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Great functionality like automated responses and the great customizable features. Each permission system has a role of administrator who assigns all other roles and permissions. The main advantage is seamless integration between the components allowing you to insert knowledge base into your live chat or help desk in an easy, organic way. Get insights into your competition. On the other hand, the content they create may be difficult to use in other formats, if needed. Some KB building tools such as HelpCrunch have SEO settings as one of the configuration options, so use them. However, the main thing is not only to gather the metrics but to use their results to improve and optimize the knowledge base performance. Advanced. They will determine the actions users can perform with the KB content. Set up in minutes. A perfect knowledge base should be searchable not only from the “inside” but also from the “outside”. You might want to categorize your KB content by user roles if your product supports them. View all articles (13) Reports. Start with defining the categories and sections. Perfect place to start your business. With over 200 fitness classes, personal training, and diet coaching, Crunch has all you need to reach your fitness goals. Knowledge Base. Your email address will not be published. Crunchbase Knowledge Center Get to Know Crunchbase. A good practice is to add screenshots or videos when explaining a sequence of actions required to achieve the user’s goal. There is, however, one rule that fits all – think like your customer. Ideally, an article should represent a single use case explaining how to achieve a particular goal. Such knowledge helps to identify articles that need revision as ineffective. View all articles (19) DeFi Investing 101. We've built a beautiful WYSIWYG editor to make it as simple as possible to edit your newly created articles. Putting together a user-friendly and informative knowledge base is a serious task, but the result is definitely worth the effort. This way, the knowledge base will be protected from unauthorized edits and will always be a consistent and reliable resource. It's great for meeting notes, product requirements, docs, … If you have implemented integration between your knowledge base and the help desk tool or live chat, start showing links to the knowledge base in the chat or support tickets. The more intuitive and user-friendly it is, the better value your customers can get. Since switching to Helpcrunch, we've noticed a much higher conversion rate and happier customers. Start with drafts, add images, videos, tables, and publish new articles for your customers to see. Best Gym Membership - Top-Rated Fitness Centers & Health Clubs | Crunch Fitness View all articles (16) Troubleshooting. I had it up and running on our site within 2 minutes. Include knowledge base revision into the scope of each release, so that a new product version comes accompanied by an updated knowledge base. Subscribe to the Crunchbase Daily. Easily optimize your help content for search engines and social media to help it rank high and shine bright, so that customers can find you and your content faster. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. With Crunch Themes, you will get everything you need. Required fields are marked *. Enter your custom domain in HelpCrunch Knowledge Base. On the other end, there are tools where you compile your content in HTML or Markdown and the final document appears only after certain processing (and make sure you got all your tags right!). Summary Technology Signals & News. Atlassian, the famous producer of such project management tools as Jira and Confluence, offers reports showing how many requests were resolved with and without a particular article. View all articles (2) Other Categories. Post a banner on your website containing the link to the knowledge base, If relevant, include the links to the knowledge base in your product. Your customers will see your article exactly as you see it in the editing mode: It’s time to make your knowledge base available to you customers and promote its use. Trust me, a properly organized knowledge base can sometimes resolve up to 90% of your customer issues, and with no human interaction, too. Ever heard of unlimited contacts on all plans? View all articles (9) Visitor Tracking. I like HelpCrunch because it is just doing its work - and thanks to it the Chat Service topic is closed for us after a very short time and effort. How to create a knowledge base from scratch, Building and managing your knowledge base, Track and optimize article performance with reports. What Not to Do. Usually, KB owners have the admin or super-admin role giving them permission to assign other roles to users and supervise the permission system. It’s also highly recommended that you back-up or use data recovery software for your knowledge base before upgrading to a different version, or you just may lose your data in case something goes wrong. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Uncover startup trends, get company funding data. Join Crunch for all your fitness needs! Build a helpful online knowledge base with HelpCrunch offering 24/7 self-service support to your customers while unloading your team. Make your content as complete and explicit as possible. Written by Ana. Building a knowledge base is a complex task. You may want to back up your knowledge base from time to time or regularly to prevent loss of data. Below is a very loose list of the knowledge base owner’s responsibilities: You can, of course, build your knowledge base using a common content management tool, such as WordPress. Crunchbase gives market researchers flexible access to Crunchbase’s complete company data. From the reports, you can get multiple insights: Depending on the knowledge base software you are using and the features it offers, you can also track lots of other metrics – how many times an article was shared, how many times it was commented by users, which articles were the most/least popular over a certain period of time. Also, there is a mobile app and we can always be online for our customers. The knowledge base should follow the general style guidelines, too. OK, let’s start ab ovo – you have no knowledge base whatsoever. One email per month. Most knowledge base building tools offer customization as one of the features. You create a knowledge base portal, install live chat on it and on your entire website to provide timely real-time support, add a bunch of lead attractions like automated chat invitations or popups and, basically, never let a visitor leave unsatisfied Set up the categories that will be the top level units of your knowledge base and represent the logical subdivision of the entire KB content. Moreover, since customers do tend to prefer self-service over contacting a person, the level of satisfaction may also increase. If any product component is added or removed, the knowledge base should reflect the change, too. You guys focus on the right things. Once you are done with the categories, add sections. Specify custom domain for your knowledge base with the help of CNAME. It's so customizable and looks really nice on our website. This software is truly amazing and the benefit you get from the cost alone is amazing we left intercom for this software. Save. Invest some time in analysing the reports for each article and on the performance of your knowledge base in general. Customers can now easily find answers without ever closing your HelpCrunch live chat widget. Still, suggest the relevant knowledge base content even when the customer decided to file a ticket with your support. Place a live chat widget on your knowledge base pages to provide all-around user support. Create real-time collaborative documents and connect them instantly like a wiki. It is a good practice to have all company resources maintaining a uniform company style. 600 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA. Knowledge base management is no trivial task. While we recommend that you stick to the category-section-article structure, it is totally up to you to organize content within each of these structural levels. One of the greatest things about a good knowledge base is that it places you in a very proactive position. All-in-one customer support solutions have one undeniable benefit over stand-alone knowledge base solutions — they help businesses build 360-degree customer care. Choose the system that works best for you. Step by step guides to help you go omni-channel and convert customers through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business chat, Google Ads, and more. 3. Learn how to sign up for a Crunchbase account here. Create a custom CNAME record. The reason is quite simple – when the customer turns to support but manages to resolve their issue on their own, they no longer need to create a ticket. You do not wait for the customer to call you, write an email, or raise a support ticket. Your knowledge base must have a search feature, otherwise it is as good as useless. No credit card required. If you're looking for inspiration to shape an insightful help center, you're going to draw it from here. With a knowledge base, you provide an answer even before the customer has asked the question. Choose from these 16 options to provide a seamless omnichannel experience and improve key business metrics. Integrations. Crunchbase is a platform for finding business information about private and public companies. Here's how to edit your categories and sections. Now, let’s fill it with quality content and make it available to your customers. Top Categories. We’ve switched to HelpCrunch as it ticks all the boxes and helps us cut costs. In other words, your KB articles should be available to users browsing the internet for information on their issues that your product may help to resolve. Configure SSL for better security. Search Crunchbase. Special tools, such as Madcap Flare or Adobe RoboHelp have a rather steep learning curve but produce highly reusable content that can be posted on other resources or used to build other documentation. If you use HelpCrunch for building your knowledge base, writing an article is as easy as it could possibly get. You do an awesome job, when it comes to the chat, everything is a 10/10 as well. Such structure is the most universal and can fit the requirements of any business. Ever heard of unlimited contacts on all plans? Free 14-day trial. Written by Ana. So far this experience has been amazing and better than the other ones. This data is then processed and returned in a report. Quick support is a must in today's modern age. This is where you can change your knowledge base's name and header text (the one that will appear on your knowledge base main page). Use an effective search engine (or a knowledge base building tool that has it on board). Learn how to handle it in 12 simple yet actionable steps. We recommend to begin with building up a well-structured hierarchy of all your content to help customers find answers to their questions faster. What We Do. HelpCrunch is a customer communication platform combining live chat software, email marketing, help desk, knowledge base, and more tools. Rather easily, by offering the customer to look up the solution in the KB before raising a ticket. If your tool offers such an option, don’t forget to configure the SEO settings for the best discoverability. Knowledge Base . With your sections in place, you can start filling your knowledge base with actual content in the form of articles. Crunch is a No Judgment Gym that believes in making serious exercise fun by fusing fitness and entertainment. Crunchbase information includes investments and funding information, founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news, and industry trends. Coming soon. We recommend that you consider the tools that belong to the category of all-in-one solutions. They are usually subject-matter experts on the matters of the company knowledge. Use the customization options to design the KB similar to the rest of your website. Nuclino is the easiest way to organize and share knowledge in teams. Looking for a modern customer service solution? Sections group your knowledge base content into logical chunks within a category. Check out our Knowledge Base Top Categories. Open your category and press the 'Add new' button and select the 'Article' option from the drop-down list to add a new article. Crunchbase information includes investments and funding information, founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news, and industry trends. The more actively customers use it, the more effective your customer self-service will be. View all articles (18) Sellcrowd Knowledge Base. Artificial intelligence startup Abacus.AI has raised $22 million in a Series B round led by Coatue, the company announced Wednesday.. Let’s see how you can build a knowledge base that is intuitive, searchable, helpful, customer-friendly – in other words, a knowledge base that works. Need more than just a live chat software? If you want to know more about building a knowledge base, check the HelpCrunch knowledge base feature. View exactly how your articles will look like for your customers prior to publishing them. Most KB editing tools allow adding various types of content, from multimedia to code samples in different languages. This is a quota‐carrying sales position. The most optimal knowledge base structure is category-section-article with category being the most general level and article – the most detailed. Knowledge Base Documentation. Updated 1 week ago . Amazingly fast and good support team & the overall live chat design. Check, for example, HelpCrunch offering all customer support and knowledge base management functions as a complete toolset. No strings attached. View all articles (6) Automations. For example, if you are changing the authentication method, make sure you update the corresponding KB article. Both options – and all flavors in-between – have their pros and cons. Have any questions regarding our Knowledge Base? I spent less than 10 minutes to integrate and customize it. The articles that got the most positive reactions, The articles that got the most negative reactions, The queries that customers typed in to search for information in the knowledge base, and didn’t find any relevant articles, The keywords that led to your KB content through search on the global search engines, Revise the articles that received too many negative ratings, Add new articles based on the keywords your customers use, Remove or rewrite articles that are hardly ever viewed, Adjust the SEO settings for better indexing. I really like HelpCrunch! Simple answers to some common customer service questions. Crunchbase is the leading destination for company insights from early-stage startups to the Fortune 1000. What you’ll do. Edit/delete knowledge base categories and sections . Join Crunch for all your fitness needs! By making your KB indexable by search engines you can even get new customers. Now it is just a matter of our support team to satisfy our customers and they got the best tool to do it. Knowledge base design is as important as its content. The knowledge base should have an owner who is in charge of its management and maintenance. 1. Thanks! If you want to know how well your knowledge base is doing (and you do want to know that, don’t you? For example, you can place user content and administrator content into separate categories, like Slack did: Alternatively, you can go the Skype way and categorize your content by functions: The choice is yours, the main thing is to make the structure intuitive and clear for the user. Customize the appearance with your brand colors, logo, header images, links, domain, custom CSS, JavaScript, and more. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Depending on the complexity of your knowledge base, you can choose different search functions: No matter which set of functions you use, your search must perform its primary purpose – to help the customer find information they need. The answer to this question is closely related to the set of skills you expect from people maintaining the KB in your company. Go to the Knowledge Base settings and specify your custom domain. Welcome to our Help Center Top Categories. An optimal practice is to provide links to your knowledge base right from the Support or Contact Us page. Provide a helpful online knowledge base for 24/7 customer self-service. Crunchbase is a platform for finding business information about private and public companies. For example, under the “Getting started” category, your user will expect such sections as “Pricing plans” or “Install the app”. Knowledgebase is an IT security and communication solutions company. About. How can you achieve it? Orginize your knowledge base with categories and sections. Customer and product. Go to Knowledge Base → Settings → 'General Settings' tab and fill your custom domain in the corresponding field there: Create a custom CNAME record Let’s plan your knowledge base! This way, the customer opening a new chat will be offered a choice of KB articles related to their inquiry. Products. Welcome to our Knowledge Base. The AE will represent Crunch and manage all aspects of the sales process including: lead management, qualification, evaluation, close and account care and will play an integral role in the success of the overall sales team. Pricing. General settings also contain the field for specifying a custom domain for your knowledge base. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our site. Customer support is a 10/10. View all articles (7) Sequences. KnowledgeBase. View all articles (3) Other Categories. Crunchbase Enterprise. We provide our customers with server key customization and content management options as well. Looking for a modern customer service solution? Talk to your visitors and customers in real time, Set up automated messages to engage users, Send targeted email campaigns to customers, Handle customer requests from multiple channels, Create help articles for customer self-service, Create stylish popups that bring more leads, Reply to users on the go & provide in-app support, Integrate HelpCrunch with your favorite tools, Qualify leads and deliver instant answers 24/7, User auth, custom data & widget controlling, Programmatic actions with customers, chats and more, Real-time updates from your HelpCrunch account. Customers get instant answers in help articles, you receive fewer support requests. For example, you can have such categories as “Getting started”, “My account”, “Troubleshooting”. Connect to CRM . Again, such an integration will reduce the number of support tickets and, consequently, the load on your service agents. Got a Question? It will show which articles received positive customer ratings and which – negative, how many times the articles were viewed, whether they helped to resolve customer requests, etc. A knowledge base is a centralized self-service collection where the information about a product, service, specific topics, or the company as a whole is stored, organized, and shared. I love the quality of the product. Of course, your knowledge base should make the first impression urging users to know more about your product. There is more than one way to do it: Use all possible ways to promote your knowledge base. Need more than just a live chat software? View our memberships here. Providing effective mobile app support is crucial for retaining users and nurturing their loyalty. The knowledge base benefits are multiple – they relieve your service agents, provide answers to the most frequently asked questions, cater to the introverts among us. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our site. 2. In addition to the administration functions, KB owners perform a lot of other actions related to knowledge base management. Other levels may have, for example, editing rights but no deleting rights, still others – read-only rights, and so on. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Depending on the knowledge base software you are using and the features it offers, you can also track lots of other metrics – how many times an article was shared, how many times it was commented by users, which articles were the most/least popular over a certain period of time. Your default domain at the beginning is, but you can change it any time your want. The installation and setup of the software is impressively fast and very easy to understand. Not registered? Salesperson. OK, we’ve got your knowledge base planned and designed. Your email address will not be published. Collecting failed search queries and customer reactions to your articles helps you optimize your knowledge repository and turn reactions into more customers. Organization. Use the reporting feature of your knowledge base software to the maximum. Crunchbase Pro. Customize your knowledge base with custom images, add CTA buttons to articles, and more. I first found the HelpCrunch site when searching for alternatives to Intercom. And a fantastic pricing compared to alternatives like Intercom, so no more Intercom for me! Crunchbase is the leading platform for professionals to discover innovative companies, connect with the people behind them, and pursue new opportunities.Over 55 million professionals—including entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers, and salespeople—trust Crunchbase to inform their business decisions. For that purpose, adjust the SEO settings of your KB to make it visible in browsers. Isn’t that a miracle? This way, you are giving your customer the option to search the KB before contacting the support. All the themes provided by us are unique, clean and easy to use. Place custom and social media links in the header and footer of your knowledge base. Categories should lead the user to the content they are searching and clearly indicate what’s inside. Write a new knowledge base article It's time to do some writing. Getting Started. Optimize your content for search engines: specify metadata, H1-H3, URL, and auto-generate sitemap. The WYSIWYG editing tools require almost no special knowledge and are very easy to use. Create content in multiple languages for different audiences and automatically present your knowledge base and all articles in the language of your customers. All the latests posts. Log In. Qualify leads and deliver instant answers 24/7, Talk to your visitors and customers in real time, Set up automated messages to engage users, Send targeted email campaigns to customers, Handle customer requests from multiple channels, Create help articles for customer self-service, Create stylish popups 
that bring more leads, Reply to users on the go 
& provide in-app support, Integrate HelpCrunch 
with your favorite tools, User auth, custom data & widget controlling, Programmatic actions with customers, chats and more, Real-time updates from your HelpCrunch account. Some knowledge base tools allow adding SEO parameters to your knowledge base categories to make them indexable. When they first navigate to your KB page, they should see immediately what they need to click next to get an answer to their question. Bienvenue dans notre centre d'aide Catégories principales. As any service accessible by different users, your knowledge base needs a system of roles and permissions. Find new prospects, beat competitors and quotas. However, when done right, the time and resource investment is going to pay back in spades – by an increase of customer satisfaction, an improvement of your support department effectiveness, better customer reviews, a higher number of referrals. Learn how your comment data is processed. You may want to back up your knowledge base from time to time or regularly to prevent loss of data. Spend some time defining what you want to have in your knowledge base and how you want it to function. BTW, you can integrate HelpCrunch with your favorite tools. For the miracle to happen, however, you need to do some hard work. 16 Excellent Customer Service Apps to Supercharge Your Support, 12 Inspirational Knowledge Base Examples Worth Following, 12 Steps to Provide Five-Star Mobile App Support, Full-text search allowing to search for strings, Autosuggestion completing the search strings as you type, Advanced search where you can select the category or section to search in, define your search string as a complete word only, search by date or relevance, Basic knowledge base configuration and settings, Management of the knowledge base content structure, Decision-making on publishing, removal or revision of certain articles, Revision and approval of the knowledge base content. Of course, if the issue is too specific or requires manual handling by an agent, the customer should have an option to connect to a service rep or create a ticket. Measure your success in HelpCrunch. If you have a practice of issuing release notes for your product, mention knowledge base there, too. In turn, your support team can also search for and send relevant articles to customers via chat. With Crunchbase, any registered user can add or edit a profile page. Facebook Integration Step into your customer’s shoes and try to imagine how they would want your KB to be organized. Enable users and your team to quickly find the content they look for with powerful search that automatically suggests relevant articles based on the typed in keywords. Payments & Billing It helps us to onboard, support and retain our users better. Updated 1 week ago . View all articles (7) JavaScript API. ), include the reporting feature. KnowledgeBase is an interactive platform designed to simplify the transfer of knowledge to busy professionals. View all articles (16) Company. Here’s what you can do to make your KB more effective: As your product develops, the knowledge base should develop, too. Knowledge from Crunch An award-winning selection of great tools , business guides and articles to help make your business a success Knowledge home Tax IR35 Becoming self-employed Limited company Expenses Get paid Running a business Contracts Employment law Productivity Personal finance News & … Zapper FAQs. This way, you are getting customer support functionality, content management, analytics, and even some project management features in a single package. Lovely to see. We used Intercom system for several months and it did the job well but was overpriced for a company like ours. Try Pro free Solutions. If you are working on the “Getting started” category and the “Install the app” section, you might consider adding such articles as “Install on Windows”, “Install on Mac”, etc. Try the Demo. Developer content might require code samples. Check out the compilation of 12 excellent knowledge base examples and build the most powerful resource hub. Unlike many other hosting providers, DreamHost does not provide cPanel.Within Geek Crunch Hosting... Tag Cloud .htaccess cPanel DreamHost E-Mail Transfers redirects regex Excellent support is unthinkable without the right customer service apps. Don't forget to specify the language of your knowledge base. To create a Crunchbase profile: 1. 600 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA. Innovative teams and leaders in market research rely on Crunchbase’s live company data to build powerful internal databases and research insights in respective industries. View all articles (2) Integrations. If you integrate the knowledge base with the help desk software (and some tools, like HelpCrunch, include both and allow setting up integrations between the KB and the customer support environment), you might notice some reduction in support tickets. Resources. As any project – and building a knowledge base is definitely a project – it requires planning and designing. Look how Jira does it, for example – it offers KB articles right from the ticket page: If you implemented live chat as one of the channels, it is a good idea to integrate it with your knowledge base, too. On one end of the range you have WYSIWYG editors where you just type and format your text as you want it to appear, insert images and videos and immediately see the result. Try it for your product, and the effect won’t be long in coming. Of course, for the reports to work, make sure you add the review or feedback feature to your KB for the customers to be able to rate the article and state whether it helped them or not. Resources. However, there are dedicated knowledge base software tools that are focused specifically on the KB content requirements. 17 Services. View all articles (3) Customer support FAQ. Inscription Many businesses use this approach, for example, Shopify: Set up your support form to include a description of the issue that would search for the relevant articles in the knowledge base and offer the links to the customer. Creating and editing help articles is now easier than ever with a simple yet powerful visual editor. Think of how you want to create, edit and, most importantly, maintain your knowledge base content. Originally built to track startups, the Crunchbase website contains information on public and private companies on a …

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