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One day when I was really depressed, I remember saying to myself, “It’s OK, Karyn, one day you’re going to meet Harry Nilsson.” Then I was doing Reservoir Dogs and Quentin didn’t have an end title song. Midnight Cowboy’s soundtrack melds original material and pre-existing songs with seamless grace. Log in or link your magazine subscription. But the gold-selling soundtrack’s lively revival of mid-20th century Latin jazz (with an emphasis on Puerto Rican and Cuban styles) is an outstanding intro to the genre, and caught the ears of a wider audience a few years before the Buena Vista Social Club became an international sensation. The movie’s almost unnecessary. While you’re reading, listen to our Movie Soundtracks playlist here. The clichéd crime drama Belly is marginally fascinating today, if only for the way that writer-director Hype Williams tries and mostly fails to translate his flashy music-video style to the big screen. and setting the standard for all demonic possession movies to follow. It became one of the 15 highest-selling soundtracks of all time, going seven times platinum, and includes a laundry list of moody ’90s hits. Stay tuned for the best original scores list later in the week. Thirty-two million copies. Music supervisor Sarah Bridge walks us through the season four music cues that define the princess’ rise into the Royal Family. Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann loves the big emotions and unapologetic artifice of old Hollywood movies and Top 40 music; so throughout his career he’s been unafraid to score scenes with catchy tunes, even when they may seem on paper like a mismatch. Martin Scorsese may be the filmmaker from the ’70s “New Hollywood” heyday most closely identified with wedding dynamic images with gritty rock and soul. This ludicrously twisty, overheated crime picture would be pretty justly forgotten were it not for its one-of-a-kind soundtrack: an experiment in creating a new musical genre. Who would’ve expected that a message from the genre’s future could be transmitted via some clumsy B movie? The song swells magnificently, creating dirtbag art at its finest. With Belita, Barry Sullivan, Bonita Granville, Albert Dekker. Last week, we looked at the Best Foreign Language Films since the year 2000, part of an ongoing series examining the 21st century in cinema so far. Before we jump in here (feel free to skip to the next page if you’re an Atmos pro), there are a few things you should know. If I liked the artwork, if somebody told me about the band, if it was from a different country, I would always pick up whatever cassette was on the shelf. With the Oscars coming up this Sunday, Pitchfork is celebrating with our first Music & Movies week. –Matthew Schnipper, Listen: Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill, “I Love You Mary Jane”. All rights reserved. By the time Quentin Tarantino made his fourth and fifth films, fans pretty much knew what to expect from his soundtracks: a couple of half-forgotten pop hits, some classic R&B, a few obscure garage-rockers, and snippets of dialogue. A lot of that had to do with songs like Patrick Swayze’s “She’s Like the Wind,” Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes,” and Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’s Oscar-winning “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” all of which sacrifice ’60s authenticity for contemporary snap. Did I enjoy it in the moment? It was a smash hit both commercially and critically, becoming the first horror movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award (It lost to The Sting.) His theme song won an Oscar, and his album — the first double LP from a soul act — won multiple Grammys. The team’s boldest work mostly eschews pop music (aside from a few dreamy oldies) in favor of passages from avant-garde classical composers. Wakanda is a zany idea, and in Kendrick and co.’s hands, it almost feels real. Even in a era when no one really buys albums anymore, fans of Marvel’s cheeky cosmic adventure pushed its soundtrack to the top of the charts. A mix of kitschy novelty numbers (like Walter Murphy’s “A Fifth of Beethoven”), ’70s pop classics (The Trammps’ “Disco Inferno”), and some of the Bee Gees’ best dance numbers, Saturday Night Fever spread the disco craze across the country and the world, popularizing the music to such a degree that in the years that followed musicians who wanted to sell records were all but required to give their songs a thumping beat. There are a few exceptions. Anchored by some of the titans of the early West Coast hard-core scene (Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, Circle Jerks, Fear), this soundtrack is at once a primer on one of the major punk scenes, and a collection of songs so tuneful and witty that it proves even severe-looking people with piercings and shaved heads can have a sense of humor. But The Shining, to an extent, is about haunted spaces, so Kubrick uses period pieces—most famously, Ray Noble and his Orchestra’s drifting ballroom ballad “Midnight, the Stars, and You”—to pull ghosts into an unraveling present. Suspense Movies — The 200 Ultimate Movie Soundtrack Themes, Category: Artist, Top Tracks: Apollo 13 (Main Movie Theme), Jaws (Main Movie Theme), Alfred Hitchock Presents (Main Movie Theme), Monthly Listeners: 49, Where People Listen: Hamburg, … Search for similar music: Synthesizer , techno , electronica , fear , dark , horror , sci-fi , action , suspense © 2018 Condé Nast. The invincible Whitney Houston sounds supremely comfortable paired with Babyface’s soothing drums on “Exhale,” Chaka Khan’s smoky rendition of “My Funny Valentine” shines over the woozy R&B snap-filled melody, and Brandy’s funky “Sittin’ Up in My Room” serves as a youthful dance anthem. The songs blasting out of their car stereos suggest otherwise. One of them was religious and didn’t like the idea of using their song to a scene where somebody’s ear gets cut off. The opening song is a tightly harmonized adaptation of Scottish poet Robert Burns’ “The Highland Widow’s Lament,” nearly abrasive in its mournful mountain-air beauty. It’s hard to go wrong with just about any soundtrack from just about any Spike Lee joint: the go-go heavy School Daze, the Public Enemy–anchored Do the Right Thing, Stevie Wonder’s Jungle Fever, Prince’s Girl 6, and so on.

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