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Just the same way this oil type is used in the fight against pigmentation, blemish, and acnes. KC1, KC2, KC3 and KC4. Mostly, women used it in the benefit of their beauty as this product is a great source of vitamins and other healthful components for one's skin and hair. In tropical regions, it grows as an evergreen shrub or tree that can reach 40 feet in height. The world consumption of castor oil is very high. I need to sell my harvested castor seed. That's why we're focusing on castor," Yeatman, a qualified professional hunter and guide, said. Kolade Saheed Olawale, a castor farmer, based in Offa, Kwara State said that with the needed political will, government can reduce unemployment by 50 percent if adequate support is provided towards castor farming. Ground seed cakes are used as fertilizers (castor oil pomace) Varieties . Castor seed farming in Nigeria is a profitable money-making agribusiness investment that few Nigerian farmers know about. Good day, Nigeria imports over N30 billion worth of castor oil every year despite having arable and fertile land, and climatic conditions suitable for its farming. RE: How Can I Start Exportation Business? How To Start Castor Bean Farming In Nigeria And Make Millions - ENI BEST. rnwe are into farming, sales of farm produce such as soya bean, castor seeds, cashew nuts, cocoa moringa seeds, sesame seeds palm kernel . 132 Followers Follow. How To Start Soft Drink Business In Nigeria. and castor seed oil processing in Nigeria and West Africa. Castor bean is used to produced organic products and bio diesel among other products. TDB: Can you gives us an idea of the margins involved in the castor oil-trade – from the farm to export markets? 1.8K likes. It is very sensitive to high humidity. Nigeria as a nation spends over $90 million dollars on the importation of castor oil yearly, showing a weak production power for the crop. Castor Seeds are valued mainly for their oil, which is used in pharmaceutical products. See Also: How To Start A Lucrative Castor Farming Business in Nigeria: The Complete Guide . The world consumption of castor oil is very high. lIV FARM NIGERIA Castor farm and castor oil press NF 500 oil press. The castor farming business in Nigeria can be a lucrative and profitable venture to start-up, due to its vast market demand and on your own ability to build a wide supply chain network. 2,358 Fans Like. Altitude: 0-1800m above sea level. Farmsenseng is your plug for high-yielding castor seeds. Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. Tags: Nigeria Agriculture Buyers Nigeria Castor Buyers. Castor is propagated by seeds. Country: Nigeria Over 30bn worth of Castor oil is imported from India alone to Nigeria every year, while Nigerians watch as foreigners come into the country to collect our money in raw cash. As reported by the FAO, agriculture remains the foundation of the Nigerian economy, despite the presence of oil in the country. Contact Buyer. The African Castor Acres Foundation promotes the specific knowledge of castor seed farming and castor seed oil processing in Nigeria and West Africa. All that is required is slashing. This training will uncover secret of castor farming from cultivation of castor through to the marketing. Akwa-Ibom State is doing very well. My contact kept on posting me when harvest was done. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business. There is no enough awareness campaign for farmers to know the value of castor seed farming. Your contact wasn’t reliable and you should do more diligence in your marketing. Our value proposition is to drive youth empowerment through agricultural development and technology. As reported by the FAO, agriculture remains the foundation of the Nigerian economy, despite the presence of oil in the country. agriculture. Oil Castor Zimbabwe is calling for farmers to join their castor bean farming project with farmers being paid for correctly produced castor seeds on seven-year contracts. We are at the verge of creating Marketplace for castor seeds in Nigeria and Africa at large, building and connecting all castor value chain actor and commercialisation of castor oil and Bean and other Agro-commodities. Mr Lawal Ali, the National President, Castor Growers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria, says cultivation and processing of castor is a money-spinner for Nigeria but many people are yet to explore its potential. Not Now. This profile envisages the establishment of a plant for the production of castor oil with a capacity of 1,000 tonnes per annum. Castor Farming Investment Potential. 15. Even if you join leading online marketplaces, you still have to ship to them to ship to the customer. The Complete Business Summary of Setting up a Castor Farm & Plant. Tilt the soil to make it aerable for air and water to penetrate the soil. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Paraclate Farms. If you have steady rain during rainfall then there won’t be need for irrigation but where there is shortage of rain or during dry season then you have to irrigate. Potentials castor farmers are advised to seek expert advice before venturing. Body cream is a very important material not just for fashion but for the health of the skin. business Eno Johnson-September 18, 2020. Today,more than 30 states in Nigeria know what is castor seed. The country of India is the leading producer of castor seeds worldwide. The national President of Castor Growers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria (CASGPMAN), Lawan Ali, has revealed that castor farming in the country can reduce unemployment drastically in the nearest future. Our hybrid seeds is guaranteed to deliver maximum yield and oil content. Castor Farm Nigeria. Agriculture & Food Jobs Babies & Kids Seeking Work - CVs Services Repair & Construction People have been acquainted with healthy features of castor oil since archaic times. 0. 08166631359. Our value proposition is to drive youth empowerment through agricultural development and technology. 1,965 people follow this. Nigeria is still importing about #26 billion worth of castor oil … Wholesale Nigeria castor seed price ☆ Find 1 Nigeria castor seed price products from 1 Nigeria manufacturers & suppliers at EC21 ☆ Choose quality castor seed price Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in Nigeria Now - EC21

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