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This special issue aims to fill this gap. This special issue examines the new logic of electoral campaigns within the polarized society, with a dissonant public sphere. This special issue examines the public policy surrounding sex work, showcasing diverse voices reflecting on the helping relationship, broadly defined. This special issue aims present and discuss recent and innovative research on "minority" enterprises involved in grain trade in early modern Europe. This special issue aims to explore the ways entrepreneurial conversations, projects, and provocations are enabled through design. By closing this message, you This special issue focuses on emerging methods and aspects of nature-inspired computing solutions for Internet of Things systems. Use the Search option, to find books by keyword, author, title or ISBN, or Browse by Subjects. This special issue from Journal of Immunoassay and Immunochemistry aims to explore all aspects of immune response to viral infection. As we negotiate sickness, infection, contagion, and isolation in response to Covid-19, we invite you to reappraise these themes in the lives and works of the Brontës. We pose this provocation in order to think through what has changed and what remains the same about lesbian identities. This SI focuses on understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on the tourism industry and the changing of education/teaching & learning across the globe. This special issue focuses on evaluating the impact of Covid-19 on economies, financial system and business strategies of different types organizations. This SI seeks submissions which contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, for a Special Issue of the journal to be published in 2022. This SI examines the key role maps have in understanding progress towards the global policy priorities by the European Commission’s Horizon Missions. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis. Order processing systems give you power over your inventory and pricing. Call for Book Chapters ... book chapters should be prepared in Latex/MS Word format according to Taylor & Francis Group’s guidelines for manuscript preparation. This issue aims to deepen our understanding of information flows in the Corona crisis, publishing recent work on public information systems in the pandemic. October 2015; DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1739.8487. This special issue seeks to understand knowledge about visual impairments and low vision rehabilitation for OT practitioners. This special issue aims to explore the methodological and technological advancements in understanding and solving air traffic problems. Along with the other renown partners, this special issue calls for papers on the Impact of COVID-19 on TNCs and FDI in Global Business and Economy. This special issue is related to pastoral theological reflections on the COVID-19 global pandemic and the concurrent Black Lives Matter movement. Book Editors: Dr. … School of Computer Science and Engineering Publication: The accepted contributions will be published in the book entitled ‘Redesigning Machine Learning for Edge Computing’, to be published by CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. The special issue will address the impact of coastal development on ecosystems, sustainable coastal management, and coastal monitoring and observations. Email: parulmozhivarman@vit.ac.in This special issue of Contemporary Nurse aims to disseminate new knowledge in the areas of cultural safety for Indigenous Peoples. Free shipping and pickup in store on eligible orders. Call for Book Chapters - Green Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technology by CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, USA March 2020 Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, USA This call for papers is designed to provide best practices for multi-faceted geography learning with examples for deep online instruction. This Special Issue aims to showcase innovative research that has been conducted in the earliest phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. This SI seeks to consolidate new experience and knowledge in social work at the time of lockdown in Mainland China and other Chinese communities. Researchers are invited to submit on or before Oct. 15, 2017 full chapters. Is there any room left for the rare and precious artifice that the built may possess? This special issue on Asian responses to COVID-19 will address the impact the virus has had on specific countries, on regional relations, and everyday life. This SI seeks academic papers which critically probe into the Olympic Movement in Asia-Pacific from the viewpoint of social sciences and humanities. This special issue seeks to bridge the gap between research and practice into the sport injury psychology field for practitioners. Through agreements with worldwide organizations, libraries in the developing world can provide access to vital research material at greatly reduced or no cost. This special issue calls for research related to marketing and strategic management that would help SMEs to survive and grow in this competitive era. As the 10th anniversary of the Indignados movement approaches, it is a good time to re-evaluate the movements’ outcomes, impacts and legacy. This SI explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education, in Ireland and internationally to inform future-facing recommendations for education. Full book chapters will also be submitted through e-mail to r.w.helms@uu.nl. This special issue from Accounting in Europe aims to address the broad area of narrative reports, both financial and nonfinancial. Thirty Years of the Men and Women’s UEFA Champions League, Ethics and COVID-19: A special call for papers from Ethics & Behavior. A special issue dedicated to an exploration of the most appropriate evidence-based and theoretical approaches to designing for people with dementia. This special issue focuses on women within a new media context: incivil behaviour, online harasment, equality building, civic engagement, empowerment. Narrative production research that is concerned with how psychology can bring about social change in the form of emancipation and social justice. They take the guesswork out of the order taking process. Contributors may also be requested to serve as a reviewer for this project. A focal point for theories, concepts, and experiences of precarity and casualisation in the academy and how these relate to neoliberalism etc. Publishing with Taylor & Francis Supporting authors at every stage. This specaial issue aims to contribute to the construction of a vibrant and vital corpus of knowledge within gender lens investing. Critical reflections around the relationship between agency and structure in the context of regional path development in non-core regions. Journal Suggester: find the best home for your article, Explore the list of the current promoted calls for papers from Taylor & Francis, Routledge and Cogent journals in that subject area. In fact, it's just beginning. This SI will examine methods for achieving oligometastatic colorectal cancer tumor control using therapeutic methods, molecular imaging and biomarkers. This SI will bring Chris Freeman’s ideas, reflections and proposals of the Global South when addressing issues of innovation and development. This SI aims to showcase papers, studies, and projects that examine the ways in which mediated communication affects how understanding is achieved. VIT University, Vellore - 632014 This special issue aims to explore the teaching and learning experiences of coach developers, students, or coaches across systems and universities. This special issue aims to illuminate the role, process and consequences of NFR regulation in a developed or developing country. This special issue will feature scholarship on topics outside the established research on traditional, achievement-focused institutionalized sports. The platform features eBooks across all disciplines, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Medical, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The librarian dashboard provides quick access to MARC and KBART reports, usage data, entitlements and much more. This special issue examines African diaspora futures through the lens of embodied performance and Africanist epistemologies of temporality. This special issue is to seek the latest research that shows the most recently advanced methods in optimization and machine learning. Particular contexts, material conditions, and individuals that have enabled authors, texts, and performance traditions to travel through translation. Call for submission of manuscripts on Intellectual Disability, Autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disability and mental health issues. The special issue will examine the HR strategies adopted by organizations in times of crisis and how employees respond to such strategies. Our special issue will bring high quality research work to enhance our knowledge on Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. Authors had been asked to avoid involved discussions of differential diagnosis and long lists of possibilities, and reliance was to be placed on cross references from, Internet of Things: Novel Advances and Envisioned Applications, Deep learning in Remote Sensing and GIS: Frontier Advancements and Applications - Book for CRC PRESS. This special issue calls for original research that explores the intersection between environmental discourse, communication, and the public. Organisational Design and Management is concerned with a broad range of human and organisational issues within Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE). VIT University, Vellore – 632014 This special issue explores the impacts of, and future challenges facing, sport across all settings arising from COVID-19. This special issue examines the enhancement of curricula of accredited social work programs in helping graduates to understand systemic anti-Black racism. The impact of COVID19 on healthcare services worldwide has been unprecedented. This SI examines the opportunities, potentialities, and limits of DIY laboratories, and their implications for science, technology, and innovation. More than/ Other than/ Nothing but Human: Pop Culture and Curriculum, Assemble! This special issue focuses on the voice of athletes throughout history, especially in the context of their involvement in the Olympic movement. This special issue focuses on the promotion of the use of smart clothing in healthcare. This SI examines the role of the arts and culture as a contributor to social justice efforts as inequity and social unrest in democracies continues to grow. This SI examines the effects of treeshelters on seedling growth and protection and the criteria for their applicability to local conditions. A building requires rigor in practice and conception. Routledge/Taylor & Francis have released Policies for Open Access Book Chapters which states that chapters from all their books are eligible for green open access. This special issue aims to address global sustainable development in tourism during and after the global pandemic crisis. Submit now. This special issue from 2019 Impact Factor1.184Energy Sources, Part A aims to explore the impacts of COVID-19 and its effects on Environment and Energy. androcentric discourses not openly hostile to women. This special issue aims to highlight recent advances in remote sensing for disaster monitoring and prevention activities. How do pandemics challenge and broaden understandings of how societies deal with dying, death, the dead, and bereavement and commemoration? This special issue aims to bring together rigorous analyses of crisis responses among Asian countries amid global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This SI aims to explore Mongolia's pastoral economy and contemporary government policy in context of the drastic changes over the last quarter of a century. This special issue provides a timely opportunity to showcase and reflect upon Asian Internet histories – both in their own right. This issue aims to explore the effects of air pollution and climate change interactions on ecosystems and ecosystem health under climate change. This SI explores the urban and the domestic, public and private: constructions that link the subject to the spatiality of the city. The issue will carry revised versions of the selected papers presented at The International Conference of the Yangtze River Research and Innovation Belt. In 2019, OAPEN data shows that Taylor & Francis Open Access Books were access by over 202 countries around the globe. This special issue explores the relationship between literature examining the vital and particular force of women in the creative sphere. This special issue from Review of Social Economy will explore the political, social, and economic consequences of deprivation and inequality. This special issue examines the pandemic spread of SARS coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), named Covid-19, and the unprecedented global crisis. This special issue considers how to conceptualize and situate innovation within an increasingly complex news environment. Emerging Sports: Participants, Groups and Movements, Weaving Healthy Behaviors into New Technology Routines: Designing for Teleworking Contexts, Advances in Intelligent Automation and Engineering optimization, Observations, Remote Sensing Experiments and Geophysical Value-added Datasets for Cold High Mountain and Polar Regions, A Comparative Study of Asian Countries’ Bilateral Relations with China, Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health, Thrice Born Tradition: Bangladeshi Literature in English, New frontiers in employability research: Towards a contextualized perspective of employability development, International Perspectives on Professional Learning, Emerging technologies for monitoring, assessment and prediction of air quality, Impact of COVID-19 on Economy, Financial System and Business Strategies and Practices, Indigenous and sociological knowledges: Meeting points for health equity, Black Lives Matter to Clinical Neuropsychologists, Emerging Trends in Materials Science, Technology and Engineering, Historicizing COVID-19: Reflections on Epidemics and the Impacts on Human Population, Special Issue on Symbol Emergence in Robotics and Cognitive Systems, South Asian Disasters in 20th and 21st Century Literature, Film, and Culture, Recent Trends in Deep Learning for Computer Vision and Visual Analytics, Role of Swarm Intelligence in Development of Sustainable Technologies, Firms and Innovation in the New Industrial Paradigm of the Digital Transformation, Marketing and Strategic Management Issues of SMEs in emerging economies, Media Freedom in Asia: Challenges from Below, Organoids: From Development to Pathophysiology, Editorial discussion on predictive models and policy in the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, Conviviality in Education and the Making of Difference, Special Issue on Intelligent System using Artificial Intelligence, Special Issue on Healing COVID-19 using Artificial Intelligence, Special Issue on AI, Robotics and Automation in Space, Analytical advances through open science: Employing a reference dataset to foster best-practice data validation, analysis, and reporting, Consuming Happiness: Aspirational Practices in Global Perspective, Personality Assessments in Legal Contexts, Online Instruction in Geography: Best Practices of Design and Planning for Deep Learning, Smart cities and construction: advances, visualisation, novel applications and case studies, Advancing Knowledge: Women Entrepreneurship in Canada, Developing Coasts and Perturbed Ecosystems, Art Therapy Education: Research and Reflections from the field, Art Therapy Now More than Ever: Sustaining and Expanding Creative Practices in Unprecedented Times, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Neuropsychology, Understanding the Relationships Between COVID-19 and Transportation, The Oil Prices-Macroeconomy-Energy-Environment Nexus in the Era of Globalization, Sport, Race and Ethnicity at a time of multiple global crises, Anti-extradition Law and Beyond: The Role of Media and Communication in the Crisis of Hong Kong, Life, After Life: Textile Crafts in India and Communities of Practice, The Value of Design-driven Entrepreneurship, Children, Media, and the Clarity of Crisis, More than just Brands, Status, and Exclusivity? This SI welcomes high-quality papers from leading scholars exploring the impact of systemic racism and/or white supremacy on couple relationships. This special issue invites researchers and practitioners to contribute on the emerging areas of FinTech and Artificial Intelligence. Introduction The purpose of this book is to publish high quality original research studies and articles that Covid-19 spread rapidly; we invite contributions from economists, exploring the causes, effects and opportunities presented. This SI explores how advertisers can derive benefit from influencers, defined as those who create social media content in exchange for compensation. Dr. V. Santhi This issue examines textual misogyny in the early modern period, i.e. This special issue spotlights consumption practices that are implemented in everyday life, in relation to the pursuit of happiness. The special issue explores the nature of transformation in the last thirty years of both Champions Leagues, examining the contemporary context. This special issue looks at the complexities of communicating climate change, scientific data, and how related journalism is complicated. "Schools Inc." invites scholars to share their insights on the historical and contemporary involvement of commercial actors in Nordic education. The special issue welcomes submissions involving Industry 4.0 application domains that fit within the broad scope of Technometrics. This special issue seeks to overview the variety as well as the similarities of cannabis cultures and markets across the globe. This issue will focus on adaptation mechanism used in animals and robots and application of such mechanism for rehabilitation of motor impaired patients. This special issue addresses geographical impacts of COVID-19, and the socio-economic, cultural & political relations and spatial implications of COVID-19. This SI addresses IPV programs for Veterans and the gaps and challenges to addressing IPV in a healthcare system, and other related topics. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group Call for Book Chapter. A better way to manage customer experience by using phygital to connect online and offline: A business framework foundation, Special Edition on COVID19 Pandemic and the Global Protest for Racial Justice, Theory, Methods, and Practice to Support Equity and Justice in School Psychology, Addressing Youth Suicide through Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention, Promoting the Development of Black Males: Supporting Social, Behavioral, Emotional, and Academic Success, Reconceptualizing School Psychology for the 21st Century: The Future of School Psychology, Unlocking the Promise of Multitiered Systems of Support (MTSS) 
for Linguistically Diverse Students, Growing Gender Lens Investing in Emerging Markets, Humane Entrepreneurship from Research to Practice, Let Me Explain! Special Issue from Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology exploring the environmental restoration and decommissioning of the damaged NPP in 2021. This special issue aims to make a significant contribution to the topic of luxury customer experience and the luxury market. Indian Chemical Engineer announces a COVID-19 Special Issue to be published by the end of June, 2020 to address issues concerning to the pandemic. Email: dpacharjya@gmail.com This special issue addresses key themes of the Oil Prices-Macroeconomy-Energy-Environment Nexus in the Era of Globalization. This special issue aims to seek novel contributions that lead to future security and privacy improvements in semantic networks for online communities. This special issue welcomes high quality submissions that contribute to a global discussion around the relationships between crisis and education. This SI will highlight experiences and insights from communicating evaluating predictive, statistical, and machine learning models in policy settings. The work is not over once you've made the sale. Ce numéro spécial recueille des travaux qui examinent les liens entre l'inclusion financière ou les modèles alternatifs de financement et différents aspects de l’activité entrepreneuriale. Explore Taylor & Francis Online to see the full range of journals we publish. This special issue will explore advancements in the revolutionary field of organoid research as well as challenges that come with such a subject. This search shows only the subject categories that have current promoted calls for papers. This special issue focuses on legal environments, compliance rules/policies, and other regulatory dynamics for the key determinants for governance in sport. New ideas and presenting the latest advances on 3D printing of materials and structures, with a particular emphasis for their functional applications. The telephone number of our main office is (561) 994-0555 and the address is 6000 Broken Sound Parkway NW, Suite 300, Boca Raton, Florida 33487. Book reviews should be about 4,000-5000 words. This special issue assesses the role of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in East Asia's regional economic development during a time of severe challenges. Titles that were formerly on the CRCNetbase platform are now available on Taylor and Francis eBooks.

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