dynaudio confidence 50 review - Piano Notes & Tutorial

The Supernait 3 added a brawny, exciting, thrust to the Dynaudio Confidence 50s, but I favored the more refined yet powerful and dimensional sound of the Tidal/Qualiton combo. It also looks very trippy. And if DSP – Scottish or German? NIN and Tool lovers, I’m talkin’ to YOU.Â, Yeah, the C 50s practically thrive on that kinda stuff.Â. Cue review communications. Less surprising was the bass.Â, With the low end seeming to change every few days, I had to be patient and wait until things below 100hz stabilized sufficiently to get the all-important distance from the back wall nailed down.Â. Sometimes I wanted them to sound even larger!Â, This was quite enjoyable on everything I listened to. How invested I am in that fuzzy memory being better or worse, has a strong influence on how the New and Different will be judged. It is not easy to describe how exactly this happens, because it is not enough to reduce this question of character to individual disciplines, i.e. Loudspeakers by Danish manufacturer Dynaudio were featured in two rooms; both demonstrated exactly how clearly, and authoritatively precise, their speakers could sound when driven by amplifiers from the German manufacturer Octave. On “The Last Goodbye,” the white-ish high end became colorized in an aforementioned way, and the low mids and bass had more power and clearer separation than I’ve ever heard. So maybe it’s an attribute of the Tidal circuitry, but the Esotar 3 tweeter certainly has the resolution to reveal this. Even with that slight dip around 1-2K, I could find no major faults with the Dynaudio Confidence 50’s mids. Then, one day after mentioning to Chris that I was having problems with imaging, at his suggestion, I moved the Dynaudio Confidence 50s wider apart and with a lot of toe-in. Turntable: SME Model 12/ EMT HSD6Phono Pre: Brinkmann EdisonMedia-Player: T+A MP3100HVIntegrated Amp: Gryphon Diablo 120, T+A PA3100HVPre-/Power Amp: Accustic Arts Tube PreampII-MK2/­AmpII-MK3Speaker: B&W 800D3Cable: HMS Gran Finale Jubilee und Suprema (NF/LS). Blasting Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control,” (the 12-inch version), I once again forget that the Dynaudio Confidence C1 II speakers are small in stature, because these stand-mount speakers move serious air. Imagine a colorized version of a black and white movie. What the Danes had before achieved by means of a tweeter pair smartly driven by the crossover, is now done by a "waveguide" that is perfectly integrated into the baffle made of "Compex", which is supposed to combine the stability of metal with the damping of MDF. The Octave sounded great with the Dynaudio Confidence 50s but was a tad too forward, although it was a beautiful tube forwardness.Â, About this time I received the new preamplifier offering from Tidal Audio, their Prisma. The Confidence 50’s brand-new MSP midrange drivers are a big departure from previous Dynaudio designs. In the Dynaudio literature, there is a lot of info about the new Esotar 3 tweeter used in the latest Confidence line. Previously, a ferrite type had been used. A Fyne Pleasure – After Tannoy's change of ownership, the manufacturer Fyne Audio sees itself in an obligation to continue Scottish tradition – as for example with the Fyne Audio F1-10 floorstanding speaker. The legend continues. They use a radical surround design – the Horizon – that follows the cone’s shape right to the edge of the driver. I’ve spent a lot of time enjoying large, floor-standing, top o’ the line speaker systems. However, on top of that, they also managed to convey the ensemble's subliminal glow and pure joy of playing. Confidence 30 (€19,000) is a medium-sized three-way floorstander with DDC technology on board. I Couldn’t help notice that the speakers were connected in reverse. One of the reasons I spent a lot of time trying different components was to fine-tune this area to keep all the size, depth, and punch while tightening up any very slight amount of smear. It uses two 18cm woofers with neodymium magnets, one 15cm midrange (also with a neodymium magnet) and one Esotar3 tweeter with the DDC Lens. I can’t say the improvement with the sharp spiked metal cone feet was ultra-dramatic. The drivers, crossovers, baffles, and cabinetry are new in all current Confidence line speakers. Maxima Amator, the New Addition to Sonus faber’s Heritage Collection, List Of Black Friday Deals For Audiophiles, Linear Tube Audio Announces Upgrades to Flagship MicroZOTL Preamplifier, Weiss DAC501 Now Available in North America, DS Audio Introduces the Grand Master System: A Flagship Optical Cartridge and Phono Stage/Equalizer. I have been used to an image that seems to be projected outward from the speakers in a convex manner and extends laterally beyond the box location.Â. Exquisite, natural homogeneous sound. Posted on July 19, 2020 by Dave McNair in Loudspeakers // 2 Comments. In my room, the C 50s didn’t do that. What they DID do is present a very deep picture of musical information that was almost completely contained within the width of the speaker’s location. Although it is neither antique nor adorned with diamonds, the Soulutions 330 integrated amplifier turned out to be an exquisite high-end jewel. Several times I swapped out for my reference. Re: Dynaudio Contour 60 Review Stereo Magazine The review link provided in the OP is now dead, but the review is still available in Stereo's Issue #8 2017 on pages 45 - … Tubes went a long way towards fixing this for me. While the previous Confidence series was rather unusually styled, it was widely accepted for its performance and for displaying generous dollops of Dynaudio… Let’s just say when I went back to the QLNs, I got back the midrange and imaging I love but missed some of the C 50’s sonic girth. Brand-new Esotar3 tweeter. The Esotar3 (r.m. The Dane effortlessly establishes a connection between the listener and the slightly melancholic piece, which is something the more distanced predecessors Confidence C2 and C4 could'nt do quite as well. It is manufactured entirely in Skanderborg, Denmark. In December 2012 I reviewed the Dynaudio Confidence C2 Signature, which at the time retailed for $15,000/pair. This tweeter again claims a place among the best on the planet. Dynaudio Confidence 20. It took a minute, alright WEEKS of messing with positioning and swapping out upstream gear to get the most out of these new Danish leviathans. For us, it seemed almost like the Confidence leapt of joy, as we already noticed its qualities during the meticulous setting up – every millimetre counts. It tips an affectionate nod to Confidence models past while taking their innovations and their performance to the next level. There are two other choices – gloss grey oak and dark rosewood – both of which look lovely, but add 15 per cent to the price.

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