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Because splake typically do not reproduce, they are used as a sport fish in many lakes across the US. The splake or slake (Salvelinus namaycush x Salvelinus fontinalis) is a hybrid of two fish species resulting from the crossing of a male brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) and a female lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush). Depths? In 2001, the ME DIF&W stocked just over 1.2 million fish. See pages 40-42 of the 2020 Fishing Guide Splake provide memorable opportunities for anglers while serving as a component of healthy fisheries in lakes and reservoirs. Long Pond is a deep, dark water lake that is great for anglers trying to catch splake, salmon, and brook trout. Splake are also stocked in conjunction with hatchery brook trout in some waters to provide an occasional larger fish. Splake tend to have a slight fork in the tail, a trait passed down from its lake trout parent, while brook trout tend to have no fork or "square" tails. They are considering different options/locations for stocking. In the second case, relatively small lake trout lakes that experienced poor recruitment due to insufficient deep-water juvenile lake trout habitat will support fairly good splake fisheries, since splake are less dependent on extreme deep water than are the lake trout and they grow more quickly, providing a better return to anglers. They rarely feed on other coldwater gamefish. This splake happened to be my largest of the species to date. Most importantly, this hybrid trout is capable of creating quality fisheries in waters where other hatchery species have not been successful. Anything from 3/4-ounce up to 2.5-ounces can be effective at hooking lake trout. Splake survived to older ages than stocked brook trout. The F1 splake has proved to be a success, however, in providing angling opportunities in smaller lakes and most of the planting of splake in Ontario now goes to those situations. Although splake were first described in 1880, Ontario began experimenting with the hybrids in the 1960s in an effort to replace collapsed lake trout stocks in the Great Lakes. Spent a whole day last ice season and caught one but that's it and marked lots on the Ice flasher.. 11oz. The brook trout produces hybrids both with its congeners Salvelinus namaycush and Salvelinus alpinus, and intergeneric hybrids with Salmo trutta.. Fourteen of these waters are in the General Management category, 29 are in the Quality Management category, and 10 are in the Trophy Management category. We’re here for you. Although the hybrid is genetically stable and is, theoretically, capable of reproducing, splake reproduction is extremely rare, for behavioural reasons, outside the hatchery environment. Thanks Moved to Duluth/Superior this autumn, and Im looking for a couple good laker or splake lakes to ice fish. Im pretty new to … I believe one of the most important parts of going after a new species on new water is to do research. The estimated splake returns to anglers, during ice fishing only, were as high as 78%. They get this trait from lake trout. 3 oz. We should all get out together, that would be a lot of fun. I typically drill far more holes, over many more depths, when I’m ice fishing for splake than any of the other trout species. I do know that they move shallow in the Fall trying to spawn even though they're sterile. And a splake’s head looks much like a lake trout. Another difference is splake are usually larger than brook trout. Over $200,000 spent each year on splake so they need to get a better bang for their buck. :) Al514: July 15th, … Maine currently has approximately 53 waters managed primarily for splake. We have some lakes north of Kingston that are stocked with Splake, Brookies and a lake that allows you to fish Lakers all year around. I’m guessing the lake may have something to do with the colour. Since the introduction of smelts the population of brook trout has been declining. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has been stocking the splake across the province for decades. Great Web site, by the way. We visited one more small lake and added a few more brookies to our tally. Even our cottage lake gets stocked by float plane some years. All said and done, we caught about 22 brookies and one big splake between the 5 of us over the course of 2 and a half … Sowards, C. L. 1959. It was a killer hen splake fat from the spring feed. This is one of the easiest ways to figure out whether a fish is one or the other species. This was the first stocking in Maine. The biggest is a 34.5-inch fish caught there in 2016. The splake is an intrageneric hybrid between the brook trout and lake trout (S. namaycush).Although uncommon in nature, they are artificially propagated in substantial numbers for … You’re thinking about tackling the largest freshwater lake in North America, but you’re not sure where to start. It has a dark background with white spots. These fish are a hatchery made cross between a brook trout and lake trout. [4] The backcross is the result of an F1 splake male being crossed with a female lake trout (i.e., 75% lake trout and 25% brook trout). The theory was that splake would grow more quickly and mature sooner than lake trout with the hope that they would be able to reproduce before being attacked by the invasive sea lamprey. Anglers can and do take splake up to 10 pounds and fish in the 4- to 6-pound class are abundant. When it comes to keeping Splake, a Splake is part of your Brook Trout limit and also limited in conjunction with Lake … The water holds many species of fish and wildlife and for visitors to interact with. Over 90% of the total acreage of waters managed for splake is open to ice fishing. Splake fed on other fish species, such as white perch and yellow perch, that typically out-compete brook trout. You catch Splake the same way you catch Lake Trout or Brook Trout. There are mostly Perch, Bass, Bluegill and Sunfish up there.....Does anyone know how long each of these need to be or know a site where I can find this out. Get Details. Most fish caught here range from 25 to 29 inches. The Maine State Record splake was caught in Basin Pond by Dan Paquette. In both cases, due to the behavioural sterility of splake, all such fisheries are entirely dependent on artificial propagation. The intrageneric hybrid is of the genus Salvelinus and, hence, is most properly known as a char or charr. The trip was a success! Unfortunately, although splake are relatively unusual among hybrids in that they are fertile, fertility in nature is behaviourally problematic—very few natural progeny are produced by introduced splake populations. Ok, so there are big splake to be found at Hessel…but when should you … In 1990, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife began a pilot program to determine if splake could provide acceptable fisheries in waters where stocked brook trout had failed. Top fishing guide Eric Haataja with a nice size Splake Top Videos: Splake is an hybrid of a female lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush)and a male brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). Numerous Master Angler splake have been caught out of Lake Huron off Hessel (Mackinac County), meaning they’re a minimum of 25 inches in length. The tail fin is not as deeply forked as lake trout. Adult Size: In Maine, splake typically range in size from 10 to 18 inches. The only known natural reproduction has occurred in five lakes in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada and, in each case, only a handful of progeny were produced. I've had good luck trolling for um, but they introduced Brown Trout years ago, which are often caught with a bass fishing type approach. Splake grew at a faster rate than stocked brook trout. Although the backcross program did succeed in creating some localised angling opportunities, it never achieved any degree of success in terms of natural reproduction—the backcross was only marginally better at reproducing than was the F1 splake. Splake survived to older ages than stocked brook trout. Finding a high-quality jig is imperative if you’re serious about landing a trophy trout. Email us, Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Opportunities for People with Disabilities, Rulemaking Proposals Open to Public Comment, Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Reptiles and Amphibians, Rare, Threatened, & Endangered Invertebrates. This creates additional fishing opportunity for Maine anglers. Identification: Splake and brook trout have very similar coloration patterns, making it very difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish between the two species. In the same water, splake survived to age 4, providing fish in the 16-18 inch range. Splake are commonly stocked across the northern United States and throughout Canada for the purpose of providing fishing opportunity. Splake are considered "easier to catch" than other salmonids and often live longer and fare better in certain situations. April 25 – Sept. 30 (Inland) Type A & D lakes: April 25 – Oct. 31 : Gear Restricted streams. Splake grew at a faster rate than stocked brook trout. Remarkable as a 30.5-inch splake is, the reservoir is no stranger to big fish. Does anybody have any tips or advice on splake fishing through the ice on a deep lake trout lake deep as in 20 feet of shore is like 30-40 feet deep. By the way, the fish in the middle is a rainbow trout. They can attain lengths of 18 inches in just 2 years after stocking. Augusta, ME 04333-0041, Phone: (207) 287-8000 Yeah, we are the ones, and yes we do follow you. Two weeks ago I was getting fish in 40 ft …, "F1 Splake: An Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review (pdf)",, Taxonbars without primary Wikidata taxon IDs, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Ayles, B. Hence, splake are well suited for stocking in a variety of coldwater lakes and ponds. Make sure the jig has a large head and an even larger hook. Another big difference is splake fishes have a little fork in their tail. ), and one way or another, the laker/splake eggs get fertilized by brook trout that are spawning at the same time. Bryan and I put in a lot of time looking up waters that Splake were located on and talking to people that fished for them there. I got some pics and carefully guided her back into the water to grow a little bigger. One of the best jigs for deepwater trout fishing is a big bucktail jig. Splake also lack the blue halos around the red dots on their sides. The splake or slake (Salvelinus namaycush x Salvelinus fontinalis) is a hybrid of two fish species resulting from the crossing of a male brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) and a female lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush).The name itself is a portmanteau of speckled trout (another name for brook trout) and lake trout, and may have been … An example would be in Ontario, where both F1 splake and the lake trout backcross have been planted for several years. These fish are stocked in waters where there is insufficient spawning habitat. Taneycomo is around 18 miles long. Splake fed on other fish species, such as white perch and yellow perch, that typically out-compete brook trout. Augusta, ME 04333-0041, Mailing Address: Splake grow at a faster rate than either of its parental species. And the splake do that, because they grow quicker, they get to a larger size where they start to eat other fish at an earlier time. This hybrid trout is not stocked in waters with significant wild brook trout fisheries. Anglers often have difficulty distinguishing splake (top) from speckle trout (bottom), But specks have square tails while spake are V-shaped. How do you catch splake in the summer? Splake over 10 pounds have been caught. I stared at the fish in the net, illuminated by my head lamp. In the summer, they generally go deep, preferring water less that 60ºF. Unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Im looking for some lakes around Duluth within two hours drive north and northwest. Splake feed primarily on smelts, white perch, yellow perch, and minnows. In the first of two cases, former brook trout waters which have become infested with spiny-rayed fish to the point where they no longer produce brook trout are stocked with splake. The splake grow more quickly than do wild-strain brook trout and become piscivorous at a younger age and, hence, are more tolerant of competitors than are brook trout. Splake have been culturally produced since the 1870's. 284 State Street It was part of a comparative study between brook trout, rainbow trout, landlocked salmon, and splake. In 1958, splake were stocked in Long Pond in T10 SD, Washington County. It can give you a big advantage rather than just showing up and trying to figure out on the fly. They are generally put in lakes that … In some locales, the fish is referred to as the wendigo. In one study water, stocked brook trout rarely survived beyond age 1 and returns to the anglers were in the 2-8% range. Done a lot of ice fishing, but not for those species. Ive been trying for splake at my cottage for the past couple springs/ summers and havent managed to get a single one but thats not the question here. A splake trout is the hybrid cross between a female Lake Trout & a male Brook Trout. I live on a rather small lake that is stocked annually with 2,500 to 3,000 splake. TTY: Maine Relay 711 Im going to be trying to get some through the hard water in bancroft and am wondering what techniques, lures/ bait might help increase my odds here. Splake are a hybrid trout resulting from the cross of brook trout and lake trout. In one study water, stocked brook trout rarely survived beyond age 1 and returns to the anglers were in the 2 … Speckled trout numbers vary from 23-55, lake trout 93-208, and splake inbetween the other two species at 65-85. Nearly all of Maine's hatchery fish including brook trout, landlocked salmon, lake trout, splake, and brown trout are stocked for the sole purpose of providing angling opportunity. Fax: (207) 287-8094 or (207) 287-6395 Does anybody have … The name itself is a portmanteau of speckled trout (another name for brook trout) and lake trout, and may have been used to describe such hybrids as early as the 1880s. Taneycomo is my choice, but the White River in Arkansas produces many huge fish as well. In the winter, splake can be found in most any location. (1974): Relative importance of additive genetic and maternal sources of variation in early survival of young splake hybrids (, Berst, A. H., Ihssen, P. E., Spangler, G. R., Ayles, G. B., Martin, G. W. (1980): The splake, a hybrid charr, This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 14:20. Splake grow slightly bigger than most speckled trout, but not quite as big as lake trout. Splake are stocked in an effort to reduce the number of illegally introduced smelts. And I’m much more mobile, moving my tip-up every 15 minutes if I don’t get … This hybrid trout is genetically stable and capable of reproducing. Open for Entire Year (See Great Lakes Lake Trout & Splake row below as well) (Inland) Type 3 & 4 streams and Type B, C, E & F lakes. Scott Haugen explains in detail how to debone a trout using the Cabela's Alaskan Guide Fillet Knife. Pretty sure a trout is easier on the gut than a big mac. Open for Entire Year (Inland) Type 1 & 2 streams. The lake is not fished heavily except for loons, osprey, mink, and otters. The world record splake was caught in Ontario and weighed 20 lbs. A lot of stocking is done by air. It weighed 10 lbs. The pectoral fins are easily distinguished from rainbow trout as splake have a dark background with white spots and rainbows have a lighter, silvery background … DNR presentation at the Coldwater meeting last week. After a spirited battle that reminded me of a bull trout fight we had our first big splake to the boat. Meanwhile, brook trout usually have square tails and no fork. After some experimentation in the late 1970s, stocking in the Great Lakes and, especially, in Georgian Bay, was converted entirely to the so-called lake trout backcross in the early 1980s. [1] Hybrids of the male lake trout with the female brook trout (the so-called "brookinaw") have also been produced, but are not as successful.[2]. Very few fish are stocked for the purpose of creating wild populations. However, splake reproduction has never been documented outside of the hatchery environment. Fishery managers are able to control populations numbers due to the extremely poor spawning success rate. Due to mediocre results, the experiment never really progressed beyond Georgian Bay. Splake lakes are definitely good places to take advantage of using two lines, which most provinces allow during winter. By way of contrast, lacustrine brook trout would approach 25 cm (10 in) in length at a similar age and similarly aged lake trout would be expected to be less than 40 cm (16 in) long.[3]. The Ontario record for the largest splake trout was set in 1987 by Paul Thompson at 20.71 pounds, caught from the … Meacham Lake. They do stock some big ones from time to time. The maximum size is about 9 kg (20 lb), but fish over 4 kg (9 lb) are rare and are considered trophies. I like going after … I believe the angler was sight-fishing for it. These buggers can drive you bananas, and when you do get 'em, they love to spit the hook I have limited knowledge on summer splake fishing but here goes. Franklin County, NY Meacham Lake is a an ideal site for fishing and camping experiences. The Lake gets fed by over 200 rivers, and it houses some of the best fishing on the Great Lakes. During the spring and fall, they can be caught with light tackle near the surface, even on flies. The splake is a fish that doesn't get the attention it deserves from Ontario anglers. Experiments in hybridizing several species of trout. This hybrid trout is easy to catch and provides excellent winter fishing opportunity. A marauding eagle tries to steal the osprey's meal, and in the ensuing battle the osprey drops the fish in the stream (or maybe eggs get expelled? In one case, splake are stocked in a reclaimed pond in which brook trout have become self-sustaining. Splake exhibit higher growth rates than either parent species and can attain 46 cm (18 in) in length only two years after being planted as fingerlings (i.e., at 2½ years of age). If I remember the story correctly, that big splake out of Carter last fall was taken on a tube jig in fairly shallow water near the south end of the lake. Splake get bigger than Brookies and average between 4 and 8 pounds but bigger Splake close to 15 pounds have been caught by our guests. Joe’s Valley is home to other species, including tiger muskie and cutthroat, rainbow, brook and tiger trout. Physical Address: Any baits, jigs, spoons that work best? Having your hook fail … Lake Superior shares its borders with Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Let's not get into that, we don't know how big Dave's group was or how big those splake are, Splake Fishing In Maple Leaf - Page 3 - AlgonquinAdventures And while you're hunting for that trophy splake, get ready for the chance to hook a cutthroat trout that could go up to 20 inches in length or a tiger trout that goes up to 15 inches long. Alert: Stay up to date on Maine's COVID-19 Response, Home → Fish & Wildlife → Fisheries → Species Information → Splake, Common Name: Splake (from speckled trout and lake trout), Scientific Name: Salvelinus namaycush X Salvelinus fontinalis. The fish possesses characteristics of both parent species. This hatchery fish also provides expanded fall fishing opportunities in many lakes and ponds around the State. Angler Steve Rayan splake with a big splake caught in Canada. 41 State House Station The total number of splake stocked was around 90,000 (7.5%).

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