how to sync withings scale with fitbit app - Piano Notes & Tutorial

Go to and make sure that your account is set to "Enable weight data sharing" in "Share / Publish on the web" section. Here is where I originally linked Fitbit to Withings successfully a year ago: Log in to your account on the app or website of a company that offers Fitbit integration, such as MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, or Runkeeper. Any word, Withings? Visit, Be courteous and participate in the community with a spirit of friendliness and understanding, Ensure that my messages do not infringe on the rights, reputation, image, or privacy of others, Avoid any and all discussions which contain insulting or discriminatory comments, Abide by the full terms and conditions outlined. Click "Download Withings Data" on the left. Create an account. It looks like it has been working for a while. Duplicate activities—that is, if you already recorded an activity with Strava, a Fitbit activity that occurs at the same time won't sync. Sync Solver will ask permission for info from Fitbit; tap Allow . Hoping for a an eventual resolution to this issue. If you have a Fitbit watch, use the Strava app on your watch to see your last 10 run or bike exercises. (However I dont know what it did behind the web interface, which showed linked again at this time.). Note that this community is supported by its members, not the Withings Support Team. Same, withings scale stop syncing with my fitbit app just today. The import of your data is starting. Overall, the Withings Body Plus is the best smart scale. For example: sync activities from Garmin to Samsung Health, and sync sleep from Fitbit … It has already been too long. Note: To unlink your Withings account, visit, and tap or click Unlink my accounts. For instructions, see. Today, I updated both the App and SmartWatch firmware, and none of that solved the problem. Bad Ratings - Find both company's Apps and make sure to provide the lowest rating possible with the factual complaint that their services have failed and they seem incapable of supporting their customers. Log into your account. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Fitbit account with your Withings account. I get this error "20.08.2020 21:13, Oje! What gives. Contact the Company - Contact Customer Support of both companies. Grrr. We got our Withings scale yesterday. From the dashboard, click the gear icon, Make sure your Fitbit device is syncing with your Fitbit account. Configure data receive with Withings (you have to login to approve the app for receiving/sending the data) Configure data send with Fitbit (again you have to login to approve the app for receiving the data) It then should not take long before you see the results in your Fitibit-app after you stepped on the scale and refreshed the app 😀. I doubt Fitbit is all that concerned. It only works if you Sync'd both of them BEFORE November 30th. Here's the current thread on the FitBit side:, Feel free to retweet if you'd like to help get their collective attention: lovinthebigsky - it's an annual thing, so yeah, I'd just send both products back and go elsewhere. When this gets to their business departments, they will understand low ratings with public anger due to legitimate service failures will lead to worse public opinion, translating to lower sales, unnecessary lost revenue, and potential market share loss right before the holidays. The Fitbit forum thread referenced by Chris, above, has finally caught the attention of a moderator who says they are working on a resolution. Finally, the last instruction is to contact Customer Support. When a third-party app requests permission to access or modify your Fitbit data, it lists the specific types of data it would like permission for. Tap the profile icon in the top right, then tap the gear icon. To connect your Fitbit and Withings accounts: When your Fitbit and Withings accounts are linked, your daily Withings scale weight and body fat percentage measurements will automatically show up in your Fitbit dashboard. I'm trying to sync Healthmate with my Fitbit but am getting no where fast.. despite reading all of the previous answers. Weigh yourself with a Fitbit Aria series scale and sync with the Fitbit app to track your weight data and trends over time. To preserve the Withings Forum as a place of kindness, mutual support, and interest for the products and services provided by Withings, I am committed to: Support told me to unlink and relink, but didn't give me a link to any instructions on how to do it, and now I see someone has tried that and it didn't fix the issue :P. I sent the support person a link to this thread and told them just maybe they did something...  Maybe the tweet will get more help. Simply select the correct user in the Eufy app and all of your data and metrics from the smart scale will sync to that profile in the mobile app. Just double checked my Fitbit App to make sure its still getting my weight measurements and it is since I linked before November 30th. For instructions, see, Reconnect the app with your Fitbit account. I’ve given up trying.. you can manually import the data but I’ve been given no advice on how to sync it automatically.. Follow the on-screen instructions and log in to your Fitbit account when prompted. We shouldn't be penalized for their corporate failures. Scale data is not syncing to fitbit for the past 2 days. Same problems here.......last sync was Thursday 20 August. I never updated the Fitbit SmartWatch firmware before this problem occurred. Click on "Unlink my accounts" on the left and then relink it. If you need assistance because of an issue which would not be resolved through troubleshooting, such as a product with physical damage, please contact our Support Team. Still nothing works. If you want to export your GPS data from your Fitbit account to Strava, see How do I export my Fitbit account data? Click Import data. Withings scale quit syncing with my FitBit on 17August2020. I thought I may have been doing something wrong but it appears like a system/user wide problem. I have tried unlinking and relinking accounts at and checked settings, cleared cache, etc, but no one seems to care that the connection broke for many of us on the same day (actually fitbit pushed a security update to their devices on that same day, go figure). Log in to your Fitbit account. There are probably about half as many tabs open on my phone's browser. Try 3rd party integration IFTTT: (some customers got this to work - it appears to only sync weigh data, not the rest of the body metrics).3. ^Thank you for this post. With your scale and Wi-Fi router nearby, open the Fitbit app on your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or computer. I am experiencing the same....having some feedback, even acknowledging that Withings is no longer compatible with Fitbit would be helpful at least. Syncing your Apple Health app everyday with myFitnessSync - Health to Fitbit for iPhone allows you to use the Fitbit app and dashboard to view your fitness data. Be polite, remember you aren't talking to the person who broke it. They both already have our money. I only noticed about a week ago that my fitbit log had multiple entries for some dates. I'm having the same issue. Appreciate that you can't work magic, but hope Fitbit + Withings address this ASAP. How can I use the Switch to Withings feature? Then I looked back in time and there were entries for all past dates plus my own manual entries. If this is your first time syncing your Apple Health data to Fitbit data with myFitnessSync - Apple Health to Fitbit app it could take a couple minutes to sync all your data with Based on the facts, I do not believe either company cares about it or us. I guess I'm not the only one having an issue. I have read this whole Withings thread and the one at Fitbit. I successfully unlinked, and relinked my accounts on that page with no problem or error. The download starts but continuing spinning, never ending. Find the section for connecting another account. I tried to un-link  and re-link apps again and still not working. I personally will not remove them, but will update them to say how long it took them to fix it. These permissions map to specific Fitbit API requests the app will be able to make on your behalf. The ONLY reason I bought it was its advertised ability to work with the Fitbit App. 1. This section is often called "Apps" or "Connect.". To use the Switch to Withings feature, perform the following steps: Click this link. For the data measured, it can automatically sync to the Health Mate app through Wi-Fi. About ready to send both products back. Previous activities that weren’t tracked by Strava. SHORT VERSION: If you bought your Withings/Nokia Scale AFTER November 30th and trying to get. I'll verify. After over an hour on the phone with fitbit for the same problem (stopped syncing healthmate data to fitbit on Aug 17th) they told me it's not their problem. Could someone show me how I could link and sync successfully from Withings to Fitbit please? I have tried different methods including unlink and link it again. Your Fitbit info will then sync with Sync Solver. How is it that this has happened several times and these two companies still haven't figured out how to stop breaking this link or at least how to fix it in less than a week? Could someone investigate and fix the link between the two accounts? Fitbit’s app doesn’t sync with Apple’s HealthKit, whereas Withings’ does. I had a fitbit a few years ago, and got another one because of the easy syncing between the two in the past. Having same issue. Click "Download Withings Data" on the left. Withings Body+ - Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app Like most Withings smart scales, this scale is able to measure full body composition with accurate percentage. Do not use another app until syncing is complete. If you encounter any issues syncing your Fitbit account with another app, contact the developer of the app. Still love Fitbit… It is good to remember that these people are not programmers but specialize in customer support, so we shouldn't take it out on them, however it is exactly their responsibility to inform their companies' technical depts of the problem and their business depts of risk of public backlash against their companies by leaving the service broken, affecting their products, and customers. How do I manage apps connected to my Fitbit account? Does anyone know the issue? What a pain to have to manually add my measurements into fitbit! Log in to your Weight Watchers account and click the profile icon in the top right corner. 3. Me too. So if using the Health app is essential, you’ll want to choose the Withings scale. If you're unsure whether you own Aria, Aria 2, or Aria Air, turn the scale over and remove the battery cover to see how many batteries it contains: On Aug 23rd when I realized it had not been working for a few days, here is the special message that showed on that exact page: Uh Oh! I sent both companies direct messages. I noticed my Withings to Fitbit sync was broken on Friday, Feb. 1. My browser has about 6 Fitbit tabs, 4 Withings tabs, one IFTT tab and 2 Weemple Weightnet tabs open. There is no evidence that either company is doing anything to fix it, or even cares, as we received only empty customer service quotes with no real information. 4. When your Fitbit and Withings accounts are linked, your daily Withings scale weight and body fat percentage measurements will automatically show up in your Fitbit dashboard. I had a Fitbit aria that would sync (I think it ultimately used MFP as a “translator” between the Fitbit app and Garmin) but the scale itself was pretty bad and would have +/- 1-3 lbs variance on the same weigh in, and the syncing would “break” every 3-6 months due to something Fitbit, MFP, or Garmin did. Why no response to Emma? They went through 4 "troubleshooting" steps then said that means there's nothing wrong on their end so call Withings...however withings has no phone support at the moment so not much to be able to do. Note the following types of activities won't sync to Strava: Connect your Fitbit account to a Weight Watchers account in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. How do I connect my Fitbit account with another app? To connect your Fitbit account in the Weight Watchers app: To connect your Fitbit account from a web browser: To connect your Fitbit and IFTTT accounts: Once your Fitbit and IFTTT accounts are linked, turn on Applets to track your fitness and sleep goals, build healthier habits, and sync your fitness data with other services. Click Get Started. 99 ($27.99/Count) $32.99 $32.99 When your Fitbit data syncs with Weight Watchers, it's automatically converted to Weight Watchers activity points. For information on developing your own third-party app, see My Fitbit App fails to receive Withings Scale data anymore despite having worked for a year. I welcome any new solutions anyone has! Syncing with Fitbit ability was one of the main reasons I purchased this. Best Answer. My Fitbit App fails to receive Withings Scale data anymore despite having worked for a year. I’ve just today received my scale and having the exact same challenge. You can choose different source apps for different types of data. Data shared with third-party developers is governed by the developers’ privacy policies and terms of service. I cannot tell when it started to work. And if they aren't competent to figure out the fix, as they should, then our options appear to be:1. Your iPhone will want to open Sync Solver; tap Open . By connecting your Fitbit account with another app, you can share data between the app and your Fitbit account. Contact Fitbit customer support. Contact Fitbit customer support. Purchase New SmartWatches and Scales from companies that are not Fitbit or Withings (preferably both products from the same company after researching reviews to ensure they work together).4. It had been a while since I last weighed myself. We were unable to update Fitbit with your Withings' measurements. Go to the Cloud section. Social Media - Post the complaints with real facts and your frustration to various social media platforms. However, it never works. I never updated the Fitbit App before this problem occurred. This definitely requires Fitbit & Withings to assign a technical software engineer to review, fix, and test the code. (Accounts are now linked through IFTTT as a belt-and-suspenders approach, but this morning's weight data still not showing up on Fitbit app. Click Import my Fitbit history. I have read this whole Withings thread and the one at Fitbit. If you already have a device connected to your Weight Watchers account, click. That's my best review and suggestion of this troubling failure. I just got a new fitbit on Friday, and I have had a Nokia/Withings scale for years now. We also have seen that others who contacted Customer Support have received no solution, no information on the actual problem's root cause, no evidence that actual people are assigned and working on it, and no expected timeline to restoring service. If its a month, people need to know thats what they get if they buy from these companies.). Syns with Fitness APP - Syncing with easy-to-use app and supporting bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3 and iOS 8.0 or above system, this smart scale body fat digital scale can feed your health body fat scale data to your favorite fitness APPs including AppIe Health, Google Fit and Fitbit APP – already used by over millions satisfied users 🙂 Just FYI that IFTTT is not a guaranteed solution.) Go to and make sure that your account is set to "Enable weight data sharing" in "Share / Publish on the web" section. More can only help. Had been working fine since about the 1st of the year. Make sure they understand that it is a serious problem and you need to know when they will have it fixed. You can revoke access for an app at any time by visiting your app settings. It sports an attractive design, gathers more information than any other scale and presents the data in an easy-to-understand app. Tap Next and follow the on-screen instructions to reconnect your scale to your network. API client is not authorized by the resource owner to access the resource requested. How do I know which Fitbit scale I have? Wir können Fitbit nicht mit deinen Withings-Messungen aktualisieren.". Log in to your Withings account. Good news friends: it appears sync is working again. RENPHO Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App sync with Bluetooth, 396 lbs - White 4.7 out of 5 stars 6,115 $27.99 $ 27 . If you change you SSID or need to re-link your scale to your Fitbit account. Apps created by third-party developers must follow the API Terms of Service. Last time with a successful sync was Monday, January 14. What data you can sync depends on the source app from which you sync data, and the destination app(s) to which you sync the data. Best smart scale for 2020: Withings, Fitbit, Garmin and Eufy, compared ... the correct user in the Eufy app and all of your data and metrics from the smart scale will sync … Check - Keep checking to see when it gets fixed, so you can start using it again. I've tried the download and unlink/relink with no success. Please be patient and leave the myFitnessSync - Apple Health to Fitbit app running in foreground. Fitbit cannot remove information they store once you give them permission to access your Fitbit data. But I did find under Settings --> User Preferences --> Parters --> Manage My Partners... that Fitbit shows up in Withings as connected. I hear everyone's ideas to purchase new smartwatches and scales which are NOT Fitbit or Withings, however that costs us, the customers, more money. Help. The more customers who contact them via phone, email, forum, etc, the higher on the priority list, it will go. Hope its helpful to someone. Can anyone else verify? I also cant sync to fitbit. About usCareersRetailersAffiliatesCorporate WellnessAPIHelp, © 2020 Fitbit, Inc. All rights reserved.Privacy PolicyTerms of UseReturns & WarrantyProduct CareRecall & Safety Info. I have recently purchased a Withings HR Sport watch and would like Health Mate to be my go-to app, instead of the Fitbit app which I was using due to having a Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Aria scale. There is no evidence that either company is doing anything to fix it, or even cares, as we received only empty … Nothing could be simpler! For troubleshooting syncing, see, Unlink the app from your Fitbit account. 2. Android: From My Day (bottom left) >Click Activity tab (top right) >Scroll down to Sync your Device OR Click Profile icon (Lower right) >Settings >Activity Settings >Activity Sync * you can also click Fitbit Syncing Tips or Apple Health Syncing FAQ from Settings (from iOS, go to Profile > Gear > Activity Settings > Fitbit Syncing Tips) *Make sure that you have synced your fitness device with the … That's still only 2 birds in the bush and none in hand, but at least it's an acknowledgement. Here's was the massively long pain the last time this happened: If you believe an app is not following these policies, please contact our support team at Come on Withings and Fitbit figure it out. It also connects with the Apple Health app and Fitbit app. I am experiencing the same issue. Very frustrated over support from both fitbit and withings. It is then so easy to sync your weigh-ins into the Noom app. I went to my Withings account on their site, looking for the share section, and could not find anything like that, so its probably an old outdated suggestion. If its only 1 week, fine. No new data to fitbit since 17 August. After performing the relink in the next step below to no avail, I went back and unlinked from THIS location in Withings, then relinked, using the only method i can find which is the fitbit integration page (same as the next step mentioned below). Syncing your Apple Health app everyday with myFitnessSync - Health to Fitbit for iPhone allows you to use the Fitbit app and dashboard to view your fitness data. Hoping they get it fixed soon. We now know that posting in the community does not count for that. Select the user you want to assign your data to. It's only giving me the option to Switch data or manually import data (which it's not doing anyway) rather than automatically syncing and importing from Fitbit. When prompted, authorize Strava to connect to your Fitbit account and follow the on-screen instructions. All you need to do to start is install the Withings app and then the Noom Weight Loss app. Recommend people do not buy their apps, services, and products. I will have no trust in either company until there is proof that they have done this, and are actively working together. (Note: The honorable thing to do will be to UPDATE or remove the low ratings and public complaints once they fix it. Live without data on your products - hope someday someone cares enough to fix the Fitbit - Withings Integration at: Tap Wi-Fi Network or Pair Scale to Different Network (depending on the device). How to re-pair or re-sync the Fitbit Aria scale to your Wi-Fi network. Cannot find a solution. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Fitbit account with your Withings account. Same problem, same day. Click on "Unlink my accounts" on the left and then relink it. After all, they want us to use the Fitbit scale. Disappointed to say the least. Posting thread again for quick reference: When you start the app you just have to press “Update Weight” on the homepage, then “Get from Withings scale”. 2 … I have tried to sync Withings scale body+ with fitbit app, but it doesn't work. Connect another app to your Fitbit account: For instructions on connecting your Fitbit account with Strava, Weight Watchers, IFTTT, or Withings, choose a section below: To connect your Fitbit and Strava accounts: Your Fitbit activities will appear on Strava, and runs and rides tracked with Strava will contribute to your all-day Fitbit stats. Shouldn't somebody who works for Withings be piping up here to say "please don't return your scales, we're working with Fitbit to fix this problem ASAP."? There is almost no incentive for them to care or fix it. At any rate it is now working and the log is complete with no missing entries. Credit where due. I heard that Fitbit made some internal changes on Aug 20th, which would be the  likely cause of the failure, most likely that Fitbit's "change" or "update" broke the API interface between them and Withings or at least they are not handshaking with all the parameters in the right format. Wasted enough time already. Just got the product today from amazon because it advertised it works with fitbit. It "says" they are connected, but nothing syncs or downloads for me either. Anytime you want to update your Health app information with your Fitbit's data, return to … I have tried everything and nothing is working. (Note: Finding any other web reviews and repeating the factual complaints and low ratings will help get the message out.). To connect your Fitbit and Withings accounts: Visit and tap or click Start the Withings Connection Wizard. Therefore, I recommend a new approach that everyone can do, which is more likely to get attention and results: 1. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Fitbit account with your IFTTT account and choose what Fitbit data IFTTT can access. On the Today tab , tap your profile picture > Aria 2. One of the best things about the Eufy scale is that it supports up to 16 different users in the app. Fitbit and Withings to sync, it DOES NOT WORK. Try 3rd party integration Weeple: (some customers got this to work - you have to pay for historical data, but losing 1 week seems livable).2.

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