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2 weeks remain to back Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipeline!, Bird’s eye view of our nation’s prison industrial complex. Eugene Jarecki’s The House I Live In portrays today’s “War on Drugs” in America, which, apparently, we are still desperately losing. Very happy to share this #BRITDOCIMPACT award with... “As part of the National Defense Authorizati... RT @dogwoof: . Join our Executive Producer John Legend and in asking President Obama to sign an executive order to Ban the Box –, “The Justice Department is preparing to release roughly 6,000 inmates from federal prisons starting at the end of this month as part of an effort to ease overcrowding and roll back the harsh penalties given to nonviolent drug dealers in the 1980s and ’90s, according to federal law enforcement officials.” – The New York Times, The Justice Department’s release of prisoners is an effort to reduce overcrowding and provide relief to drug offenders who received harsh sentences over the past three decades. Read All About It! Watch 9Life live stream TV from Channel 9. Period. Rick was arrested for doing what a drug task force had previously encouraged and paid him to do starting when he was just 14 years old. Made me very angry towards the Judicial System in our great country! #Smarter…, JUST SAY NO…To the War on Drugs! #SmarterSentencing, RT @MarcDSchiller: Terrific new video from Eugene Jarecki on why the Drug War has failed: #SmarterSentencing, RT @ellabakercenter: Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs! Whether it's the seemingly annual discovery of a new flu-like virus accompanied by doom-and-gloom press coverage, or the popularity of viral-born … President Obama on marijuana: “My concern is when you end up having very heavy criminal penalties for individual users that have been applied unevenly and in some cases with racial disparity.”, RT @tkriii: Panel discussion @TheWrightMuseum after @DrugWarMovie screening w/@yoditmj, @_mikeellison_, @jessicaCaremoor & more. Another important announcement from AG Holder- the Fed. Check out the film and brand new curriculum! See you again in September! And the poor in the United States happen to be overwhelming black and Latino.”. This is the latest installment in the Bringing Down the New Jim Crow radio documentary series created by Chris Moore-Backman. RT @DrugPolicyNews: D.C. Council to Hold Hearing on Marijuana Legalization, Taxation & Regulation in the District of Columbia…, RT @dogwoof: Is harsh enforcement failing to tackle drug use? Sixty-five percent of them are black. Here are some concrete ideas we should pursue to truly treat drug use as a health issue.”, “Eliminate cash bail. Police are addicts too in the war on drugs– addicted to financial incentives tied to the drug war. Best video ever on why... RT @Sethrogen: End the drug war. New Documentaries . Timely post from the Drug Policy Alliance Cuomo’s Bold Step on Prison Education” by the NYT Editorial Board, RT @REACTtoFILM: How much do you know about #doc “The House I Live In”? Skin: darker or lighter. States are starting to move away from using solitary confinement in prison. Have you seen it yet? Obama granted early release to 22 people behind bars for drug offenses. RT @AnonyInfo: #JulianAssange to Appear as a Hologram at The Nantucket Project – | #Assange #Wikileaks, RT @MahonAboutTown: Julian Assange, the founder of @wikileaks, will appear as a hologram to speak at the @Nantucketproj —>…. Watch The House I Live In starring David Simon in this Documentary on DIRECTV. Let’s get this done! Watch it here http:…, RT @moryan: IMO Peabody-winning documentary “The House I Live In” is profoundly thought-provoking, esp in light of #Ferguson. #SchoolsNotPrisons, Our Executive Producer John Legend is hitting the phones to support Yes on Prop 47 – In this video he explains how this measure will help move California away from mass incarceration, instead putting those much needed tax dollars into schools and mental health centers. #420Day may be wrapped in images of “stoners en masse,” but don’t kid yourself – it’s a highly political issue if ever there was one! When this info. Of the thousands held in the facility known as Homan Square over a decade, 82% were black. -A must see! I watched your very informative and touching documentary. Most Americans favor legalizing marijuana, but most in the GOP do not. Families Against Mandatory Minimums Drug Policy Alliance The Sentencing Project Ford Foundation. Almost all Americans agree that the failed war on ... “The federal government should repeal the ba... Last Week Tonight with John Oliver brings you the ... ICYMI: Very exciting news! Fear of criminal prose... RT @DrugPolicyNews: Flag on the Play: Why the #Sto... RT @davidjb1988: Re-watching The House I Live In. Some of the hundreds of on-demand movies at Pluto TV include Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family, Runaway Bride, The Core, Out of Time , and Catch and Release . Obama’s restoration of #Pell access to people currently incarcerated:…/civil-rights-group-puts-billboa…/. The horrifying... 2783; 7.1 (7) 13:35. Do it now to double-down and also send a letter to the US Sentencing Commission urging them to reduce unjust mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes. This blog post is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post and Charlotte Street Films in support of the Smarter Sentencing Act, stay tuned for more entries to this series in the coming days. “The sad reality is that the prohibition of marijuana is killing Mexicans, imprisoning Americans, wasting tax dollars, ruining the border, and funneling billions to terrorists and drug cartels.” An interesting argument for legalization– what do you think? RT @damnitrebecca: Really enjoying The House I Live In – incredibly good documentary about America’s war on drugs. Alicia Keys took to Capitol Hill where she argued for criminal justice reform on behalf of families affected by mass incarceration. Directed by Eugene Jarecki. Check it out…. Please watch ... RT @robertgreenwald: @EugeneJarecki important and... RT @rustyrockets: End the daft drug war. Parliamentary Business; Senators and Members; News & Events ; About Parliament; Visit Parliament. Watch t... RT @aloeblacc: War on Drugs? #blacklivesmatter, “Protesters Revive a Staten Island Man’s Dying Words”, “Mexico used to supply the vast majority of marijuana in the United States, but that situation is slowly changing due to legalization efforts in America.”. Eyes: round or almond, blue, black, brown. Skin: darker or lighter. And that could have big implications as Congress considers serious drug policy reform.”. Watch my new video Tell Congress to ACT…, RT @tonymcguinness: Blown away by The House I Live In, an incredible documentary on the so called War On Drugs. We hope Obama will continue his anti-drug war message tonight in his State of the Union speech. RT @Fat_Cat_Counsel: ‘The House I Live In’. Lobby your lo... A poignant short from The New York Times about the... “Even as the number of immigrants caught ill... Big news! Season 1. #cjreform #OIT…, RT @john_forte: Just Say NO! With Ruth Wilson, Paula Prentiss, Bob Balaban, Lucy Boynton. Take some time and watch this – you will be amazed at how much misinformation is out there about drugs and addiction. Vote at to spread word about the…. Rest in Peace Kalief Browder… #BlackLivesMatter. What we perceive as race is one of the first things we notice about each other. Very proud of our friend and exec producer John Legend #ericgarner, Op-Ed written by New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. By urging our elected officials to support the #SmarterSentencing Act we can begin to end mass incarceration caused by the failed drug war in the United States. Awesome page. Change the law in UK, US everywhere JUST SAY NO! Vermont’s Green River Pictures produced this heartbreaking short film about heroin abuse and the need to treat addiction as a public health issue. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. Change the laws. Last week, Students for Prison Education and Reform: Princeton (SPEAR) hosted the “Building a New Criminal Justice” conference, where after a screening of our film, director Eugene Jarecki and journalist Chris Hedges engaged in an informative discussion about the failed war on drugs and its impact on our society. The University of Sydney is h... RT @bedrella: Jarecki, masterclass in corso @Milan... Philadelphia will soon become the largest city in ... “Nixon declared all-out war on drugs, which is r... RT @_gabrielsayegh: Bowden was featured in the doc... RIP to the great journalist Charles Bowden. Therefore I could use the ideas of this scientist for our local discussion. Black and Latino NYPD officers file a separate class action suit against the city and Commissioner Bill Bratton charging an internal quota system forces them to make “discriminatory and unwarranted” arrests against people in their own communities. Proud to see the film broadcast in Poland this pas... RT @EugeneJarecki: Honored. An insightful radio interview with our Exec Producer Danny Glover from NPR in Detroit promoting a recent screening at The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. #BlackLivesMatter, Crucial article by Aljazeera English: “The case has put a spotlight on Mexico’s struggle to end corruption and impunity amid a drug war that has left 100,000 people dead or missing since 2006.”. Unfortunately, this headline is a reminder that there is still a long road to travel before we truly end the failed, unjust, draconian war on drugs. Season 3. New footage: LAPD tasers man in a wheelchair in downtown Los Angeles.…, Check out BRITDOC’s amazing analysis of the social impact of THE HOUSE I LIVE IN. I’m a transfer, so I am far from my family. The House We Live In. Hypocrisy About Drugs Russel Brand is fronting a new Avaaz petition for a full review of UK drugs policy, lead by MP Caroline Lucas. Check them out! The brass at the DEA were not happy about President Obama’s recent claim that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, and that pot laws disproportionately imprison the poor. RT @mikerobertson24: Just watched ‘The house I live in’ – easily one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. It does not work. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing The All-American Justice System Handbook the perfect tool for an imperfect struggle. It does not work. Two women investigate a pattern of illegal sterilizations in women’s prisons and battle the Department of Corrections. Tomorrow, Washington D.C. lawmakers will vote on t... RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. Top Documentary Films. RT for #britdocimpact @DrugWarMovie to win @netflix #netflixhi5 $5k prize. Watch John Oliver demand an end to mandatory minimum sentencing laws, featuring a clip from The House I Live In. Hair: curly, straight, blond, or dark. Schedule. For various reasons, the budget for anti-drug TV propaganda has (thankfully) been in steady decline since the 80′s. Today’s (Sunday, Sept. 13th) *MUST READ* blog entry from former Detroit investigative reporter/producer Vince Wade! More good news today– The Obama Administration gives further support for the early release of additional low-level, nonviolent drug offenders from federal prisons. Last month, Browder hung himself. It is possible he will address the push for sentencing reform, and possibly go further to strengthen his positioning to enact substantive change. Please join our campaign to tell your legislators to support the #SmarterSentencing Act! Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon joke about Eugene’s hologram high five with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange! I could not find any info on your homepage or facebook. “While the country as a whole has gotten richer and healthier, the poor have gotten poorer, the middle class has shrunk and Americans without high school diplomas have seen their life expectancy slide back to what it was in the 1950s.”, RT @jen__parry: If you only watch one documentary this year make it #TheHouseILiveIn #outstanding ;), Great article about the anticipated progressive future of drug policy in NYC as a model for the country. Eugene Jarecki weaves unforgettable personal stories with groundbreaking commentary on the tragic War on Drugs. This is our chance to make real change happen NOW! Posted Mon Aug 03 16:30:00 AEST 2020 Mon Aug 03 16:30:00 AEST 2020. @DrugWarMovie, Why is the DEA being run by someone who is not an expert on drugs? Check out the 24/7 live streams or watch the limited-time-only appearances from other special guests. We ask that you sign the petition, which will be delivered to Sen. Dean Skelos and Sen. Jeffrey Klein, letting them know that the Senate must put patients before politics and pass the Compassionate Care Act now. This all can ultimately culminate with the passage of the bi-partisan Smarter Sentencing Act sometime this year. Eyes: round or almond, blue, black, brown. RT @indiewire: Danny Glover on the impact of documentary on public policy:, CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THE HOUSE I LIVE IN TO WIN THE NETFLIX HI5 AWARD #NetflixHI5 #BRITDOCImpact 1) he acknowledged marijuana is no more dangerous to a person’s health than alcohol Record and instantly share video messages from your browser. Change the laws. End the hypocrisy! Stepping onto the advocacy stage in 2012 after producing the documentary “The House I Live In”, John Legend visited U.S. prisons, Portugal, and launched #FREEAMERICA, a multi-year culture campaign to change the national conversation about our country’s “indecent” and “unconscionable” policies and transform America’s criminal justice system. Alaska will be the next state to legalize marijuana if this ballot initiative passes in August. Wolfgang Mitter, “90% of Portugal’s anti-drug resources are spent on treatment and prevention; 10% on policing and punishment. RT @dogwoof: “The most tense political documentaries” @DazedMagazine includes Girl Model, The House I Live In & We Live in Public http://t.…, Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipeline is a new film and educational program designed to be a free public resource on the school-to-prison pipeline, restorative justice, and youth empowerment. RT @Nantucketproj: @EugeneJarecki @wikileaks Welcome! Read his piece on The Huffington Post promoting our short video/Congressional letter campaign. Dance Rites: Finals. Former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. was convicted of taking $1 million in bribes from developers of juvenile detention centers” – NPR, “A Pew Research Center study released Thursday shows that sentences for Americans convicted of federal drug crimes rose 36% — an average of 20 months — in 30 years, while sentences for all other offenders in federal prison declined by 3%.”, “The reason why some drugs are legal and others are not has almost nothing to do with the safety of those drugs, and everything to do with who uses them.”. Watch this: Then tell Congress to ACT: #Sma…, RT @SentencingProj: RT @DrugWarMovie Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs! The team behind The House I Live In has a new film exploring another domestic war, the war on terror. If you are die-hard fan to watch latest movies, then I will recommend you to check out best sites like Solarmovies or best torrent sites. Voting ends today! ... As we prepare to say goodbye to a tumultuous 2020, we asked our Antidote speakers: what are your reasons to be cheerful in 2021? Watch in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Namibia, Poland , Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uganda and, Zimbabwe: Whether it's a hot new episode of House Rules or an AFL semi-finals decider, you can watch it online the same time it airs on TV. Others don’t. #BlackLi... Crucial article by Aljazeera English: “The c... Democracy Now! Here also you can find some Hollywood hindi dubbed movies but not latest release. He had the misfortune of being convicted and sentenced under one of the harshest drug statutes ever conceived in the United States, Michigan’s so-called 650 Lifer law, a 1978 act that mandated an automatic prison term of life without parole for the possession of 650 grams or more of cocaine. I invite all my friends to see this groundbreaking documentary. Not only would many offenders avoid the crippling mark of a felony record, but the expected savings to the state government of up to a few hundred million dollars per year would be earmarked for mental health and substance abuse treatment, for counseling of potential school dropouts and for victim services, in hopes of breaking the cycle of crime. reports on a piece in The Huffington Post by Drug Policy Alliance’s Anthony Papa (read the article here:, RT @harryillers: The House I Live In is an eye-opening documentary on America’s war on drugs, “Around the world, the most marginalized groups in society – from Roma to HIV-positive people to sex workers to drug users – are reluctant to access basic health services because they fear arrest, intimidation and harassment.” RT @stevezol: The House I Live In. I invite all my friends to see this groundbreaking... WATCH: The President Interviews the Creator of The... President Obama, a fan of the much-more-popular-af... “The war on drugs has failed in West Africa ... With Congress currently debating the controversial... Richard Wershe is 27+ years into a life sentence f... A correctional nurse reflects on her time in a wom... Do you wish Breaking Bad was still on? RT @Becky_Jay6: The House I Live In is scarier than most horror films I watch #AmericasDrugWar #documentary, RT @V4CJR: Film The House I Live In @DrugWarMovie + discussion Pavillion Auditorium, Montpelier VT Tues Feb 4, 7pm Please consider donating to this amazing cause which seeks to help end the school-to-prison pipeline. The film “The House We Live In,” is a film which focuses on how politics, institutions and some groups have built an image of society about race. Ps.The ultimate climb/war that is fought anywhere on earth can always be reduced to “Love” (“selfless”) vs “Greed” (“selfish”). Know your enemy. Watch Full-Length Documentaries Online for Free. It gave me a whole new and frankly frightening perspective on our “justice” system. Change the laws. The House I Live In and Evolution of a Criminal Film mentioned in The New York Times article: “Race, Class, and Creative Spark”. In honor of Mother’s Day 2015, Moms United to End the War on Drugs encourages you to take a stand to not have your rights as a mother taken from you. With every week that passes, more and more battles are fought and won against the drug war and mass incarceration. Subscribe to our Youtube channel, like our Facebook page, and share widely. His boss said, “You start locking their kids up…before you know it, they’re going to shut us down, and there goes your overtime.” It is an illusion and yet profoundly real. The bill will let states legalize medical marijuana without federal interference, expand research into the health benefits of marijuana, and so much more.…, We are honored to receive this years Impact Award from Britdoc #BRITDOCImpact Violence is the currency in an underground economic system that we as a society have created.” – The Baltimore Sun. Following his appearance at TEDxHavana check out Eugene Jarecki’s new story in The Guardian on the future of Cuba. Civil asset forfeiture allows police to seize – and then keep or sell – any property they allege is involved in a crime. Democracy Now! RT @BlanksSlate: And, btw, if you haven’t seen @DrugWarMovie , please do so. Important article written by Radley Balko, author ... Dr.Carl Hart from The House I Live In and Drug Pol... RT @MattUnited_20: Watching ‘The House I Liv... RT @IndependentLens: President Obama says America�... “It has been getting easier by the day for p... “President Obama on Monday will ban the fede... “Gov. A similar law is already on the books for NYC government hiring. Keep an eye on Vermont in 2014! @EugeneJarecki & DPA’s @ashabandele Discuss Impact of The House I Live In & Next Steps to End Mass Incarceration http:…, RT @DrugPolicyNews: TOMORROW: Global Day of Protest Against the Drug War @SDPcampaign @IDPCnet @globalcdp #NoMoreDru…, Please join us June 30, 1-2 PM EST for a teleconference featuring The House I Live In director Eugene Jarecki, moderated by Asha Bandele of Drug Policy Alliance – RSVP here: If you’re looking for evidence that that our so-called justice system isn’t much interested in justice, you need look no further than the practice of holding poor people in jail for misdemeanor offenses simply because they can’t afford $250. This is huge news. #NETFLIXHI5, RT @FordFoundation: Bravo to #BRITDOCImpact winners incl. It i... “Booker expressed unequivocal support for a ... My mind is a terrible place to be – Chris PH... “The Obama Administration announced a new pr... “Eliminate cash bail. Legalize, Decriminalize, Educate, Regulate… thoughts? Saw this documentary last night and can not begin ... “Politicians, police officials and community... Why are some drugs legal and some prohibited? Tomorrow, Michelle Alexander will be participating in an RSVP-only conference call, hosted by Drug Policy Alliance and open to the press and public, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in continuing to fight against the drug war and mass incarceration. With this video, we are launching our biggest campaign to date – to tell Congress to pass the SMARTER SENTENCING ACT this month. She compares the damage caused by drug prohibition to the destruction of cities in World War II, and makes a point that I believe is absolutely essential: It is NOT enough to end the drug war. Watch it in US and Canada:, RT @TabooBreakers: ‘Let’s not forget the casualties of the US war on drugs’ NYC Mayor de Blasio has filed the paperwork to end the appeal on a judge’s ruling to reform the NYPD’s unconstitutional stop-and-frisk practices. Leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, three Midwestern women tackle politics on their own terms. This screening is free and open to the public, tell your Texan friends! One of the best docs I’ve seen on Drug War. Details here: htt…, RT @MilanoFilmFest: Il cinema di denuncia di @EugeneJarecki nella sezione Colpe di Stato. Legalization ends discrimination! Feels Good Man chronicles Pepe the Frog’s surreal journey from laid-back cartoon character to registered hate symbol. Find show websites, online video, web extras, schedules and more for your favorite PBS shows. “We have 5 percent of the world’s population, 25 percent of the people in incarceration. Al Jazeera English reports on the United States use of solitary confinement before the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva. interviews the great icon activist Angela Davis on prison abolition and the war on drugs. RT @Jess_Breslin: It’s hard to think of words after watching The House I Live In. The U.S. puts more people in prison than any other country on Earth. The New Yo... Dear Mr. Jarecki. The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York documented widespread abuse and neglect of teenagers in the jail’s adolescent unit. If race doesn't exist biologically, what is it? RT @davidjb1988: Re-watching The House I Live In. In this short documentary from The New York Times, parents reveal their struggles with telling their black sons that they may be targets of racial profiling by the police. “30 former police officers, sheriffs, prosecutors and judges write in a letter released Wednesday by Yes on 91, the campaign supporting legalization in Oregon”. TRNN’s The Real Baltimore series provides the crucially needed context for the current protests. The pilot site for Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipeline is now live in partnership with Teaching Tolerance! Watch Drug Policy Alliance Executive Director Ethan Nadelmann’s TED Talk! John Oliver discussed mandatory minimum sentencing on this past Sunday’s episode and featured our coverage of Kevin Ott’s story:, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s topic was mandatory minimum sentencing last night and featured The House I Live In’s coverage of Kevin Ott’s story. The problem is that cops who refuse to do their jobs and revel in showing contempt to their civilian leaders are damaging the social order all by themselves….”, RT @Philip_A_Bell: The House I Live In, an absolutely unbelievable documentary that explores the American drug problem like no other. Watch the video and tell Congress to JUST SAY NO TO THE WAR ON DRUGS: #SmarterSentencing, RT @Peabody_Awards: . Filmed in more than 20 states, THE HOUSE I LIVE IN captures heart-wrenching stories from individuals at all levels of America’s War on Drugs. ... RT @UncleRUSH: Just Say NO! Attention Australia!, “When nonviolence is preached as an attempt to evade the repercussions of political brutality, it betrays itself. Big news: This weekend at The Nantucket Project, Eugene Jarecki will interview Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange on the future of the digital commons. You make so much sense. On Monday, APM: Marketplace released a piece by Amanda Aronczyk on the cost of having a family member in prison. The figures come from the FBI’s 2013 Uniform Crime Report, which was released today.”, Important announcement from Drug Policy Alliance – New York Office, “The New York Police Department, which has been arresting tens of thousands of people a year for low-level marijuana possession, is poised to stop making such arrests and to issue tickets instead, according to law enforcement officials.”, “The measure passed, and California will now become the first state to defelonize nearly all accounts of drug possession with the intent of personal use”, RT @DPA_NY: Join us 6:30 pm tonight @BAJI for @drugwarmovie & discussion on drug war, mass incarceration, immigrant communities…, “…statistics are even worse in D.C., where blacks are arrested for marijuana possession nearly eight times as much as whites, despite blacks being 50 percent of the population and whites representing 41 percent.”.

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