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CTS – 20CP; CTS – 204P; M390; Above-Average Premium Steels. Never tried a Microtech (no auto’s in Canada) or Fantoni. CTS-204P(Carpenter) - Carpenter's equivalent of Bohler-Uddeholm M390 steel and Latrobe Duratech 20CV steel.Slightly more Tungsten(W) 0.65% instead of 0.60% in other two. CPM 20CV is a martensitic steel, which refers to its hard crystalline structure with lens-shaped or lenticular grains. In a carbon-rich alloy like CPM 20CV, the process of austenitization heats the steel until its crystalline structure changes to become austenite instead of ferrite. CTS-204P. Help & support for the Knife Steel Chart for iOS. The steel with the highest slicing edge retention has the maximum amount of vanadium carbide and it is heat treated to a high hardness. I can think of two plates of steel, the M390 from @Bohler and CTS-204P from @Carpanter, the three of the steels have a close chemical composition, and they offer the same properties (High edge retention, high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, toughness, and hardness), and they fall … San Mai steel is Japanese in origin and aims to achieve specific goals in its composition and construction process. The only other letter we use is a Z which refers to a razor blade design (CTS BDZ1). Carpenter CTS-204P is a powder metallurgy stainless steel. Mouse over element names to get quick help on its effects in the alloy.Mouse over multi alloy graph bars to see exact values. Along with CTS XHP, these include CTS 204P, CTS B70P, CTS B75P, CTS BD1, CTS BD30P, CTS 204P, CTS 20CP, and CTS 40CP. However, another manufacturer of tool steel is Carpenter, known for grades like XHP, B75P, and 204P. Condition: New. Steel Composition & Properties. Since it is such a high-quality material, many well-known knife makers… Read More » CTS 204p Steel For Knives Review – What Is It? The composition is almost identical to Bohler M390. Really the best steel IMO Any other combination comes from a tool steel hence CTS 204P, comes from a stainless tool steel Micro Melt 20-4. The composition is almost identical to Bohler M390. Data Sheets: 20CV Data Sheet CTS-204P … Pretty much every steel manufacturer makes it and it's quite popular with knifemakers, custom and factory alike. D2(AISI) - First appeared during WW II, semi-stainless tool steel. here. I've used both M390 and CTS-204P, and both perform very very well. Is one of these types of steel better than the other? Use the table below to select the rockwell hardness. Carpenter Technology CTS 204P (Powdered Stainless Steel) HF-Hot Finish and Annealed . I've used both M390 and CTS-204P, and both perform very very well. REC Spyderco Paramilitary 2 PM2 CTS-204P Rivers Edge Cutlery RECPM2 C81GPODFDE2. SBSM Knife Steel Properties Comparison . Bohler M390 = CTS-204p = CPM-20CV; They're all the same alloy, just from different companies. Lower austenitizing temperatures maximize impact toughness. Take, for instance, CPM 20CV and Carpenter CTS-204P. Composition-wise it's almost a stainless steel. About the Epoch’s CTS® 204P Steel. CPM-20CV is Crucible’s version of Bohler’s popular M390 steel which also influenced Carpenter to copycat with CTS-204P. Yes M390 is Hyped up people know the name or like the letters and numbers combo ???? For maximum edge retention, go CTS 204P. Generated 54886237 times. Very popular even today. ... See more M390 steel knives. Therefore among available knife steels we would expect a steel like 15V or Rex 121 to have the best slicing edge retention because of … The alloys listed are those that have been or are currently being used in cutlery manufacturing, or have the potential to be used. 20CV and M390 are shown in the table above for comparison purposes. 1.5" Wide Beginning with the inception of the CTS suite as a product line, Spyderco has used as many as nine of the CTS family of blade steel alloys in its products. Carpenter began producing CTS-204P, and all three versions have been steadily building in popularity with knives ever since. The Socom Elite Auto from Microtech sets the standard for tactical/utility cutlery. To the compare by cts 204p vs m390 now the described the cts 204p.The nearly four-inch blade is created of fine-grained CTS 204P, a challenging, use and deterioration proof metal ready for hard-duty. The various cutlery steels may be filtered by type: Stainless; Non-Stainless; Alternate Alloy (generally, alternatives to steel) Temper for 2 hours. ... As noted previously – hardness does not imply toughness. CTS™ 204P is a powder metallurgy, chromium/vanadium stainless steel. Help & support for the Knife Steel Chart for Android. Information Pages: PM2 in M390, CTS-204P and CV20 same manufacturer, same model. With significant amounts of Chromium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Tungsten, these steels are 100% ready for action. Not really. And if we take into account all the cutting tests we carried out we can also say that, in terms of performance, they are also similar. 20CV and M390 are shown in the table above for comparison purposes. We have several pages of information about materials and other subjects. CTS-204P is indistinguishable from it in use and 20CV in my use pulls ahead of both. Austenitize: Heat rapidly to 2050°-2150°F. Higher austenitizing temperatures maximize edge holding. Select steels from the Interactive Knife Steel Composition Chart. I am always glad when people are on the same page as me when it comes to edge geometry over steel composition! Steel Composition Chart. What Makes a Steel? Temper: Temper immediately after cryo or quench if cryo is not performed. Pretty cool stuff really. Known Aliases:Carpenter - Micro-Melt 20-4p, Interactive Knife Steel Composition Chart, M390 steel - Benchmade 810-1401 Contego knife review, M390 steel - Benchmade 805-1101 TSEK M390 LE knife review, M390 steel - Custom Knife Factory Tashi Bharucha Design Muscle knife review, M390 steel - Zero Tolerance ZT0562CF Hinderer Design 0562 M390 CF knife review. M390 (and its Brothers by other Mothers–20CV and CTS-204P) This steel has 95% of ZDP-189’s hardness, but with better corrosion resistance and toughness. A high degree of corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The components and production process are similar. Composition between the two is almost the same. Un des aciers inox les plus performants: sa composition lui permettant, en plus d'être vraiment inoxydable, de proposer une tenue de coupe exceptionelle avec une résilience acceptable pour ce type d'acier. No. As an extension to the post on the different types of steel used in the knife shop I have created a composition table of the reference steels that shows the most popular types of aciaio for the construction of knives and their composition of the various elements.. Cryogenic Treating: Cryo is recommended for austenitizing temperatures at or above 2100°F. You can click on the column to sort the data accordingly. Cool to -100 °F, removed from cryo and allow blade to warm to room temperature in cool air. As a Powder Metallurgy (PM) tool steel, you get a combination of impressive wear resistance and edge retention plus the added benefit of being highly corrosion resistant due to high levels of chromium. CTS 204p steel is one of the best materials used to make premium knives. Carpenter CTS™ 204P Alloy Page:1of5 Type Analysis Carbon 1.90 % Manganese 0.35 % Silicon 0.60 % Chromium 20.00 % Molybdenum 1.00 % Vanadium 4.00 % This is deep metal science. First, let’s take a look at the more common elements used to manufacture steel. CTS 204P and M390 are essentially the same (minor differences, I believe), but one batch could be heat treated differently from another which would account for the greatest difference between them. Carpenter CTS-204P and equivalent steel knives reviews. From my experience with CPM-20cv, it's not even close to as brittle as S90V, easier to sharpen, and hold an edge just about as long. CTS 204p Vs M390 CTS 204p. Soak for 30 minutes. If you would like information about placing an order click here. Blade Steel: CTS 204P Rockwell Hardness: 60-62 Locking Mechanism: Frame Lock Handle Material: Blue G-10 Liners: Titanium Fittings: Titanium & Stainless Steel Pocket Clip: R/H or L/H, Tip Up or Tip Down Country of Origin: Taiwan It is highly wear resistant so it will hold an edge for a long time. Ordering Information: How Good It Is? Its name, translated from the original Japanese, roughly comes to mean “three parts”, which is a very apt description for the makeup of these blades. As an deeper analysis of our Guide to the Best Knife Steel, we’ve compiled the reference table below showing the most popular types of knife steel and their composition of the various chemical elements and compositions.You can click on the column to sort the data according to its feature. Cloné par Crucible sous le nom CPM- 20CV et par Carpenter sous la dénomination CTS-204p … Carpenter® CTS® 204P alloy is a highly wear and corrosion resistant, air hardening martensitic cold-work stainless die steel produced using Carpenter’s Micro Melt® powder metallurgy (P/M) process. Bohler M390, CTS-204P, and CPM-20CV are all essentially the same steel and sport a near identical composition. The steel saw little use in knives until Latrobe steel copied M390 and sold it as 20CV, which then became popular with several production knife companies. As an extension of our Guide to the Best Knife Steel, we’ve compiled the reference table below showing the most popular types of knife steel and their composition of the various elements. As for the manufacturing process, Carpenter's gen 2 process should produce as fine powder as Bohler-Uddeholm's Gen 3 PM does. Either way it is harder to find in Spyderco's and more expensive but not justifiably so. When you make an alloy like CTS™-XHP most people think of melting iron in a huge caldron. As for controlled side-by-side testing, this test showed them to be pretty comparable as well. CTS-204P … There is an email response from a Carpenter employee on the Spyderco forum [5] that provides some information on their powder metallurgy process. Thickness 10-15% over nominal .150" Thick +.010/.015. If you like a well rounded steel, Elmax is your best bet. It is highly wear resistant so it will hold an edge for a long time. From here you should be able to crack the code on CTS 20CP and its origin Micro Melt 420-CW. This model features a stonewash CTS-204P stainless steel drop point blade and a green aluminum handle with grip inserts, pocket clip, lanyard hole, and glass breaker. Keyboard Shortcuts - click to see the list.Select steels from the Interactive Knife Steel Composition Chart. To see links to the informational pages click Simply press the push button, and you're good to go. BD1 is excellent budget steel, very similar in composition and performance to GIN-1, a Japanese steel used a decade ago by Spyderco. Copyright © 1999-2015 Alpha Knife Supply LLC™ - AKS™. Carpenter CTS-204P is a powder metallurgy stainless steel. Quickly plate or air quench to 125°-150°F. The grade is used in high end cutlery and applications requiring . Typical Chemical Composition It won’t chip, it won’t dull, and unlike ZDP-189, M390 takes an amazing, gleaming high polish and holds it. A hard blade designed for edge retention like a CTS-204P Southard by Spyderco will not be tough in terms of tensile strength.

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