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He went a few steps farther, and then, with a pleading look, said, 'No … Another benefit of taking an Alaskan voyage on Princess Cruises is that you are able to book shore excursions, from whale watching and awe-inspiring railroad trips to glacier helicopter tours and bird-watching nature hikes. glacier sentence in English. About 3119 results found using 'GLACIERS'. 19. 2. But glaciers aren’t this hot. Translations of the phrase THE GLACIER from english to finnish and examples of the use of "THE GLACIER" in a sentence with their translations: The glacier extended down yonder. Lists. How to use glaciers in a sentence. For a 10 to 19-day cruise, consider the Glacier Discovery Cruise Tour offered by Holland America. Wherever, beneath the edge of a snowfield, the country shapes itself into a valley, there you will find a glacier. Over 100,000 Portuguese translations of English words and phrases. 1. CK 1 2247731 I'll get ice. With the retreat of glaciers in the Himalayas, a number of glacial lakes have been created. In the early 19th century the Meyer family of Aarau conquered in person the Jungfrau (1811) and by deputy the Finsteraarhorn (1812), besides opening several glacier passes, their energy being entirely confined to the Bernese Oberland. The tour operator is likely to provide Glacier boots. The glacier or ice sheet overran all Maine, irregularly scouring out the bed rock to produce rock basins, damming up many river valleys with glacial deposits and completely disarranging the drainage lines. All Rights Reserved. The Inylchik glacier is computed to have a length of about 45 m. The case of the glacier in the valley of Argeles in the department of Hautes-Pyrenees is the best-known instance. You can generally expect to take a week-long vacation when you book Alaska cruises from Seattle, so prepare for loads of relaxation and glacier sightings. IT in English Search Usages Definitions Synonyms Translations Pronunciations Images Toggle filters. Hope at the mouth of the Beardmore glacier in lat. As he poured out these failed glacier mints to set, Kendal mintcake was born. Griinhornlucke (Great Aletsch Glacier to the Fiescher Glacier), snow. After the continental glacier withdrawal into the NW direction, Neris and Voke rivers have erosionally cut across the Baltic phase frontal moraines range. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. (4) The glacier dislocated great stones. 2. The Cruisetours offer trips to Glacier Bay and to Denali National Parks. " A glacier is a slowly moving river or mass of ice formed by the accumulation of snow on high ground. -- Glacier Bay Adventures ( 907-697-2442) 2. It is said that if a large bucket of water were to represent the sea on the planet, an egg cup full would represent the amount of water locked in ice caps and glaciers . The route follows the lateral moraine of the Khumbu glacier, picking its way through a jumble of rock. a slowly moving mass of ice originating from an accumulation of snow. glacier translate: ghiacciaio, ghiacciaio. While the majority of his researches bear on one or other of the subjects just mentioned, others deal with such widely different topics as the birds of Greenland, ocean temperatures, the Gulf Stream, barometric measurement of heights, arcs of meridian, glacier transport of rocks, the volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands, and various points of meteorology. Examples of how to use “glacier travel” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Hubbard Glacier: It is a 75-mile long, 300-foot wall of ice jutting out of the ocean and still thickening and advancing into the Gulf of Alaska rather than thinning like most others. Answer. The water-works are owned and operated by the city, the water being obtained from lakes at the foot of the Arapahoe Peak glacier in the Snowy Range, 20 m. There are black, grizzly and polar bears, and also two exclusively Alaskan species, the Kodiak and the glacier bear. The coast of the Baltic is rocky only in the island-studded region at the head of the Baltic basin proper - a submerged lake-districtand the littoral generally is a typical morainic land, the work of the last great Baltic glacier. he asked. I and at the entrance to the Beardmore glacier in lat. Sentence with the word glacier. These changes have impacted river flow, increased the frequency of extreme weather events, and led to the retreat of glaciers. glaciers / examples. A distributed surface energy balance model for a small valley glacier: I. Although broadly predictable, the year on year changes in ice dynamics and glacier foreland dynamics is such that new opportunities will constantly arise. Glacier Bay: This protected national park is where you can observe birds, humpback whales, otters, and glaciers. Glacier definition, an extended mass of ice formed from snow falling and accumulating over the years and moving very slowly, either descending from high mountains, as in valley glaciers, or moving outward from centers of accumulation, as in continental glaciers. Example sentences for: glacier How can you use “glacier” in a sentence? Sentences Menu. Maclean and others, mapped the coast and huge glacier tongues as far east as long. Example sentences for: glaciers How can you use “glaciers” in a sentence? 2. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. glaciers sentence examples. The Glacier Bay Highlights Cruise and Glaciers of Prince William Sound cruise sails for five days. In that study, the researchers showed that Alaska glaciers alone had raised global sea level one-quarter inch in 60 years. to the surface of the ice from the ice-bare coast-land and partly the dust of the atmosphere brought down by the falling snow and accumulated on the surface of the glacier's covering by the melting during the summer. The neve is thus the feeding ground of the glacier (q.v.). The ship sank when it hit the icy glacier. I had never been so near a glacier before. They do not represent the opinions of In the 13th century many hitherto unknown passes came into prominence, even some of the easy glacier passes. Malware can hijack your browser, redirect search attempts, provide endless pop-up ads, track Web sites you visit, and make your PC unstable to the point of being unusable, or run slower than a moving glacier. The cruise then moves on towards Skagway, Glacier Bay and Ketchikan before being at sea for several days. moraine of the glacier which in fact runs the full length of the main series. antonyms. glacier fluctuations in British Columbia and western Alberta. 3. glaciers in a sentence - Use "glaciers" in a : 12. Geophysical Institute photo. For here five large glaciers united to form the grand trunk glacier that eroded fhe valley and occupied it as its channel. Christ, Cam, glaciers are faster than this. CK 1 415449 The ice melted. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. glaciers in a sentence Topsoils are thin and poor because the glacier s had abraded down to the bedrock. How to use glaciers in a sentence. 27. The glacier guides are among the best in the Alps. Other national park visits may include Tombstone Territorial Park or Glacier Bay National Park.Tours always include amenities similar to the comforts of a cruise ship, even though they're still on land. Times, Sunday Times (2010) The way melt is controlled is by the removal of snow cover to expose glacier ice. calve head of the bay is a glacier ice front with seracs continually ' calving off ' into the sea below. Snow mountain, glacier, conifers, white birch set each other off its beauty. That debris protected the remaining glacier ice for millions of years. 3. Wiki User Answered . The reason is that a continental glacier completely disrupts the preglacial drainage system. Passo della Lobbia Alta (Lobbia Glacier to the Mandron Glacier), snow.. Passo di Lares (Lares Glacier to the Lobbia Glacier), snow. How to use glacier in a sentence. How would you put glacier in a sentence? 8,393 Furka Pass (Rhone Glacier to Andermatt), carriage road. Examples of glacier in a sentence. If you're planning on taking a "light" hike along a glacier, then the Asolo Alpine hiking boots are for you. glacier melting: Like other aspects of climate change, some authorities deny that it is happening. Extent of glaciers during, 7-8. Apart from the fjords and lakes the chief beauties of the Alps are glaciers and waterfalls. There are 50 example sentences for glacier, and this page shows no. Luckily for myself I had no symptoms until just before arriving at camp 3 Arrow Glacier, where I had a thumping headache. 15. And Glacier Bay National Park will open up to commercial fishing. Glacier in a sentence (31) And up this way, in easy hiking distance, the great Knik Glacier. “Mountain glaciers had a grip on him,” his friend and Geophysical Institute snow and ice expert Carl Benson said, describing Harrison’s sudden switch from nuclear to glacier physics. Glacier Park has quite a few mountains with living glaciers, and the runoff rivulets, creeks and rivers have an opalescence that is indescribably beautiful. Examples of glacier in a sentence: 1. glacier sentence in English. Northbound glacier cruises sail through the Inside Passage and beyond to Seward or Whittier and to College Fjord for breathtaking glacier views. “He realized guys were getting paid for what he did for fun,” his wife Anne said. Translations of the word GLACIER from german to english and examples of the use of "GLACIER" in a sentence with their translations: ...sie der unterkunft hôtel le glacier … Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Tasman Glacier heli skiing packages include lunch, three plane rides, professional guides and avalanche safety equipment. CK 1 2252678 There's some ice. Asked by Wiki User. Some are gigantic and can break the rock of the mountains they travel through. Ongoing research is showing that while glaciers tend to decrease mountain size, in some areas, glaciers can actually reduce the rate of erosion, acting as a glacial armour. Glacier in a sentence. Example sentences with the word alpine. 3. But there are no perpetual snow-fields, no glaciers creep down these valleys, and no alpine hamlets ever appear to break the monotony. glacier, ice), to glance off, the change in form being influenced by grate," to scrape, scratch (Fr. : 2. , The ship sank when it hit the icy glacier. Glacier quotes from YourDictionary: After the prayer was over, I told Fundi to go onto the glacier. glaciers in a sentence - Use "glaciers" in a sentence 1. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Glacier | Glacier Sentence. Glacier definition is - a large body of ice moving slowly down a slope or valley or spreading outward on a land surface. 15 chains; the Murchison glacier is io m. For instance, Ryder found that the Upernivik glacier had an average velocity of only 33 ft. A way was found to the summit of the Plateau by the Axel Heiberg glacier which was negotiated by the dogs with much difficulty. The present course of the Upper Allegheny river is the result of the glacier which blocked the northward drainage of the region through which it flows and turned it southward. When a glacier melts, it often provides water for many of nature's populations. Edgar Evans, made an extensive geological survey and study of the ice phenomenon of the lower valleys of the Western Mountains, from Butter Point southward to the Koettlitz glacier in lat. Breathtaking, the first word that springs to mind when you think of an Alaska vacation, is the very definition of the four glacier by helicopter dog sled adventure. The glaciers of Glacier Bay are the largest in Alaska. A satellite was … 1 2 3. long, which, with the smaller Kolb glacier, lie immediately west of the main divide. MONTE ROSA, the name of a great glacier-clad mountain mass (the name comes from the Aostan patois word rase, meaning a glacier) which rises S.E. Glaciers in a sentence. This is what a four glacier by helicopter dog sled adventure can do for you. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Research My research interests focus, in the broadest sense, on glacier hydrology. Sabretooth Pro Crampons offer high performance for mixed masters, whether you're climbing a heady thin pillar or crossing a sketchy crevassed glacier. The melting of icecaps and glaciers. Leaving out of account the innumerable glacier streams that swell its volume above the Lake of Constance, the most important affluents to its upper course are the Wutach, the Alb and the Wiese, descending on the right from the Black Forest, and the Aar, draining several Swiss cantons on the left. Another single glacier has been surveyed 36 m. Passing the snout of the Khumbu Glacier, we reach a line of memorials to Sherpas who have died on Everest. Most of the glaciers terminate at an altitude of 14,800-14,900 feet, but the small Cesar glacier, drained to the Hausberg valley, reaches to 14,450. It is reckoned that about 20 glacier passes were certainly known before 1600, about 25 more before 1700, and yet another score before 1800; but though the attempt of P. A. ‘The mountain range has 3,200 glaciers with hundreds of millions of cubic metres of snow.’ ‘Ice sheets, glaciers and underground lakes and rivers carry the rest.’ ‘The widespread retreat is all the more notable because tropical mountain glaciers are old.’ ‘There are glaciers, alpine mountains, sandy beaches - … 10,112 Fuorcla del Confin (Silvretta Pass to the Vermunt Glacier), snow. Straight ahead is the high lateral moraine of the South Annapurna glacier and the Modi follows a deep cliff to the right. , A glacier is a huge mass of ice made of frozen snow. Dr. Atkinson's party, sent back by Scott from the Beardmore glacier, arrived on Jan. His observations led him to the view that a glacier is an imperfect fluid or a viscous body which is urged down slopes of a certain inclination by the mutual pressure of its parts, and involved him in some controversy with Tyndall and others both as to priority and to scientific principle. But the Plateau was to be reached by Shackleton's way up the Beardmore glacier at which point the tracks converged. Most cruise lines cater to couples to give them exactly what they are looking for, whether they want to get married inside the ship or if they would rather marry on deck with a beautiful glacier in the background. In the short term, glacier retreat may have some benefits. Walking, biking, horse riding, summer tobogganing, glacier skiing, rowing, sailing and canoeing. The glacier or ice sheet, above referred to, deposited till or boulder clay, which was compacted under the enormous pressure of the ice sheet to form the " hard-pan " referred to later. As if the breathtaking aerial views were not enough, the highlight of your excursion will be the trip out onto the glacier aboard a real Alaskan dog sled. 14. Translations of the phrase THE GLACIER from english to norwegian and examples of the use of "THE GLACIER" in a sentence with their translations: And i then looked at the glacier and i thought, Seals and their pups lounge on icebergs calved by tidewater glaciers. "This is a sentence formed from the actual meaning of the word taken from the Oxford dictionary. During the Weichsel, glaciers advanced from the east, moving up the existing valley. Gruyre, extensively manufactured in Switzerland and France, is also produced in Italy in the Alpine regions and in Sicily. 3. Examples of glaciers in a sentence: 1. High snowfalls account for the existence of glaciers in the Cascades. That’s Iceland, with all those glaciers and mountains. DOJO Denim-Has a flare leg and glacier color wash. Easdale Tarn lies in a rock basin that was formed by a cirque glacier perched high up above the main valley of Far Easdale. “Mountain glaciers had a grip on him,” his friend and Geophysical Institute snow and ice expert Carl Benson said, describing Harrison’s sudden switch from nuclear to glacier physics. terminal moraine of the glacier which in fact runs the full length of the main series. 1 Glacier and obtained some profiles Answer. glacier in a sentence -- Glacier Bay Adventures ( 907-697-2442) That debris protected the remaining glacier ice for millions of years. Alpine glaciers still occupy some high mountains. 3. glaciers in a sentence - Use "glaciers" in a : 12. It's difficult to see glacier in a sentence . “Mountain glaciers had a grip on him,” his friend and Geophysical Institute snow and ice expert Carl Benson said, describing Harrison’s sudden switch from nuclear to glacier physics. Unlike an Alaska Inside Passage cruise, an Alaska Glacier Cruise does not return to its original departure port. alpine example sentences. How to use glacier in a sentence.

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