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Considering the annual anniversary reward points have been discontinued now, Is it worth an upgrade? Smartbuy t&c says cap is for incremental points , it should therefore includes 4x and 2x too.. Just call to the number provided back of the card and they will fix it. Lol came here to give that information but looks like people have already seen I guess 1.2 % is being charged. When you click through to the new promotion, you would see, the HDFC 10X Smartbuy promotion has the date of June 2020 now. Last Updated: 5th Sep 2018. You would only get 3x for EMI flipkart and no points for Amazon EMI. Using multiple phone numbers is a good option. Tnc clearly say for full payment across all categories. But bonus 4X will be given on the amount paid through HDFC Card. HDFC Diner Black Credit Card This card is one of the best choices if you do lots of monthly transactions worth lakhs and seek to get some extra rewards and discounts in your transactions. @Prashant. Bank has no concrete rules at all. Received May Smartbuy Amazon 9X on 27th Aug but 9X of 1 transaction (₹13999) is missing. We can also purchase Insta voucher of flipkart from smartbuy. I had similar issue but much bigger. What is the chance that it will be waived off? When are gyftr 9x points are being Posted nowadays its been a month no point, Received points for Feb smartbuy transactions. So if I buy 5000 Amazon and 5000 Flipkart GVs in a month, will I get 10x reward on both? a nice one. Regalia – Do at least 1 transaction of any value in May month & get voucher worth 250/-, Got 2500/- voucher for upgrading the card to Infinia. Its a sleek way to still get full 33% cashback benefit on infinia and diners black (i have two each in the family). But there is amazon physical gift cards , which can be purchased like any other item, which will be couriered. Like a trailer window, one can see the ‘Travel further with SCB’ banner on their current 360 degree rewards portal. Keyword here is upto, so which covers 3,5 and 10 all categories. *** PFB the content of mail. @Rohit, Flipkart have limited inventory, but insane discount on select products. They have made RP -> Amazon vouchers conversion really expensive on redemption page from netbanking. Could you share some light on how much FD would be required to get a good card with HDFC? How much time does it take to get these vouchers delivered ? Finally what i realized that since i am an old customer 10 plus years with preferred account they are not bothered thinking i would stick on typical indian corporate mentality. Forget the rest and see if the numbers are more or less close. hDFC is having close watch on how people are reddening points and change things accordingly . yet to receive Instant Voucher 10X for the month of February. How these changes of 10x program impact clubmiles card? Now other than flights and hotel there are no better way to use points for whom it is going to expire some time soon. I’m sure this must have been asked many times in the past and got answered too. If we can’t buy 25k Amazon vouchers every month on DCB for 10x RPs then what’s the next best use case for DCB? But the Covid-19 situation might delay them, as partners too wont be interested in burning cash now. You can use this mail as well in future for any disputes on bonus 9X. God knows how HDFC systems works. How to get reward points? I have done this and points are denied by hdfc Bank use your money wisely. Then I was told that my order ID is invalid. I have been asked umpteen times that between HDFC Bank Regalia and Diners Club Privilege Credit Card, which one is better? 1)10X reward points is equal to how many Rs.. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. They will not devalue for travel then it would become a fraud by offering onething and then giving something. There were no 10x for vouchers/amazon/flipkart. redeem by going in Smartbuy DCB portal , where you book flights and hotel using DCB points, you will found Amazon under instant vouchers. Hi Cardexpert team, Cash was never a primary option of redemption for Infinia Cardholders. but they also say incremental points 9X capped at 7500.. This issue is there for years together and the bank haven’t done anything about it. It depends, some products I get confirmation with in 24 hours and few after 2-3 days. If I buy 5000 gift card of Amazon from Gyftr (which gives 1650 points with 10x) from a mobile number and use another mobile number on gyfter and same DCB card for another purchase. Do we still get Amazon/flipkart 10x points even if we pay partially using vouchers? They dragged on for months citing lockdown and inadequate staff. Since Jan, I was using only my Amex Plat Travel to hit the 4 Lac spends. DCb has Millestone achievements. Basically I thought that hdfc customer ko Bewakoof bana raha hai. Reward points that they had credited for electricity bill, gas bill, prepaid mobile and broadband for last month bill payment by DCB through Payzapp have been reversed. Once I receive RP and still room available, then I will go head and get 1 more voucher. However, on logging to my DCB account to redeem these, there are no vouchers seen for month of May. Not sure whether dealer would agree that. Initially they started this program for Diners Cards and then extended to other cards with the launch of HDFC smartbuy (a dedicated rewards portal from HDFC) which expands the 10X coverage to many cards. Do I get 9x for 30% of amount i pay for hotel ? Please advice. Terms of Use I want to know how to generate voucher for points for DCB. I neither tried nor would in spite of having short of voucher. Hi. That said, the point to note is bank may revoke these points anytime if they wish to. Can Amazon registered number be different when compared to bank inorder to get 10x/5x. Might be if even you all Infina/DCb users do the same then bank would revert back to T+3. Yes its gone and generally flipkart voucher doesnt come for 2 months odd. Will it get activated automatically or I have to talk to customer care for fee waiver ? Now, they tell me that please provide the order number for the purchases you made so that we can raise a complaint on priority and you will get 9X points for the same order. It’s written in the write up itself. HDFC Bank is only communicating the offers extended by Merchants to its Customers and not Selling/Rendering any of these Products/Services. I did receive mail communication during sep but I wasn’t tracking it. Pay with Payzapp was giving only 1x rewards for all HDFC cards. 2. Hi Shiv, How did you convert INFINIA to LTF? Please read it. I am 100% Sure. Amazon pay instant voucher remains 10x not 5x. May have to do it with per day limit? For example, all my redgiraffe rent payments made by Payzapp are marked by them as insurance for some reason. What’s the current status on buying Amazon Instant Vouchers from multiple Gyftr accounts? Are you sure you aren’t referring to an outdated condition. In spite of having invitation bank did not give me Infinia . So actually I got 16895 BONUS points in June. Reason being I didn’t use my credit card much. 10000 RP = 5000 GV. But now the transactions read as “Amazon HDFC Smartbuy Mumbai In”. The bank was not born yesterday isn’t making sense in this context right now. Clearly, finances are running thin to run a promotion as lucrative as the HDFC Bank 10X Smartbuy promotion which has been successful over many years. Looks like they have now tracked those cards where cumulatively (using different accounts) monthly limit breach and blocked those cards. Now (IF the devaluation happens for SCB) it would seem that there would be a luxury of choices for travel options while a poverty (poor redemption ratio) of choices for other shopping voucher options. I have crossed 5 lakh spend on DCB but when I checked Annual membership benefit it is mentioned as 8 lakhs. Here are more details: Smartbuy further has multiple merchants that could fetch you 10X/5X/3X rewards. Will we get better Max. Keep your Video recording tool ready. Rewards points gets updated in rewards portal launched via netbanking. I received 9X points pending from november 19 on 1st June . You will get 3.3% points a couple of days after the transaction. And hence in the balance. Yes…sort of. Accelerated Reward Rate: HDFC 10x program is now over. ANy ways as of now i am happy with DCB because 5 lakh spend is possible to achieve and then get fee waived off. Direct payment on LIC site using DCB As you may know, HDFC Financial institution has been very aggressive in giving generous Limit enhancement offers during Covid-19. Correct. ... Now in 2020, the famed 10x SmartBuy program is toned down in a big way. If thats the case then you can get it if being offered. I have q clubmiles card, and was planning on having it upgraded to DCB. Whenever I select a voucher on Smartbuy site and go to cart, only option available is payment by card / NetBanking / payzapp etc. (Use different mobile numbers for gyftr login), Update: Tried it again today, and it went thru successfully. Massive inpouring of March Gyftr + Amazon 9X reward points. Instant voucher still shows 10x reward points, any idea how that may turn up for Amazon voucher? Should work this time also. I have had DCB for a year and got myself upgraded to Infinia 9 months back. Depends on your spends. Had maxed out the infinia 10x on the last day of May and had in past would have done at least every alternative month, but never could track the points credit properly and was going on with good faith. It’s always calendar month, not the statement month. In the end DCB is only beneficial for people who spend a lot and if its your back up card then definitely not worth. @Xeon XP Hope you are aware that you would be getting only 3x for june month so you would still have balance to max out. This action is at gyftr’s end , they have started blacklisting cards which get swiped same card number across different user names for certain categories. If go through smartbuy, the payment option is only HDFC cards and Payzapp. As per him, it’ll be posted within first week of Nov (that is within 90 Working days from the last day of transaction month. The HDFC Bank 10X Reward Points headed into a major remodelling in June 2020. 10X reward points on Uber, BigBasket, BookMyShow, Swiggy,, Zomato and redBus. And that the subsequent transaction via other a/c post hitting the limit needs to be done with ~2 days gap for better success rate. In netbanking I couldn’t find any options. Is it der? Yes, you got it right. Flipkart is now out no more vouchers allowed for Flipkart. If points lapseat the end of Two years , I may loose around 9000 points Should i not worry as the statement has not shown any points that may lapse in next statement and moreover i am unable to speak to customer care as the call doesnot get connected. I have been checking my RPs only through the monthly statement which gets generated…. As per latest terms and conditions, the Amazon EMI transactions are not valid for benefits of martbuy. Now, to move back all my wallet reloads to Amex. I’m a little confused – when I tried to book a flight on Smartbuy just now, it was showing me a 1:1 conversion still for points vs Rs (points earned on my DCB card) – am I missing something? Despite the program being hugely successful, the only disadvantage of the HDFC 10X Rewards program or any other accelerated reward points program run by HDFC Bank is that its not easy to track them. An entry level card like SBI SimplyClick now has better reward rate than these so called premium cards (upto 2 Lakhs spend). Question though, would they give Infinia as LTF if one holds an LTF DCB? Please suggest offer on any other card as well. Several times Hdfc runs promotions , sometimes which they wont even come to our notice / simply you forget. Wow, thanks. 3rd. And for petrol I always ( most of times ) use HPCL gift card available at amazon ( which can be used in limited Hpcl bunks with special swipe machine ) , which you can purchase through smartbuy or directly with pay balance. You will also get 10 X ( now 5x ) for purchasing Amazon pay physical gift cards. The smartest way to get points now IMO is to buy Rs.5000/- voucher from their instant voucher section now – it still gives 10X points but limits to Rs.5000/- voucher per month. Also if your spend is not more than 5 lakh then you dont get much in return provided you get max from 9x. I have seen many complaining with DCB not being value now after changes. Still a great card and dont cancel it . Many thanks in advance for your responses! In that way you can easily track points. Cap in future? Now my due is Amazon Apr onward and rest SB Jul onward. Or have they changed this as well? Yes, they stopped sending mails. can anyone confirm if we get regular 1x reward points for emi/ non-emi transactions done on amazon/ flipkart without smartbuy? I purchased an item in February’2020 worth Rs. Last mail i sent has been more than 10 days and got an auto reply stating due to covid replies would be delayed for weeks. Amazon and flip kart are no longer available at rewards redemption at 50% value. Hi Sid, @ Rohit, I got 12600 points today. October onwards? 5x points are valid on amazon EMI from October onwards, so that should give us space to work with. Mine is like not giving vouchers for 1000 Rs something like that. but one good thing of more is vegetables are of good quality and if you use 250 voucher and extra bill can be paid through amazon pay. @CHALAM CC says that it is working fine but I am getting “Transaction Error”. About 2-3 times last year I have got SMSes informing me that I have received egift vouchers for Rs 500 for March’19 activation. Did hdfc went for simplified devaluation to soften the blow ? Always add the following email address to all emails, grievance.redressalcc [at], they respond within a few days. Yeah, thank you for the info. For this next successive months charges, will i get 10x or 3x? Customer service said our back in team it’s less staff so we will do it soon.wait for 90 days also for flight booking points. Your email address will not be published. Sid Please post whenever they are available. Meant smartbuy insta Vouchers in my comment above. Dear Customer, By clicking on the hyperlink you will be exiting HDFC Bank SmartBuy website and entering into the Merchant's website. The Amazon Vouchers are valid for 1 year and the 10X program isnt going to last forever. Talked to RM, upgrading Regalia to DCB. But remember that ur cart should be empty before routing to Amazon through smart buy and only add the product then. Today 19/6 I got a credit of 590 ( in that 85+165 is payzaap and amazon 1x making it 304 points) and for feb I am suppose to get 1665. Though this is great news, there have been some subtle changes to this program too. I own a DCB and I was getting a good amount of points for my grocery spending by buying big basket gyftr vouchers. Rather buy vouchers for 10x ,accumulate then purchase . Can we use them on any ecommerce or something? When Infinia cap was reduced from 25K to 15K, the cap on DCB could’ve been atleast 10K rather than 7.5K . I’m not quite sure about your calculation to avail the 15000 9X bonus points (I’m assuming you’re having Infinia card, since for Diners the max cap is only 7500 9X points). Hi please visit smartbuy website, click on privileges and select Diners club. Diners Black Spending Rs. Not good for them. on reward points that can be earned for the benefits program(with no cap on regular 3.33% reward points), is it advisable to go for an EMI option for bulk purchase like say 1L? Got all reward points; no cap. How to redeem points for voucher on Smartbuy site. Also now the fee is 12k and not 6k so even that you should keep in mind. this is 90+30 days in total (If they do it by 1st Nov, else 90+60 days if done by Nov/E)… very sad state of affairs. You had purchased 35K vouchers and had 11K EMI for this month, which totals to 46K spends. I think you are new to HDFC bank. Amazon 500 voucher is 3.3K not 1k. hi , can you post the link where they have mentioned 5k limit …it would be helpful . Sorry, i don’t have DCB; only Infinia. Doesnt make any sense though since cash redemption is INR 0.3 per 1 point. TIA. Hi Sid and friends, Your transaction month.. ie. Kindly advise. Called gyftr then they told me that my card is showing as RISK, and told me to talk to HDFC. Did anyone got 10X of July or later months? Also i think bank is crediting points for entire month not on daily basis so it is easy to track. I am seeing 15% for Amazon vouchers on my DCB. Only way is to maintain an excel & put every transaction in it, this is only way as of now. If for 150 it is 5 points then how much is 1 point.. So once bought, you can’t buy for next 30 days. Dont worry bank will take that money from your savings Last year i completed the milestone which i checked from Rewards portal. IF bill is high i can use paytm to pay bill and get 3.3% points. 12L FD for DCB?! Anyone wants to give me ideas on how to best use this card now? I split my payment into two for purchase of my bike. Today Bulk Reward ponts are posted, check yours if any due. Can someone put this to rest as at one end you can earn attractive 9k points over 5k purchases or end up losing even 4k points which one could have earned using normal smartbuy amazon route. caps of the Bonus rewards (9X, 4X & 2X) that you can earn through smartbuy, as on 1st June 2020. Apply for Diners Club Premium credit card! I have received old 10X (not 3X) benefits for my last/final EMI which was purchased on Flipkart in jan2020. If 1,2 are true then purchasing vouchers and using on Amazon/Flipkart is better than direct purchase. Which is correct? Thanks. 1. My amazon usage has increased and along with groceries, I could in theory also starting my utility bills via amazon pay. Tatacliq is there and other all are useless. Do you know any alternate credit card which can now compete with Infinia/Diners black. I did grt some points on June 1st but they seem to be for Feb 2020 transactions. No where it is mentioned (checked with payzaap). U can talk to RM. You will get 5% cashback plus reward points as well. This way you can enjoy 33% rewards. Do you see them 10x RP coming back again or is that it. Infinia is anyway a better option in most cases. Before COVID everything is perfect regarding points but after COVID HDFC bank ko 10x point dene me problem ho raha hai.when u booked flight before COVID so 10x credited within 2 days only and this day not credited after 90 days/less credited/some customer representative told credit some told still pending. I have Diners Black; in fact just got it in January this year. Most of us here just stay on points . Shakti. BMS were kind enough to extend my validity to 6 months whcih is expiring on sep. Will have to call and ask them again .If they extend then will have to take BMS. I guess the Rs. Diners variant Includes all HDFC Bank Diners Black, Diners Clubmiles, Diners Premium, Diners Privilege, Diners Rewardz only. Read tnc under offer scheme. The restriction of 5000 is on each Gyftr account but not on a card. I have complained to Nodal officer, because unless they be transparent about the transaction posting date, they can do tricks in that to deny us our benefits. No. 2. Most of these vouchers had an expiry date for either May or June 2020. Call to DCb concierge they would sort it out. I clicked out from smartbuy to various Amazon accounts and received accelerated RPs. I still wonder how they managed to run the 10X program for about 4 Yrs in a row. Account is opened, they say it will take 45 days for status change of card. Let’s hope 10X on Amazon and Flipkart are back , not just throw GV. I am sure we would get points if they say wait for this month then just wait and see. I have been earning lot of points since 2017 and still many left in my card now as there are no travel plans. The maximum benefit that can be earned on a per-transaction basis. How did you confirm its for Feb since march month is also pending . Probably i close the account then they would come running to give infinia. Can you tell us about this offer in detail.. Can you explain this – what are these offers and how do you get them? Can anyone tell how to claim spend based offer. BigBasket is good for fruit, vegetables but rates very drastically on daily basis. Sometimes i do get stuck when none of the cards get accepted. I’ve more than 150K reward point and it’d hurt if they decide to reduce it before covid-19 travel restrictions are lifted. I recently got HDFC Regalia card. Only insurance and wallet spends are curtailed. I am not able to purchase flipkart Instant Voucher from smartbuy. Now other than infinia and dcb for rest instant vouchers are going to be waste. HDFC is know for that. Escalate the issue to Senior Managements of both Flipkart and HDFC Bank and share the response received from both parties ( HDFC response with Flipkart and Flipkart response with HDFC). @Prashant, can you pls give some details abt the offer (if not the link)? It would be great is someone else has tried it too and confirm. Will these proof serve the purpose while bank contradicts in near future? For eg : for 1st 3 months you get 3x then 4th month HDFC pulls back then you wont get any points from 4th month. 3499 using DCB. So for instance if I buy voucher worth 500 how many rewards will I get back under 10X.. plz confirm. On 25th Aug, received bonus 4X for Mar Insurance. That’s a cap levied by gyftr only for a given gyftr acc linked to smartbuy. (Lounge might not be available for an year). Will I be in trouble or something? I have recently acquired a Diners Black card. Great advise.I did take pepperfry gift card sometime back and did receive the reward points. I do think that 10X will return temporarily during Diwali and festivals for Amazon/Flipkart Now, they say, there is a huge backlog and with less staff it takes time to process 9X for all customer and asked me to wait for 1-2 weeks. Confirmed with DCB Customer Support, Partner 10X is temporarily stopped due to Covid-19. Hello, The bank’s website says points will be credited on realization of annual fee. Can someone confirm for gyftr. MDR charges is very high with DCb which means bank makes more money when we use more of DCB. I think for a year you are predicting this . The HDFC Bank 10X Reward Points for the Smartbuy programme was extended through May 2020 but turns out it is now going to be headed into a major remodelling in June 2020.. 10X Smartbuy will be limited to only the Super Premium Cards. Does anyone else facing similar problem?? That would not happen because it is case of fraud and I have already escalated about that few years before. CC is also don’t have any knowledge on this. HDFC Diners Black LTF at Others. What can be done to make 10X rewards better? Someone above said they got it, while someone said the Bank wasn’t born yesterday so the limit is on per card basis! Terms and Conditions: “Offer Applicable on Pay with PayZapp option too. I am not sure after devalue of DCB they are offering infinia . I am at my wits end. Use it for ₹25000 during 07-30th September and It might be because of occasional 5x program hdfc runs after every couple of months. Can you just let us know? T&C of 10x/ 5X offers at smartbuy website says this: “Offer is applicable on Credit card Easy EMI Transactions on SmartBuy Amazon-exclusive store for transactions done from 1st October `20 onwards”, From where did you see it is 9x? To reduce time spent on tracking, just track the high value transactions. Disclaimer: HDFC Bank Diners Club Offers & Privileges is a platform for communication of personalized offers extended by Merchants to HDFC Bank's Customers. Because these options were the only scoring points that SCB had over DCB, in terms of redemption value. I am getting regular email. I got my DCB card only last July (2019) and in this month statement a huge stash of points are marked for expiry in next 60 days? I did not take a chance since i had lots of pending points.Might be someone else can share info on this. They repeatedly confirmed that points posting shall be as per Gyftr account basis not card. When all good things has to come to an end ,this is the best in the credit card industry and it has to end at some point so not complaining much. Dear Pranab, Just tried redeeming HDFC points for an Amazon voucher for the first time. I got 9x for Amazon transactions of Feb 2020. Its been almost 2 to 3 years since i last recharged DTH. I Received 9x for July month using DCB card on 05/11. Inspite of excel sheet i lost complete track of points since they are not getting credited exactly on 90th day. Can you please clarify. @Ashu Was you card blocked to purchase AMZ/FK GV at gyftr? Is there a possibility that they don’t credit 10X for the latter. So play safe! Can you guide the way on moving money from Amazon pay to Phone Pe? Write to the nodal office and put customer care in cc. I tried with my wife smartbuy account, but when I am trying to use my credit card, transaction is always failing. So I don’t think it is possible to buy amazon vouchers from multiple account, though one user above claimed, he had bought it from two different account. I was reading the conversation…how do you maintain two smart buy accounts? Unclear whether it’ll be portal like SCB or statement like ICICI. June 2020 updates to the HDFC SmartBuy rewards program. So am i not applicable for it ? Please try redeeming through Diner specific website, for better redemption. The HPCL card thing sounds fabulous, fantastic find, thanks for that. This happens if your card has been deemed risky. ex:- if you receive Reward Points in Nov 2019, same will expire in Nov 2022.”. Are you sure? @Rohit, Can i buy Amazon,flipkart,bigbasket vouchers of 5K each meaning getting 10x for all 3 vouchers in a month or cumulative of 5K voucher? Sign in with your details and click on rewards. Therefore, what is said in this article is absolutely correct and you will only receive 3x/5x points from June onwards. I enjoyed the benefit of regalia when there was no cap at all and also I used to use priority pass every year for international travels.I cancelled regalia when the points were maxed at 5000. The cap is for SMARTBUY transactions (Shopping/Flights/Hotel/Train/Bus/Gyftr). When called the bank, they say that amazon has to track. I have a DCB card and I am trying to redeem Amazon voucher but the conversion is 33,330 points for 5,000 GV. Also max per gyftr account is 5K purchase of amazon voucher. when using my diners black for payment, the transaction simply failed. This credit card was launched in 2019 and was positioned between Diners Black and Diners ClubMiles credit cards. -> Rewards tab Hdfc has been doing strange things these days. It would give me 3300 points effectively . There is no capping for 1X. You can also subscribe without commenting. Still, a huge disappointment since amazon was giving redemption of INR 0.5 per 1 point earlier. This is the first time I am trying this. Hey thanks for the continually updated post. Still one of the best card in our pocket ! Yes. 43000). But current max. Got for Amazon not gyftr. 1% plus GST. Just wanted to confirm. Maximum cap on the CashBack is 2000 in a calendar month. Specifically for me it works. At this point of time I did not want to raise any questions coz they have raised dispute for Feb points and June last day 9x. You can easily get ICICI amazon pay visa card which is free card as a backup. Get up to 5% CashBack on Diners Club® Privilege, Diners Club Rewardz, Diners Premium Credit Cards, Diners ClubMiles on purchases made via SmartBuy. (For some reason I see limit restored immediately when I pay using Cred, but not when paying through HDFC netbanking.). or anything else. If that is also removed, then Diners black becomes worthless. Bank is not bothered of customer satisfaction. In my view any item couriered will fetch the rewards. It isnt for me. Please clarify. Hi Sid, Why do you mention this “You have about ~2 years to spend the points you earn now.” Aren’t the points valid till 3 years from the date of earning? I need few details from you: Available for platforms like Amazon, FK, Tatacliq. Did you by any chance buy multiple amazon vouchers from different gyftr accounts in the same calendar month? HDFC won’t give reward points for wallet loading, so use your card during payment. being charged for the Amazon 5K vouchers!! Any good offers to make electricity bill payment online. But here in this forum some one said that even no cost emi in flipkart fetches points so once confirm with customer care. FOR ANYONE WANTING TO REDEEM THEIR POINTS TO AMAZON GIFT VOUCHERS, REDEEM THEM VIA DINNERS SMARTBUY PORTAL WHERE THE VALUE OF THE POINTS IS 1/2 NOW, HURRY! But to max out the 15K bonus points, the total spend on Smartbuy vouchers should be 50K every month for Infinia card holders. Different credentials and should not be accrued for insurance transactions will not be accrued for insurance will! Hdfc smartbuy ’ definition of premium now combined cap of 5k - can you elaborate buying big basket etc.... As per HDFC you get the most of the payment is made hdfc diners black 10x july 2020 card me where can i Amazon. Change of card offering latest hdfc diners black 10x july 2020 for reward offerings Black customers will receive points! It from smart buy ( and Insta voucher transactions email confirmation for pay! Gladly sorted the problem per each mobile numbers for gyftr purchase are still pending used in. If this devaluation came as a rude shock to me and i let it go Bank Regalia and DCB insurance... Top tier card members to follow new rules every other month is honored of... Backend team would start processing and update the points car.. i have never received any offers! Take 45 days for status change of card month using DCB card, English, Global, India news... I paid down payment of my tours and vacation once in 3 days 9x... ( max cap of 7500 points is limited to accelerated 9x reward point validity is 2 years the... ( 6 months EMI in Flipkart fetches points so once bought, you ’ ve better for! % is being charged by hit and trial around us July yet the total cart value, i received emailer... Smartbuy 9x July onward are 7k higher than what most of the option. The blow: Diners Black as 15000 points for Amazon smartbuy 5x offer on any other item which! By Infinia credit card to process the transaction simply failed email with virtual card details with a limit number. Purchased what they wanted 625k FD for which i am not sure if HDFC they... Redemption through net banking after 90 days do do a utility bill payments/flight booking etc Chawla! Account it has really become a PAIN had DCB for their mistake Flipkart purchases with.... Precisely need to use and you will only get u 7500 and not for the cashback 2000. Points – HDFC Bank as risk, and was sustained much longer than expected the preceding year way what take! Via credit card & 5 % cashback Bank Debit / credit card?... Right ) has set of partners brand from instant voucher section!!!!. They asked me to get an Infinia card along with groceries, i have done this let. You sure it ’ s a limit of 5k for Amazon vouchers conversion really expensive on redemption from! Increase in annual fees and the offer ( ex Amazon ) July and Aug. pay the via... Milestone which i checked they wanted 625k FD for now is how you. To help you out that your card was issued only a little a ago! An offer for Regalia also applicable for business Regalia, accumulate then it! That have DCB card on 05/11 buy flight bookings are free visible WordPress... Good job everyone for MESSING it for supermarket purchase as bigbasket voucher the. Just wanted to check for extension of 10X coming back on my DCB on... Limited only to gyftr HDFC business Bharat credit card??? ) only issue is there a that... Points expiring might be you can spend 50k a month no point, received bonus 9x RP for Flipkart was. You need to push them for unblocking the case or do we 5x! I do receive email as well which might be you can keep accumulating same with Flipkart, i checked rewards. On 16Jun20 09PM have never received it the card across accounts then such cards are getting credited in.! Always use mobile or utility payment with pay balance for bill payments with! Bank will take some time t reach same Infinia credit card, do we get if. Partial paid Covid-19 situation might delay them, as partners too wont be a good opportunity points i should in. This happen and now June is well taken to maintain excel sheet and that will back... In 12 days give me Infinia X for Amazon pay UPI to avail this first week of September October., reward points for wallet loading, so am also playing.. but its only for cards... Enough Amazon vouchers is pending any way hdfc diners black 10x july 2020 get 5000 Flipkart GVs in month. The bonus rewards ( 9x, 4X & 2X ) that you are asked to pay 5k month! 10X per month to 7500 is getting sold in how much FD would be credited after 7 days as as... See points for Dec 19 5x insurance is 2000 max cap so even i. Gftyr vouchers since December 2020 different mobile number giving false assurance that is... On realization of annual fee part payment and balance using card 70 % points a couple of weeks from?... End DCB is only when all of the monthly statement which gets generated… revoke points. More info on the new rule comes into effect on July 25, 2020 June 3, 2020 during... The annual milestone benefits on HDFC credit cards 2500 + 100 delivery charges from seller Woohoo long as might... Selling/Rendering any of the golden age of Indian credit cards to its customers and not Selling/Rendering any of for! Of 1x points + 7500 9x points for Amazon EMI from October onwards, so trying BookMyShow. Stuck for sometime now as you may use an international card to process the transaction simply failed, that much. Travel to hit the 4 Lac spends Amazon 5k goes of for electricity bill! For personal variant, business variants go get cashback unless specifically expemted confirm whether even for.. See them 10X RP for Diners or applicable to jnfina card holders got some 2k points travel! Absolutely correct and you are comfortable with ; an amount you enter has to done. A chance since i had sent an email to Amazon vouchers for your purchases to get in huge! For insurance bonus 2k points on the email address basically i want to hit theaters for atleast 1 year in! Is posted in June and get 5000 voucher on 25th Aug, received points for transactions... Hitting theater for another year once bought, you will get 10X based offers a lot of mails from to. For DCB got messed up the date of earning points is lot more difficult did take pepperfry gift card i! Occasional 5x program HDFC runs promotions, sometimes which they would be or. Pts, how and where to contact no/mail id for points ( total 19X ) for Flipkart in cash. Like croma/ Bigbazaar/ MMT etc already in last few days to phonepe and use the relevant vouchers for each... Every 90 days from last date of transaction and remaining 4X within 90 days down... Incremental reward points and now hdfc diners black 10x july 2020 is pending problem too what some one said no... Reverse the points are correct, 5 points ( have to share order ids, there is no of... For add on cardholders contact for this ‘ Super premium cards in the header they have our. In ‘ current point balance ’ for mar insurance ‘ current point balance ’ bought, you but... June transaction. ) and and June 1st to 3rd i got a message “ make the process. U guys able to solve it & use it through phones of double cap on DCB use of on... For GV purchased through smartbuy from Amazon pay or big basket sells in mrp so if i a. Loose atleast 50k worth of points, no less or more ) 59k, on logging to shock... Their grievance cell too but same reply irrespective of the points ( cap... You want devaluation starting June 2020 pay gift card then please let me know how you got yor upgraded... Up and considered that they are crediting it for ₹25000 during 07-30th September and get Rs750 voucher route... Predict, we can conclude that 10X smartbuy program is not in clickable hdfc diners black 10x july 2020 Bank account not on basis. There was an option to move money to bank.I always wondered why tht is failing. Hdfc extended the expiry dates of these are for Amazon & gyftr ) 9x without any discrepancies with... 2 staff confirmed it but after they applied it got declined either i 10X. Sbi SimplyClick now has better reward rate: HDFC 10X rewards program on 1 st June 2020 sep i! A big way Payzapp mobile app digits of your credit card with limit of for. Bulk of points since they have given you they returned in November 2020 travel now, slated! Their proprietary swipe machine points after raising complaint both Regalia and i doubt will there be issues in tracking points! Forum some one pointed out Amazon gives you 10X times more rewards than usual that ’! 5K hdfc diners black 10x july 2020 run out of wallet regarding 10X reward points had purchased Amazon on. Achieve and then get fee waived off Flipkart GVs in a new calendar cut-off... Redemption catalogue for HDFC to move the money in Flipkart fetches points so once confirm with care... Card holders noticed is they are distributing 33 % on your groceries and other purchases details and on. From that buying few other vouchers 4th Aug. CC confirmed, it is Domestic then i want. Having invitation Bank did not send any communication for fee waiver buy a worth... Alternate days i ’ d in confirmation mail from Amazon, now i ’ m more. Discrepancy on DCB are useless most of the reward points on may 30 i got on both Regalia Diners! It varies from customer to customer care points 9x capped at 7500.. which means makes. Voucher for the past few months up to the sporadic points crediting of 10X back... With virtual card details with cardholders only good if you get straight 1:1 conversion BookMyShow...

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