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inc (723333886), Nettoyant à mains à base d'alcool isopropylique à 70%, Cabin Fever Essentials Hand Sanitizing Spray, Nettoyant purifiant sans eau antibactérien, Purple Martin Naturals Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 75%, Rexall Laboratories and Chemicals-Isopropyl alcohol sanitizer 70%, Juhwan Bio.Cell Co. Ltd-Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 70%, Pur-T-Gel - Assainisseur à base d'isopropanol 72%, Taynton Bay Spirits Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, Allergy Canada 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Refresh Hand Sanitizer - Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, Boatskeg Distilling Liquid Hand Sanitizer 75%, Munday - Hand Sanitizer Spritz Antiseptic Alcohol 80%, O'milles Aromes, Solution Hydroalcoolique, GTA Fleet Solutions Inc. o/a Front Line Emergency Vehicles, Cleace-Instant And Sanitizer Contain 75% ethyl Alcohol, Healing Bees - 73% Isopropyl alcohol sanitizer, Jensens Pure - 75% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Disposable hand sanitizer- Ethanol sanitizer 65%, Safe Good Hand Gel - Ethanol sanitizer 62%, X-Tinguisher Hand Sanitizer Liquid 70% Ethanol, Marianna Naturals Lemon Hand Sanitizer 60%, Elleybear Hand Smoothing Gel - Ethanol 64%, Heads & Tails Distilleries Sanitizing Hand Rub, Simply At Home Inc - Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer 75%, WipeOnUs.com-Isopropyl alcohol sanitizer 75%, Jensens Pure - 80% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Clans Instant Hand Sanitizer (75% Ethanol), Neptune Wellness Solutions Hand Sanitizer Gel, AOMI Hand Sanitizer - Ethanol Sanitizer 70%, Jensens Pure - 70% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Hand Guardian 80% (v/v) Ethanol Sanitizer DB, Hand Guardian 80% (v/v) Ethanol Sanitizer SO, Hand Guardian 80% (v/v) Ethanol Sanitizer SD3-DB, Hand Guardian 80% (v/v) Ethanol Sanitizer SD3-SO, Victory Barber & Brand Hand Sanitizer - Alcohol Antiseptic 80%, Greenwood Distillers-Ethanol sanitizer 70%, Hand Guardian (v/v) Alcohol Sanitizer IPA, Ace Pharmaceutical - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer Gel 62%, AG - Isopropanol Hand Sanitizer Gel Fragrance Free, Refmax-Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel 65%, Eco ChemLabs (Locanz) - Eco ChemLabs -Ethanol Sanitizer - 70%, Caledon Hand Sanitizer, 75% Isopropyl Alcohol, DynaPro Health - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer 69.3% (primary brand name), Pinkerton Laboratories (3087-9076 Quebec Inc.), De Flore Orchard 50 ml Ethanol Sanitizer 75% with Softening Aloe, AG - Isopropanol hand Sanitizer Spray Fragrance Free, AeroCleanse Hand Sanitizer Gel Ethanol 70%, AG - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer Spray Fragrance Free, Northwest Biotechnology 75% Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Clouds Distribution Inc. Isopropanol Sanitizer 75%, Foodarom Assainisseur pour les mains à base d'éthanol 70% Along with measures reported in the Government of Canada's response to COVID-19, Health Canada is also implementing: 1. interim measures to expedite access to hand sanitizers, disinfectants and personal protective equipment to address product shortages 2. up-to-date lists of approved hand sanitizers and disinfectants approved for use against COVID-19 and 3. information on our quality requirements to ensure the alcohol used in the preparation and distributio… When using this product avoid contact with eyes. 6 Degrees Natural Health), Alterra - Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 70%, Steed Company Lavender - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer 75%, Sacred Life Instant Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol, Kanatan Health Solutions-Sweetgrasss Hand Sanitizer Spray, Antibacterial Instant Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 75% (V/V), GDK Cosmetics Co., Ltd.-Ethanol Sanitizer 75%, Zhejiang Taoyel Biological Technology Co., Ltd, Heys Hand Sanitizer Wipes With 70% V/V Alcohol, Clean Drops Hand Sanitizer Gel Antiseptic Formula, EG Medco Gel Antibactérien pour les mains, Canada Sanitizers Wipes 80% Ethyl Alcohol, Handy Seventy Ethanol Sanitizer 70% Alcohol, Sterica - Original 65% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer, Prairiewest Hand Sanitizer Spray 70% Alcohol, Coloressence Fresh Hands Sanitizer - Ethanol 72%, 3268331 Nova Scotia Limited O/A Tipping Point Distillers, Hand Sanitizing Gel 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Greenbiotech-Isopropyl Alcohol 70%+ Hand Sanitizer, Healer Lab Clean Up Hand Sanitizer - 70% Ethanol, Fustin Hand Sanitizer Gel 75% Ethyl Alcohol, Concept Manufacturing Ltd - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer 75%, Sine - Foaming Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethanol, Publikleen Plus Pocket Hand Sanitizer Gel, Natural Concepts Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer Gel, Brands International Corp. Ethyl Alcohol 65%, Cleanx - Hand Sanitizer Gel (80% Ethanol), AM Innovative Consulting Inc. - Alcohol Wipes 75%, Mount 7 Spirits Hand Sanitizer (75% Ethanol), Mount 7 Spirits Hand Sanitizer (70% Ethanol), Mount 7 Spirits Hand Sanitizer (65% Ethanol). 2 x 500 ml - Instant Hand Sanitizer with Pump Bottle - 75% Ethyl Alcohol - Food Grade - Skin Friendl… This protein is vital for a virus’s survival and multiplication. of Chemistry Hand Sanitizer, Savoness Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 70%, Clean Drops Hand Sanitizer Gel -Gel Désinfectant Pour Les Mains, gel antiseptique pour les mains, sans fragrance, The Ski Bum Soap Company - Hand Sanitizer, Antiseptique pour les mains Éthanol 70 %, Elite Promotional Marketing Hand Sanitizer, Gel Shop 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes, MICCA - Assainisseur en gel pour les mains à base d'alcool isopropylique 70%, 2605508 Ontario Limited (NHP Manufacturing), Germs Away Select Hand Sanitizer With IPA, Annedda Antiseptiques pour Mains/Hand sanitizer, Oh My Clean Premium Sanitizer Ethanol 70%, AZ Med Trading Corp - Alcohol 70% Topical Liquid, Beattural Hand sanitizer Ethyl Alcohol 70%, Medicare Instant Hand Cleanser Spray With Aloe And Vitamin E, History & Heraldry Canada - Ethanol Sanitizer 62%, Keystone Industries- Optimize Thick Hand Sanitizer, Mycone Dental Supply Co. Inc. (trading as Deepak Products Inc. and Keystone Industries), Timberline Medi Spa - Alcohol Sanitizer 75%, 1843239 Alberta Ltd./Operating As Timberline Medi Spa, Antibacterial Benzethonium Chloride Hand Wipes, Bodywell Naturals Hand Sanitizer Gel with Essential Oils, State - Quick Defense Alcohol Sanitary Wipes, W.H.O. Health Canada has expanded its recall of hand sanitizer products sold in Canadian stores with more than 45 products now listed for containing industrial-grade ethanol. Hubei Gedian Humanwell Pharmaceutical Excipients Co.,Ltd. CBIO Brand Distribution International Inc. Manday Groooming Inc. - Ethanol Sanitizer 70%, Impax Health Inc. - Ethanol Sanitizer 75%. Imports Inc / Les Importations Wateraco Inc. Heretic Spirits - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 80%, Am Innovative Consulting Inc. - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer 70%, V Medcare Antibacterial Cleanser Hand Sanitizer Gel, Luxe Health 74% Ethanol Foam Hand Sanitizer (2.5% Foam), Wet Look Janitorial & Gardening Corp O/A WLJ Distribution, CanaSan Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer with Aloe, Amazing Balance International Inc. o/a Ellie Bianca, Désinfectant Pour Les Mains- Usage Commercial, Classik - Assainisseur pour Mains à base d'alcool Isopropylique 70%, Healzy Hand Sanitizer Liquid 75% Ethyl Alcohol, S & Co. Wellness - Ethanol Hand sanitizer 70%, All Clean Natural Clean Cotton Sanitizing Wipes. A licensing process is in place for applicants who wish to seek the necessary authorizations from Health Canada to manufacture and sell alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Germs Be Gone! Until December 31, 2020 Enriched with shea extract, vitamin E, 68% alcohol and aloe, Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers kill 99.9% of most common germs and keep your hands clean and soft. Plus, it contains aloe vera to soothe hands as you sanitize. Washing your hands is … Fujian Happiness Biotech Technology Co.,Ltd. Quick View. ProTech Hand Sanitizer Gel Ethanol 70%, 5009980 Ontario Inc O/A Blackburn Brew House, Ltd Enterprises Hand Sanitizer - 70% Ethanol Gel Formula, Gfl- Gel For Life- Ethyl alcohol 70% Sanitizers, Ferno Hand Sanitizer With Soothing Aloe 75.59% Alcohol, Nature Drops Hand Sanitizer Gel Ethyl Alcohol 70%, Raincity Sanitizer - Ethanol sanitizer 80%, Sabinois-Assainisseur à base d'isopropanol, Wgi Manufacturing - Isopropyl Alcohol Gel Sanitizer Unscented 70%, Wgi Manufacturing (div of iA Financial Group), All Clean Natural Hand Sanitizer - 80% Alcohol, MedPro Defense Dermassure Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (007-353), WGI Manufacturing - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer Unscented 70%, Perfect Choice Hand Sanitizer with Aloa Vera 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Bell Spring Hand Sanitizer Gel Spearmint-Lemon Scented, Bell Spring Hand Sanitizer Gel Orange-Lemon Scent, Bell Spring Hand Sanitizer Gel Lavender-Lemon Scent, FHC Enterprises-Ethyl alcohol sanitizer 75%, Panita Hand Sanitizer Wipes - Ethanol 75%, 2313078 Ontario Inc. dba Riz Global Foods, Life Tree Hand Sanitizer Tissue (Ethanol 75%) KP, Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Spray - Ethanol 68%, Germicure Antiseptique pour les mains IPA 70 %, R & D Technical Solutions Ltd. - Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 75%, Coreana Cosmetics Co., Ltd. - Ethanol 65%, Locanz Eco ChemLabs -Isopropanol Hand Sanitizer - 70%. Western Mask and Protective Equipment Inc. Steryll - Isopropyl 70% with added Fragrance, Scentuals Natural & Organic Skin Care - Hand Sanitizer Spray _ Christmas Memories Scent, Scentuals Natural & Organic Skin Care - Hand Sanitizer Spray _ Gingerbread Latte Scent, Scentuals Natural & Organic Skin Care - Hand Sanitizer Spray - Freshever Green Scent, Scentuals Natural & Organic Skin Care - Hand Sanitizer Spray - Vanilla Mint Scent. Your source for quality hand sanitizer and hard surface cleaner for retail, restaurant, office and commercial. Five more hand sanitizers were added to Health Canada's evolving recall list on Tuesday, which now includes more than 100 products that may pose health risks. Free next day delivery on all orders. An immense change has taken place in our world. Hand sanitizers that contain unacceptable grades of ethanol or denaturants that are not approved for sale in Canada have not been reviewed for safety or efficacy. Buy cheap sanitizers and wipes for your hands and surfaces to remove harmful germs and bacteria to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Manofoam Antiseptique Pour Mains /Hand Sanitizer, Sanitize Me Hand Sanitizer Gel Unscented with Aloe, Hill Dermaceuticals, Inc.-Isopropyl Alcohol sanitizer 75%, Sanihealth Hand Sanitizer Isopropyl Alcohol USP 70%, Young Spirit Supplies - 75% Ethanol Gel Sanitizer, Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer, Light Elegance LEpro Hand Sanitizer- 70% Isopropanol. Model # 9651-24CAN00 Purell (R) instant hand sanitizer to help to reduce the spread of infection. Dixon's Distilled Spirits-Ethanol sanitizer 80%. Read reviews to learn about the top-rated One Step Hand Sanitizer - 1L. Buy Canadian Made Hand Sanitizer & Face Mask Approved by Health Canada. By: Sarah Calder, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, email Does a hand sanitizer require pre-approval in Canada before going to market? To date, there are no hand sanitizers in Canada approved with COVID-19 related claims. (avec parfum), Soapstones Natural Skincare Isopropanol Hand Sanitizer-75%, Passsion Herbale - Assainisseur à base d'éthanol 67%, Flavour Art North America Hand Sanitizer Gel EA, Flavour Art North America Hand Sanitizer Gel EA - Scented, Nuage Assainisseur à base d'éthanol 70% / Nuage 70% Ethanol No problem! Last Best Brewing And Distilling Brewpub Inc. IPAGEL 70% isopropyl based hand sanitizer, Pinkerton Laboratories (3087-9076 Quebec inc.), Niagara College Learning Enterprise Corporation, The Heart Company Hand Ethanol Sanitizer 70%, Foreman Manufacturing Personnel Handwashing, Bioactive Skin Care Co. Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (70% Isopropyl Alcohol), Pink Solution Hand Sanitizer - 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Zack Consulting Inc. dba HEW Technologies, Natulip - Assainisseur à base d'isopropanol 75%, Copper Spirit - WHO recommended handrub formulation, Tofino Distillery WHO Hand Sanitizer Formula, Laboratoires Colba - Nettoyant antiseptique pour les mains à base d'alcool à 70%, Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. - Pur-Aluminium (Isopropanol 75%, v/v), Hand Aid - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer 60%, Invisibleshield-Ethanol hand sanitizer 70%. It is a reality where PPE equipment and sanitizing equipment are vital to the health of your family, community, and front-line workers. AT THE HEART OF THE CRISIS, A HISTORY OF ADAPTATION AND CREATIVITY . Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by Health Canada. Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique Canada Inc. Snake Lake Brewing Company - Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, Ace Pharmaceutical - Ethanol Hand Sanitizer Gel 70%, Stéri-Carm lotion antibactérienne pour les mains 70%(v/v), Alaska Nettoyant Antiseptique Pour Les Mains Hand Sanitizer, Copperpenny Distilling-Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, Misguided Spirits Hand Sanitizer 65% ethanol, Biominerales Pharma Ethanol sanitizer 80%, Marquee Medical Group -Ethanol sanitizer 75%, Solution hydro-alcoolique recommandée par l'Organisation mondiale de la santé pour l'antisepsie des mains, Les Produits PGM (9376-5576 Québec inc.), AZ Med Trading Corp. - Alcohol 70% Topical Gel, Bodyburden Project Advanced First Hand Sanitizer, Opal Cosmetics Hand Sanitizer Gel 75% Ethyl Alcohol, Omy laboratoires - solution désinfectante à base d'isopropanol 65%, HoneyComb Cottage Bees Belfountain - Isopropyl Alcohol, Strategic Advisory Services International LLC, WGI Manufacturing - Isopropyl Alcohol Sanitizer 70%, Biominerales Pharma - Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, Canadian Guard Hand Sanitizer Alcohol 75%, Deljine- 70% Ethyl alcohol spray hand sanitizer, Trevi Hand Sanitzer - Ethanol sanitizer 70%, Kwality Clean Solutions - Ethanol sanitizer 80%, Viridis AntisepticPro Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer 80%, 2681306 Ontario Ltd - ethanol sanitizer 75%, CLK-Assainisseur à base d'isopropyl alcool 65%, Distillerie Mitis - Solution antiseptique pour les mains à base d'éthanol 70% no 2, Avalon Laboratories - Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, Cowtown Brewing Co. Hand sanitizer Isopropanol Alcohol 75%, Dymon Antibacterial Hand Soap With Moisturizers, Cleanstar Aloe Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol, Natural Factors Nutritional Products Limited, Organic Peppermint Scented Hand Sanitizer, Clea Care Essentials - Ethyl Alcohol 62% Foam Hand Sanitizer, Chemcorp Industries Inc. - Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 75%, Renpure Hand sanitizer with Vitamin E (73 % Ethanol), Avalon Laboratories - Isopropanol Hand Sanitizer 75%, Socosafe Antiseptic Hand Rub - 80% Ethanol, Amarante Hand Sanitizer Gel-Ethyl Alcohol 70%, Amarante Hand Sanitizer Spray-Ethyl Alcohol 70%, Hemirus Hand Sanitizer Gel-Ethanol sanitizer 70%, Pur&Net Kanzy - Désinfectant pour les mains à base d'éthanol Gel, Devoted Creations - Hand Sanitizer - Ethanol sanitizer 62%, Yellowbelly Brewery Ethanol Sanitizer - 80%, W.H.O. OTTAWA, ON, Nov. 27, 2020 /CNW/ - Health Canada is advising Canadians that the following hand sanitizers are being recalled because they … Find a One Step Hand Sanitizer - 1L at Staples.ca. The following antiseptic/antibacterial skin cleansers or hand sanitizers meet Health Canada's requirements and are authorized for sale in Canada. Mfr. Watera&Co. Hand sanitizers, hand sanitizing wipes, and antibacterial hand washes are regulated as over-the-counter drugs or natural health products, dependent on their active ingredient(s). Bowen Biological Pharmaceuticals (Canada) Inc. Ltd. Concept Manufacturing Ltd -Ethanol Sanitizer 75%, Lorenz Sales International Inc. o/a Germ Solutions, North Spirit Distillery - Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, Canadian Standard Hand Sanitizer Alcohol 75%, Campbell Industrial Corp. - Hand Sanitizer 72%, W.H.O. Unilever Canada Inc., Division Of Unilever Inc. Sterica - All-Natural 70% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer, Sterica - All-Natural 65% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer, Concept Manufacturing Isopropanol Sanitizer 75%, 11741217 Canada Inc. (D.B.A. OG of hand sanitizer Containing 62 percent alcohol, this potent formulation is approved by the Government of Canada and kills 99.99 percent of germs. Originally Published: February 14, 2020 Kills 99.99% of germs that may cause illness in as fast as 15 seconds. Professional Disposables International Ltd. Geesoo Zero Chemical Organic Antiseptic Hand Germicide, Bleu Lavande Désinfectant Pour Les Mains - Hand Sanitizer, Mariposa Bio Cosmétique Gel Crème Désinfectant Pour Les Mains, Enmotion Foam Hand Sanitizer With Moisturizers, Hand Spray C3; Elyptol Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer Spray, Hand Gel C3; Elyptol Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer Gel, Hand Wipes C3; Elyptol Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer Wipes, Ethyl Alcohol 70% Rubbing Solution; Ethanol 70% Rubbing Solution, Betadine Antiseptic Powder; Betadine Healing Powder; Betadine Quick Dry Powder, Polymères avec de la 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone, Complexe d'iode, Cellchem Hydrogen Peroxide; Cellclean Oxy, Alaska- Fresh Gel- Hand Antiseptic Cleanser / Nettoyant Antiseptique Pour Les Mains, Advanced Hands Sanitizer Gel; Advanced Hands Sanitizer Gel (Waterless); Arctic Naturals - Advanced Hands Sanitizer Gel; Avonlea Naturals - Advanced Hands Sanitizer Gel; Benemax Remedies - Advanced Hands Sanitizer Gel; Dr. Bethune's Choice - Advanced Hands Sanitizer Gel; Elite Naturals Remedies - Advanced Hands Sanitizer Gel; Group Of 7 Naturals - Advanced Hands Sanitizer Gel; Polar Naturals -Advan, Alaska- Fresh Spray- Hand Sanitizer / Désinfectant pour les mains, Eveline Charles Sani-Plus Natural Hand Sanitizer, ALASKA- FRESH SPRAY- Hand Sanitizer / Désinfectant pour les mains, ALASKA- FRESH GEL- Hand Sanitizer / Désinfectant pour les mains, Pure Integrative Pharmacy Lab Hand Sanitizer, Yum Gourmet Skincare PROTECT Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, Divine Essence Nettoyants Antiseptiques Pour La Peau Ravintsara, Divine Essence Nettoyant Antiseptique pour la peau Lavandin, Divine Essence Nettoyants Antiseptiques Pour La Peau Citrus, Zurich Pharma Inc. o/a Medicap Laboratories, Divine Essence Nettoyants Antiseptiques Pour La Peau Lavandin, Bodywell Naturals Sanitizer Gel With Ethyl Alcohol, Bioscrub Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer with Aloe. Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. 2371589 Ontario Inc o/a Georgian Bay Spirit Co. ALASKA- Antiseptic Gel - Hand Sanitizer / Gel Antiseptique - Désinfectant pour les mains, Kleen RX Hand Sanitizer Gel/Sunna Pure Hand Sanitizer Gel/Hands Out, Polonée Distillery - Ethanol Sanitizer 80%, PBG BioPharma Inc.-delete-please use 45904, QVL Pro-Pure - Assainisseur à base d'Alcohol Isopropyl 75%, Ferlow Botanicals Hand Sanitizer with Aloe & Neem, Distillerie Mitis - Solution antiseptique pour les mains à base d'éthanol 70%, Purenature Hand sanitizer 70% ethyl alcohol, IPA Purist Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Aloe, Gel désinfectant avec collagène - agent revitalisant Nutra Forme, Sazerac WHO Hand Sanatizer Solution 80 % alc, Creative Chemistry Solutions - 70% Ethanol, Omy laboratoires - gel désinfectant à base d'éthanol 70%, Isoplex - Isopropyl Alcohol sanitizer 70%, Government of the Northwest Territories - Taiga Environmental Laboratory, Désinfectant pour les mains - Isopropanol 75%, Nutriart - WHO recommended handrub formulation - Ethanol 80 %, IPA Purist Hand Sanitizer Protection Naturals, Athleticare - No-Rinse Hand Sanitizing Gel (AC 575), ELTRADERM Hand Sanitizer - 70 % Ethyl Alcohol. See the latest in dispensing and formulation. D And L Distribution And Logistic Services Inc. K-G Spray-Pak Inc. (Assured Packaging Division), Opal Hand Sanitizer (95mL) - Ethanol Sanitizer 75%, Eveline Charles Clean and Simple 72% Hand Sanitizer, Conbab IPA65 solution désinfectante pour les mains à base d'isopropanol 65%, Flavour Art North America Hand Sanitizer IPA, 3284906 Nova Scotia Ltd. (O/A: Nova Scotia Spirit Company), Molecular-Tech Coating - Isopropyl alcohol 70%, Flavour Art North America Hand Sanitizer EA, QVL Pro-Pureta - Assainisseur à base d'Etanol 80%, Seaquanil Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer (75%), Lulu Island Winery - Ethanol sanitizer 75%, Rubicon -Ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer 70%, Dr Maple instant hand sanitizer Ethanol 75%, Confab A70 solution desinfectante pour les mains à base d'alcool 70%, Elite Cleaning Solutions - Hand Sanitizer Gel, Smooth Ridge - Ethanol Spray Sanitizer 65%, Apothecary Naturals Liquid Hand Sanitizer, Compass Distillers Hand Sanitizer 80% Ethanol, Smooth Ridge - Ethanol Liquid Sanitizer 65%, QV ISOLAB ProGeleta - Gel Assainisseur à base d'Ethanol 80%, Ecological Hand Sanitizer with Conditioning Aloe, Luxe Health Hand Sanitizer Gel (Ethyl Alcohol 74 %), All or Nothing Brewhouse 65% Ethanol Sanitizer, Cambli Gel Hydro-Alcoolique OMS à base d'ethanol 80%, ALASKA- Hand Sanitizer Orange Blossom / Désinfectant pour les mains, C & C Candle Company Inc-isopropyl sanitizer 68%.

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