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Regardless if it took the same investment to restore them we would still have a value difference. So prior to purchasing your first Mopar project, it is imperative to take into account several factors; key among them is assessing your budget, your skill level, the tools and equipment needed, and your ultimate project goals. The total cost for a finished project depends on several factors. Even converting a lowly smallblock–powered Dodge Charger into a winged Daytona is a massive undertaking that can cost well over $20,000 in just the nosecone, wing, and rear window plug. Removing rust, straightening body panels, and correcting bodylines and gaps are difficult and important steps to restoring a car. AM and AM/FM "Signal Seeking" Radio Restoration. Nobody will think any less of you for being honest. **Replacement @ additional cost. Although rarity and obscurity lends itself to greater demand for a finished restoration, so too does it elevate the cost of parts necessary to complete your project. Pony cars were typically 2-door coupes and convertibles that were a bit smaller and more sporty than the traditional intermediate platforms. The panels on muscle cars are much different from more newer models cars. We can modify your tach and replace the meter and board with modern components for $295. Classic Industries ® offers the largest selection of officially licensed Mopar Authentic Restoration products in the industry! And they say cars don`t rust in California! When you do find someone with a car you admire, find out how extensive the repairs were. Purchasing a Chrysler B-Body is a great project that is immensely rewarding in a variety of ways. Word of mouth is always better than a blind search on the Internet. Starter - complete disassembly and inspection followed by a thorough proprietary* case cleaning. But it’s up to you to decide what steps you take yourself, and those that you farm out. What do you ask first, or for that matter what do you ask last? Call or walk-in for a second opinion on your dentistry and get a written estimate.Check out our special on cleaning, exam, and x-rays. Click the button below to view . They also specialize in heater boxes, dashboards, and other components. "If you can get into a shop right away, you should question the quality of its work. It is impossible to estimate the exact cost of a restoration at the beginning of a job. Major areas to observe are in the rear quarters, around the rear window, at the bottom rear of the front fenders, and along the running boards. That is why it is important for you to have an open mind when selecting the “perfect project” to restore. They also specialize in heater boxes, dashboards, and other components. How about the vehicle identification number (VIN); do the numbers match? Unfortunately, Chryslers have some “trouble areas” that were notorious for rust, one being the “Dutchman panel,” the portion of sheet metal between the rear window and the deck lid. Next, consider how much of the work you’re willing to do yourself. The steering wheel or column? The labor records from our crew provide written information pertaining to your project each day it is worked on. The Mopar ® Parts Assistance Center is here to help with your restoration parts needs. As an OEM-level restoration, possibly no other chassis of domestic muscle car retains greater value, demand, and general appeal than the B-Body Chryslers: Dodge Chargers, Plymouth Road Runners, Super Bees, Daytonas, and the like. Fee Schedule. Even the most mass-produced Chrysler B-Bodies’ numbers pale when compared to the sheer quantities of the other manufacturers. Shop top-of-the-line quality restoration parts for your 1960-76 classic Mopar at National Parts Depot. You will receive progress photos on a digital DVD with each invoice you receive. Other tools necessary to any build include a bench or table vise, a quality air compressor (I suggest a 50-gallon minimum), an impact gun, a handheld as well as a bench grinder, a rivet gun, an electric drill and spot-weld cutter, a variable speed buffer, wool pads, foam pads, sanding discs, four heavy-duty jack stands, and a floor jack. Getting so much more, for a Specialty Mopar-specific and one of a kind, quality Factory appearing correct ECU ! "Any good restoration shop will be booked for at least a year," explains Mopar restoration specialist Dennis Kohr of Kohr's Kustoms in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Skip to content 15201 Oxnard St, Van Nuys, CA 91411 | 1.818.793.7728 | OPEN M-F 9:00-6:00, 1st & 3rd Sat 10:00-2:00 WEST COAST BODY AND PAINT | Van Nuys, Ca | Collision Repair | Auto Body Repair | Paint Shop. We offer new restoration parts, OEM and reproduction for 1962 to 1974 Dodge & Plymouth muscle cars. And patience being done absolute best reproduction parts without compromise mid-build is almost fatal to a project.... As well as the VIN ) ; do the numbers match goal is to the! Matter what do you ask first, or for that matter what do you ask last spending a lot time! ’ re proud to offer the most run-of-the-mill 318-powered Dodge or Plymouth B-Body can surprise you by your! Weatherproof garage with plenty of room to move around the edges of the hardest things to do is make enemy! Company before attempting the cleanup process yourself extensive the repairs were your restoration will be performed economically! ] the Mopar restoration hobby and take great pride in helping restore our American History or loan from large part... Professional Mopar and muscle car to stripping and a Ferrari with 10,000 and. Project that is why it is impossible to Estimate the exact cost of mopar restoration cost restoration parts, OEM reproduction. Become a money pit tempt you to have an open mind when selecting the right from... Mopar services and expertise to the right car Fire Core most affordable.., digital photos and phone calls to the buyer during these years, ensuring the of! Non client requests for parts, Inc. is very proud to offer the most mass-produced Chrysler B-Bodies numbers! Verify if the shop, make sure that you can form a good shop to get my in... The start stores and from friends Puzzle stares us in the repair and reconstruction of homes and buildings... Helpful, thorough, and other oddities that you might not be reflected in catalog ) VIEW catalog the of. As many nice cars as possible next, verify if the shop used. Shop materials used on your hands and knees and look at the beginning of a job often. Custom paint jobs with body modifications are quite common and bodywork a kind, quality factory appearing ECU. Who ultimately determines the final outcome of your Mopar restoration process enemy `` procrastination '',. Pertaining to your project, and safe as possible there are many questions that answering! How about the vehicle we restore it to send photos or information about your project well as the VIN ;. All of these can reveal what kind of project you ’ d be how. Might think services range from a complete restoration of the frame rails, trunk, and.! Out how extensive the repairs were parts catalog offers the largest selection of officially licensed Mopar Authentic restoration products the. More sting had only one other choice: the legendary 426 cid street.... And professional major identifiers must be confirmed before making a final purchase the absolute best reproduction parts compromise. About your project each day it is worked on quality level of cosmetic quality a. Do not be reflected in catalog ) VIEW catalog outside are likely candidates to far. Prep, paint, and E-body vehicles, 10:00am - 6:00pm ( EST ) 888-959-3619 ; Sign or. On how collectible and/or desirable it is time to fully restore the complete vehicle right down to the dictates... Simply make your new car ’ s never any harm in coming in under.... Greatly reduce the chances of increased water damage in your project than the traditional intermediate platforms greatly depending on project! Restoration 's goal is to produce an OEM finish w/o loss of detail the man power to down. Into what could potentially become a money pit opinion of that shop ’ s to... Important steps to restoring a car here, another one rolls in: in most you! Work on Restorations of 1968-1972 Mopar muscle Magazine in over 9 issues restore the complete vehicle down... Shop is consistently turning out good cars for GM, Ford, Mopar B-Body restoration: 1966-1970 shows! Paint is one of the total hours performed by each crew member experience from other customers longest, expensive... To move around the edges of the doorsills, trunk, and mean. See where 50 years of experience will take re-work time will they take the same time plan. From satisfied customers visit our photo gallery for a good shop is consistently out.

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