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Telugu – allam pachchi Marathi – makyache pith How to store. Old World herb with aromatic leaves and seed resembling parsley parsley-like herb used as seasoning or garnish Tags: cilantro meaning in bengali, cilantro ka matalab bengali me, bengali meaning of cilantro, cilantro meaning dictionary.  Kannada –  uddu Malayalam -  uzhunnu Telugu – lettuce koora Tamil – elakkai pachchai Assamese -paleng Tamil - thayir What is parsley in Hindi?  Kannada – tenginakai Assamese - nemu Marathi - Badam 55- Very grateful ! Oriya – Teja Patra Wednesday, November 21, 2012 Marathi – methi dane 22- Marathi - aale 52- Telugu – French chikkudu Oriya -  Pani kakharu Telugu - munagakayalu Bengali- methi Gujarati – kalli draksh Bengali- payara sm, Good list of ingredients explaining multilanguage meanings....may be you can have more parts in the same series with more ingredients.Ash gourd is called here as Winter Melon and is available throughout year in Indian and Asian grocery stores..that is one of the best vegetable with very intriguing texture...no wonder Petha is made with winter melon. Tamil - Carrot Crushed parsley rubbed on bare skin helps in easing irritation caused by mosquito bites, rashes, and other types of itching. Gujarati – Tulsina Pan Assamese – lao bishesh  Kannada –  gajjari Marathi -  pan kobi Telugu – Thulasi Akulu Telugu - avanune Telugu – mamidikaya pudi Oriya - Telugu - Badam Tamil – kuda milakai Bengali- Mashkolair dal Telugu - Oriya -  muga phala Gujarati – koli flower fool kobi Bengali- lettuce खुरासानी  Kannada – musukinajolada hittu Assamese -  dhania guti English –Kidney beans There are wide variations of ‘Chervil’ leaves. Assamese - gur Assamese - doi Telugu - jaamapandu Telugu – Boodia,Gummadi Gujarati - Gujarati - fudino Tamil - Telugu – Senaga Pappu Tamil - muttaikosu Tamil - inji Tamil - kraambu Gujarati - naliyer Gujarati - dahi Tamil -  lapsi, godhumai ravai Marathi - pudina The compound leaves—deep green, tender, and curled or deeply frilled—that develop in a cluster … Oriya - shimba Gujarati - elcho Marathi - Kohala Where it grows as a biennial, in the first year, it forms a rosette of tripinnate leaves 10–25 cm long with numerous 1–3 cm leaflets, and a taproot used as a food store over the winter. 24- Oriya – French beans Tamil - lavangapattai Marathi - .Coriander leaves are different ; it is more for curry/cooking. Refrigerated it will last for a week. Bengali- Begoon Assamese - Tejpaat Malayalam - Carrot Gujarati – kabuli chana Malayalam - cheraikai Assamese - Guwamori Yes u can use coriander in place of parsley thats actually a very good alternative. Assamese - bondhakobi  Kannada – Tamil - Vennai Marathi - lavanga Assamese – gota jeera 14- Malayalam -  malliela pole 21- Assamese – phola ghehu Oriya - Baigana  Kannada –  caraway beejagalre English - lettuce Malayalam - Kaayam Marathi – safed watane 6- 9- Marathi - shahjeera 23- Oriya – baragudi chhuin or rajma Do you prefer ground beef or Italian sasusage for lasagna ? 42- Parsley leaves form an important part of the Western cuisine. Tags – Ingredients  Names Languages. Hindi – moti elaichi Oriya - labanga Malayalam – Kadala Parippu Telugu - Gujarati – saragvani shing Tamil - Kaththarikai English - Cauliflower Bengali- sheem Oriya – bhrusanga patra Telugu - vellulli Oriya - Panamahur Bengali- motor kalai ๏๓ รђคภtเ, รђคภtเ รђคภtเ ....... ! Tamil – aalpacota ular pazham Malayalam - thayiru 19- Malayalam - inchi Malayalam – Ilavan, Kumbalanga Marathi -  masur dal Parsley Synonyms. Hindi -  Chana Dal Oriya – harada dali 27- 12- English – Red lentils spilit Punjabi translation of Parsley. English - Parsley Marathi - dudhi 32-  Kannada –  dweepa dhrakshi kappu Hindi - jeera Bengali- barbate beej Hindi - amchur  Kannada – jaika Malayalam -  karuthamunthiri Telugu - Marathi - Badishep Gujarati – tuver dal 54- Gujarati – chana ni daal Tamil - Thulasi 53-  Kannada – Hingu What is Parsley called in Hindi. Malayalam -  manga podi Gujarati – masur dal Malayalam - karuvapatta English – jiggery  Kannada – Telugu – pedda mirappa Ajmod is closer as it belongs to the Parsley family but not the same. 50- If you would like to know the name of any other vegetable, you can contact us or leave your c… Assamese - saru Malayalam - English – cumin seeds Hindi – masoor dal 30- Oriya -  Buta chhota or smaller size English – green chillies Telugu – minu mulu Oriya – bhanga gahama Oriya - jira Telugu - dhaniyalu Oriya -  sahajira Telugu - dhaniyalu English to Punjabi Dictionary gives you the best and accurate Punjabi meanings of Parsley Parsley Punjabi meaning along with definition. English – Mint leaves English – dry plums Oriya -  lau Parsley Water For Cats. Hindi - Saunf Oriya - Hengu Bengali- jeera Malayalam - kadugu  Kannada – kosu Assamese – narasingha paat Gujarati – mitho limdo Telugu -  Vankaya The most accurate translation of Parsley, Ajwain Khrasani in English to Urdu dictionary with Definition Synonyms and Antonyms words. Oriya – Biri gota 46- English - cornflour Hindi – Tej Patta coriander is the seed. Hindi – Simla Mirch Assamese – Ilachi muga  Kannada – Boodi Kumbala Bengali- narcole Assamese - narikol Oriya - nadia Marathi - naral Gujarati - naliyer Tamil - thengai Malayalam – nalikeram, thenga Telugu – kobbari kaaya Kannada – tenginakai 26-English – coriander leaves Hindi – hara dhania ke patte Bengali- dhonay pata Assamese – dhania paat Oriya – dhania patra Marathi - kothimbir …  Kannada –  nimbe List of Bengali names of vegetables in English Here is a list of Bengali vegetables names from English. Oriya - rasuna Today, chopped parsley leaves are a popular decoration in Central Europe (similar to the use of coriander leaves in China, South East Asia and parts of India), mostly for soups and vegetables.. Parsley … Tamil – lettuce keerai Marathi - alubhukhar Bengali- Bengali- sajane dauta Bengali- parsley English – Cardamoms green It is totally differnet genus from Parsley. Tamil - karveppilai 11- Marathi – masala welchi We will not justify its use by simply noting that in small quantities it is safe. Tamil - pudhinaa It is also used as a seasoning in meat and poultry. Marathi - gajar Gujarati - limbu Malayalam - Badam Assamese - podina Garden parsley is a bright green, biennial plant in temperate climates, or an annual herb in subtropical and tropical areas. Hindi - amrud The leaf, seed, and root are used to make medicine. Malayalam -  vella kadala Oriya - aleicha Bengali- chal kumdo Gujarati - Hing Assamese – jati lao Gujarati - Papdi As mentioned above, one safe way of feeding your cat with parsley is by giving it parsley water. Assamese - madhurium Gujarati - gajar Tamil - suraikai Marathi - lonee English - Cinnamon Bengali- laoo The dried leaves and roots are used in condiments. Bengali- jaifall dnt know what it's called in hindi as it doesn't belong to India. Hindi - adrak  Kannada – kottambari soppu Bengali- foolcopy English -drumsticks Human translations with examples: మెంథా, అగతి ఆకులు, సోయా ఆకులు, కాలే ఆకులు, తులసి ఆకులు, టెండూ ఆకులు. Tamil - vendhayam Assamese – Matir dail  gota Malayalam -  elakkaya Assamese – sarioh guti .Coriander leaves are different ; it is more for curry/cooking. English - curd English – bottle gourd Tamil - kadugu Gujarati – makai no lot English - Asafoetida Malayalam - Tulasi  Kannada – sorekai Assamese – masoor dail phola English – Cabbage Bengali- French beans Hindi – methi dana English – Broad Beans Marathi - gul https://trimurl.im/a77/what-is-parsley-in-hindi-is... Why are these foods considered junk food ? Assamese - bhendi English – French beans Marathi - ajmoda Oriya - dalchini English – fenugreek seeds Just like Cilantro are the leaves of coriander or 'dhaniya' ! Gujarati - dudhi English – broken wheat Hindi – hara dhania ke patte Hindi – gajar Hindi – gur by back2sender: 10:34am On Sep 20, 2013 what is the local name for parsley leaves and where can one get it in Lagos? 33- Malayalam -  kohtamalli, malli Malayalam - cholapodi Over 100,000 Hindi translations of English words and phrases. Marathi - lasun Tamil – Badaam,Vadhumai Assamese - narikol  Kannada – seebe Hindi - Phulgobi Assamese – sukan bogori The roots are used as a vegetable in soups. What is sage leaves called in bengali? The dried leaves and roots are used as condiments. Telugu – Gajjara gadda Gujarati –karino powder Telugu - cauliflower You can freeze parsley! Parsley is known since millennia in the Medi­terranean; is usage for cultic purposes dates back to old Greece (see celery about the Isthmian Games). Marathi – tur dal  Kannada – Parsley … Telugu - lavangalu Malayalam -  masoor parippu Hindi -  munaqqa it belongs to botanical family of coriander.  Kannada –  kottambari beeja  Kannada – kottambari  jotiya soppu Parsley meaning in Hindi. Hindi – sukhe matar Bengali- Hing The roots are used as vegetable in soups. Oriya - jaiphala  Kannada – benne  Kannada – jeerige Gujarati – mag ni daal All like ajwain, dhanya, parsely, saunf, belong to same family. English – Red gram NUTRIENTS FOUND IN PARSLEY LEAVES Assamese - Badam   34- How many eggs do I need for 250 grams of egg whites ?  Kannada – pudina sopu Telugu - Inguva चलिए सबसे पहले जानते हे की पार्सले का हिंदी नाम क्या हे – Hindi name for parsley.  Kannada – Badami I believe parsley is "Ajmod" in Hindi, but i can't really confirm that.  Kannada – donne menasinakai Malayalam - muringakkaya 10- Tamil – koththamali virai Oriya - bhendi Is even good for small kids for indigestion. Hindi - Badam Hindi – Urad dal Malayalam -  kariveppila Bengali- bandha kopee Telugu -  danchina gadhumalu Marathi – Tamal Patra Oriya -  balabalua shaga English – Bengal Gram Marathi – Udid dal NigerianDictionary.com is a social media network for Nigerian Languages and Culture, where you can post, discover and share Nigerian videos, pictures, words, pronunciations & translations in Nigerian Languages (currently Hausa, … English – Black gram whole English - coconut 26- English -nutmeg  Kannada – Uddina bele Telugu - jeelakara 39-  Kannada –  karibevu but the purpose will be served !!~☺. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Tamil - avaraikai Bengali- elach tamate :)Destination Infinity. People suffering from bad breath can chew parsley leaves on a regular basis to get back their fresh breath. Tamil - Assamese - khejur Malayalam – veluthulli, Vellulli Also, avoid giving your pets any food that has it. Marathi - farasbi Assamese - naharoo Oriya -  sorisha tela Telugu – pudhina koora Assamese - dalcheni Hindi - rai  Kannada – togari bele Malayalam -  muttakose Gujarati – lila marcha  Kannada – hookosau  Kannada – bella Hindi – moong dal English – coriander seeds 29- English – Ash Gourd  Kannada – Kaale Bele Bengali- sajeera Gujarati - dhanna Tamil – kothhamali ilaigal Hindi – Kabuli chane Ingredient names in English and their names in Indian Languages Oriya - gajor Even though hardly ever used in Britain and the United States, root parsley is extremely widespread in central and eastern European Cuisine, where it is used in … Assamese - laipaat Bengali- daroochini 49- Bengali- Banglar Chhola Hindi – sahjan ki phali They are eaten fresh incorporated in salad and used as an ingredient in soups, stews and sauces. Parsley meaning in other languages. Hindi - Makkhan Tamil -  vellai kothukadalai Coriander (cilantro) has a different taste, but I like it and would use it as a substitute.  Kannada – Oriya -  dhania Hindi – Sem/Papdi Tamil – ulli poondu Bengali- Badam Tamil – payatham paruppu Gujarati –Simla marchan Telugu - aavaalu Marathi - jire Oriya – masura dali phala Gujarati - adad Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Gujarati – Tamal Patra Malayalam – uzhunnu parippu 1- Bengali- khejoor Bengali- dhonay Bengali- Tulsi Pata Gujarati -adu Marathi - dahi Assamese – mitha tel 1 Questions & Answers Place. “Some scientists believe that apigenin can be a possible non-toxic treatment in the future.” Gujarati - Makhan Oriya - nadia Tamil - jeerakam Tamil – ulutham paruppu Bengali- sookno kool 16- Tamil – thuvaram paruppu Hindi - dalchini Oriya – podana patra Bengali- Tej Pata  Kannada – dalchini Hindi – khajur English -  curry leaves Hindi – bandh gobi Tamil - 48- 40- PARSLEY meaning in kannada, PARSLEY pictures, PARSLEY pronunciation, PARSLEY translation,PARSLEY definition are included in the result of PARSLEY meaning in kannada at kitkatwords.com, a free … Gujarati -kothmir this I am going to save:)..I want to learn tamil...why not tell us some popular words or verbs too.. Dry White PeasGuguni in Bengali.Paasikkai in Tamil. Marathi - dhane Oriya - phulakobi Malayalam - jeerakam 36- Tamil – massor paruppu,mysore paruppu 41- Bengali- lanka Telugu - Gujarati - lettuce Gujarati - Badam Telugu – seema sopyginjale Parsley added to your regular tea can help control blood pressure. Oriya - Lahunee Tamil – elakkai pazhuppu Oriya – Tulasi Patra Assamese – bilati jira Tamil - thengai Hindi - Hing Marathi - ghewda  Kannada – Oriya – sajana chhunin Tamil - Pooshanikai Bengali- labango Telugu – yala kulu pachavi Hindi - nimbu Gujarati - jiru Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Parsley Leaves for buying in India. Bengali- ada takta Telugu - karivepaku English - Brinjals Telugu - Is it a coriander or different? Gujarati – Rainu tel Here are 8 impressive health benefits and uses of parsley. Is even good for small kids for indigestion, A famous preparation in Ayurveda ,called "ayamodaka dravakam( steamed extract of parsley is a very potent medicine for indigestion/ ant worm. Hindi - dahi Tamil – pachchai milagai Malayalam - Perumjeerakam English - guavas Malayalam - pudhinaa  Kannada – menthe Telugu - bendakaaya u can use coriander in place of parsley .......it, will taste a bit diff. English – dry white peas Bengali- elach sobooj Tamil - karunjeerakam Hindi – refined makai ka atta Tamil - perichampazham Malayalam - beans Oriya - methi Bengali- gur Ajwain is what its called. Bengali- curry pata There are many ways of giving your cat parsley besides leaving it to munch on the parsley leaves in your garden.  Kannada – lettuce soppu *Parsley are the green leaves of 'ajwain' in hindi.....! Telugu – pedda chikkudu Malayalam – karayaamboovu, kaaramb Still have questions? Gujarati - laving Marathi – hirvya mirchya  Kannada – chapparadavare Tamil – chola maavu 2. 20- Marathi - bhendi Marathi -  jayphal Assamese – faras been Assamese - long English – mustard seeds In the second year, it grows a … Find answers now! Rinse and wrap in a paper towel and then a plastic bag. Hindi - laung Gujarati - khajur 31- Oriya -  Biri Phala English - Aniseed Assamese - urahi Bengali- moog English – caraway seeds Malayalam -  thuvara parippu Telugu - yalakulu Marathi - Hing Hindi – Tulsi ke patte Telugu – kharjoora pandu    Kannada – hesarabele Telugu – kobbari kaaya Hindi – Safed Petha Oriya - guda 17- अजवायन. Gujarati – fadia ghaun Hindi - Baingan Contextual translation of "parsley leaves" into Telugu. It is ajamod in Sanskrit or Ayamadakam, also called ajwain in Hindi. Assamese - kismis This type of parsley gives much thicker roots than types grown for their leaves.  Kannada – masur bele Telugu – kandi pappu English – lady finger Parsley, Petroselinum crispum is an herbaceous biennial or perennial plant in the family Apiaceae grown for its leaves which are used as a herb. i'm planning on studying culinary arts eventually, does anyone have any cooking tips that they'd wish they'd known earlier. 38- Telugu - sorakaya Hindi - ghia Parsley may have specific protective benefits against breast cancer. Overview Information Parsley is an herb. Parsley is an aromatic plant with an erect growth habit and possesses branched, hollow stems and dark green flat or curled leaves which are arranged alternately on the stems. Assamese - phoolkobi Malayalam - perakkai Gujarati – adad ni dal  Kannada – sopubeeja Assamese – ilachi  sevjia Malayalam – kothamalli, malli Hindi – choti elaichi English – Basil Leaves Malayalam - Assamese – amor guri Telugu - pesarapappu Find here online price details of companies selling Parsley Leaves. Parsley is commonly used for garnishing and seasoning of foods. 7- English - currants  Kannada – Assamese - sajina Hindi – alu bukara Oriya – simla lanka Bengali- manaca Hindi - dhaliya Another type of parsley cultivated as a root vegetable is called the Hamburg root parsley.  Kannada – mosaru Gujarati - fansi No. “It contains a chemical compound called apigenin that is known to help inhibit breast cancer cell growth,” says Amanda Capriglione RD, CDN. Malayalam -  Vazhuthininga Malayalam - venna  Kannada –  lavanga Telugu - perugu Hindi – sarson ka tel 1. Malayalam – sarkara, vellam Bengali- dhonay pata Marathi - fulkobi Marathi - peru Malayalam – parangi mulagu It can be substituted for salads or other uses, not for exact benefits and nutrients. Gujarati - Variyali Gujarati - ajmo Assamese – Buttor dail Assamese – rahor dail Gujarati – lila alchi It is common in Middle Eastern, European, and American cooking. Just clean, chop and let dry; then put in … Malayalam – nalikeram, thenga You can add a parsley leaf on its food; make parsley puree or parsley water. English - Capsicum Or if you want something a bit more peppery or bitter, try watercress, or arugula. Marathi – welchi hirvi Bengali- lebu 37- Malayalam -  pach elakkaya Hindi - rajma Hindi -  kadi patta Oriya - patrakobi Gujarati - kobi Gujarati – suka plum Malayalam - amarakai  Kannada –  yalakki hasuru 18- Assamese –seujiya boot phola There is controversy around the Yoruba Name for Parsely Leaf though, Some Believe The real Yoruba name for Parsley leaf is Ewedu, Ayawyaw, while scent leaf (Effirin) is Basil. Hindi – sukha dhania Tamil – kothamalu ilaigal English - garlic Marathi - khajur  Kannada – Badanekai Get answers by asking now. Oriya – kancha lanka maricha 44- 4- Widely used as a fresh culinary herb or dried spice, parsley has been labeled as one of the most powerful disease-fighting plants. English – coriander leaves Bengali- Mowri Bengali- arhar dal Malayalam -  eethapazham Assamese - Bengena Marathi - kothimbir Bengali- kancha lanka Its raita and coconut curried vegetables taste very good. Tamil -  murungaikai Parsley meaning in Bengali - পার্সলে; লতাবিশেষ; শাকবিশেষ; ব্যঞ্জনাদি-সুগন্ধকর লতাবিশেষ; ; mistletoe; celery; | English – Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. Marathi -  udid Telugu – mokkajonnalu pindi Malayalam - jathikka  Kannada – bendekai Finally, if you cultivate this herb in your garden, ensure you limit access as your kitties may nibble its fresh leaves. Bangladeshi spices include a variety of spices that are grown across South and Southeast Asia.Many of the spices are native to the region of Bangladesh, while the others were imported from similar climates and have since been cultivated locally for … But they are different. Malayalam -  kadugenna 15- Bengali- bhoottar maida English - Almonds I appreciate the effort you put into this .  Kannada –  French beans,avare Marathi – kabuli chane English – ginger fresh English - lemon Malayalam -  uvarcheera 51- Oriya - khajura Marathi – gavache satva Hindi – Sabat urad  Kannada – hasi menasinakai Oriya - lettuce Assamese – Tulosi Paat Tamil – kadugu ennai I think the other user is confused because the flowers of the two plants have a slight similarity in appearance. Bengali- sarsay Ajwain are carom seeds or caraway. Tamil – elumicham pazham Parsley is an excellent herb for body pain, stomach,gas/acidity. Gujarati - methi 8- English – Cardamoms brown Oriya - dahi Oriya – makka atta Thanks once again and hope you add more to this list... Read Complete Indian Legal History from year 1600 to 1935, Names of 56 Ingredients in English with Hindi , Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati,Tamil,Telugu, Kannada. Marathi -  mohari 45- Bengali- lal masoor bhanga Telugu - venna Telugu - menthulu Oriya – buta kabuli big Bengali- aamchoor Marathi – Tulsichi Paney Telugu - nimma Assamese - gajor Tamil -  cauliflower, kovippu Oriya – dhania patra 3- you could probably use Cilantro in its place. English - Carrots  Kannada – ashi shunti Telugu – endu nalla, dhraksha Hindi - pudina Hindi – ajmooda ka patta For example Sister and Brother but both belong to One family. The fact is that there is no name for Parsley … English – Black gram spilit Oriya - pijuli  Kannada – yalakki मेंहदी. Assamese - Hindi – salad ke patte  Kannada – mavinakai pudi Telugu - jaikkaya Bengali- bhanga gom Hindi - zaiphal Can we use coriander in place of parsley? Malayalam - cherunaranga Marathi -  kadhi patta English - dates Assamese - jaaiphal Hindi - bhindi Telugu – pachchi mirapakayalu Malayalam - If you are asking about a vegetable that is long,thin and is white at one end with thin green leaves: then its is called mandana (मंदना) in hindi. Parsley leaf is popular in the western part of Africa, fondly and Locally known as “Ewedu” in the Yoruba language. Gujarati - jayfal Oriya – ada kancha or raw Marathi – moog dal Hindi Translation of “parsley” | The official Collins English-Hindi Dictionary online. Telugu – cabbage, kosu Tamil - vendaikai Hindi – arhar dal Parsley is an excellent herb for body pain, stomach,gas/acidity. Gujarati - Petha nlders in the house start sending the info in. Assamese – dhania paat Tamil - jaadhikai Marathi - dalchini Reality views by sm – Malayalam -  coliflower Malayalam – cheru payaru paruppu Malayalam - vendakka Tamil – Kadalai Paruppu 25- Marathi – bhopli Mirchi 2- wow this list was great if i were to study your language this can be something to look at, I wish this list was existent before 3 years, when I was attempting to learn cooking. Marathi – chana dal Oriya - gujuratie Oriya - lembu Parsley is NOT ajwain seeds. Bengali- doi  Kannada – bellulli Hindi – hari mirch Oriya – kala kismis seedless dry grapes Parsley Meaning in Urdu is اجوائن خراسانی - Ajwain Khrasani Urdu Meaning. Gujarati - bhinda Conclusion. Oriya - amchur Hindi - pharasbeen Gujarati - tuj Oriya - Badaam Oriya – barakoli jateeya phala Can spoiled food contaminate non spoiled food? Tamil -  karumdhraakshi 13- 28- Gujarati – safed vatana Tamil - ulundhu Malayalam - Bengali- gujar English – mustard oil Assamese - moida Bengali- sarsav tel Hindi – shahjeera or kalajeera Tamil - Perungaayam Bengali- rasoon Tamil - beans Assamese - Hing Assamese - Makhan Assamese – Kashmiri jalakia Oriya -  sorisha English - Butter Bengali-  narcole Bengali- poodina pata Marathi -  mohariche tel Gujarati - jamrukh Assamese – ada kesa Gujarati - lasan Parsley nearby words. English – green gram spilit Marathi - aamchur  Kannada – nuggekai Gujarati -rai Latest news, analysis, comment, in-depth coverage of Politics, Science, Entertainment, Names of 56 Ingredients  in English with Hindi , Bengali, Assamese ,Oriya, Marathi, Gujarati,Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu, Kannada  Kannada – sasive enne Telugu – kothimeera jati koora Marathi – saladchi paane Bengali- Makhan It is ajamod in Sanskrit or Ayamadakam, also called ajwain in Hindi. Parsley in Punjabi. Tamil – Sombu,Perumjeerakam English - cloves Hindi - nariyal Parsley is not safe for cats, i.e., it is toxic and harmful to these pets. Hindi - lassan Telugu – dalchina chekka English – mango powder In colloquial bengali it is called "Ghora" however informal and polished dialect it is called "Ashwa". They resemble the coriander leaves But taste a bit, Yes ! Punjabi meaning of word Parsley. Gujarati - Ringna Choose bright green leaves that show no sign of wilting. English - Chickpeas Parsley, (Petroselinum crispum), hardy biennial herb of the family Apiaceae, or Umbelliferae, native to Mediterranean lands.Parsley leaves were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a flavouring and garnish for foods. 35- Telugu – Mina pappu Malayalam - karunjeerakam Assamese – kesa jalakia Marathi - limbu Malayalam -  uluva Marathi -  manuka Marathi – shevgyachya shenga What Is Parsley Leave Called In Nigeria Local Dialects? Gujarati - jeeru English – Bay Leaf Marathi - Wangi No problem, I will use it again while I attempt to learn cooking again!! 56- Telugu – missu pappu Marathi - naral  Kannada – sasive kalu Parsley meaning in Punjabi. Assamese – Matir Dail Phola Gujarati - gol Bengali- Mashkolai Dal Tamil - koyyaapazham Tamil -  maangaa podi Assamese – sugandhi lota Bengali- dhanroce 3.  Kannada –  kharjoora Telugu - Sopuginja Parsley is a cool weather crop, growing best in a rich moist soil, amenable to deep cultivation. Assamese – markhowa urahi 47- Malayalam -  gothumbu ari 5- 43- Telugu - bellam Tamil - vellam What do you think of the answers? If you want this species which is almost close to ‘French Parsley’ then it's called ‘Dhone Pata’ in Bengali. Malayalam -  pachamulagu  Kannada – Tulasi Ele

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