland in the most exciting panorama trains in Europe. The only exception is if you make a seat reservation on one of the scenic trains. So what you have planned now should work a lot better.. Have fun here in Switzerland. Day 3 – In the morning visit Matterhorn (Glacier Paradise ride). Switzerland is a country in Western Europe perhaps best known for the eternal snow on its mountain peaks. Maybe even both. But if it was me, I personally wouldn‘t do the whole Golden Pass in one day. Gazing out the window on your way to Spiez, you might understand everyone’s affections for this lake. Hello there Thank you for your comment. Happy planning and have a fantastic time when you’re here. Seraina. To put together your schedule, head to the SBB website. Is it possible for you to specify which side we should sit for the best view for the remaining scenic train rides. Thank you for your comment!

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