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Osmanthus fragrans, commonly called fragrant olive, sweet olive or sweet tea, produces clusters of not particularly showy flowers that have an extremely powerful apricot fragrance. Suited to hedging and topiary. it is so healthy condition. It has glossy dark green leaves 2"x-4" with toothed edges and small 0.5" flowers usually hidden by foliage, with a strong apricot-like fragrance that can be smelled from a distance. USES: Very versatile slow growing shrub. Osmanthus fragrans, commonly called fragrant olive, sweet olive or sweet tea, produces clusters of not particularly showy flowers that have an extremely powerful apricot fragrance. Shipping was timely. Osmanthus fragrans f. aurantiacus (Makino) P.S.Green Osmanthus fragrans f. leucanthus T.Yamaz. The foliage is dark green in color. / Zones 7B- ...Read more, Full Sun or Part Shade / 10-12" X 12"+W / Makes outstanding borders or mass plantings! 98. Finally recieved my tea olive plant, with some yellow leaves, and a lot of holes on leaves eaten by warm I think?? Most Osmanthus flowers are small and not showy, but their sweet smell can be detected from yards away. I was happily surprised and will no doubt order more at some time. Osmanthus Fragrans Orange 5 Seeds, Fragrant Sweet Olive Tree Shrub, Cold Hardy . Winter hardy to about 10 degrees F. and generally considered to be plantable in the ground in USDA Zones 8b-11. Orange Tea Olive can be useful in the landscape in foundation plantings, as a background, in shrub borders, around decks, swimming pools, and other outdoor living areas, in landscape beds or islands, grown flat against a wall or as a hedge and also in theme gardens or cottage gardens. Osmanthus Fragrans "Orange Supreme" Osmanthus Fragrans "Orange Supreme" This listing is for one plant in a Forrest Tube. The flowers do not last as long as white ones do. Plant database entry for Sweet Olive (Osmanthus fragrans 'Aurantiacus') with 5 images, one comment, and 20 data details. Gift cards are available upon request. South of USDA Zone 8a, sweet olive is grown as a small flowering tree, shrub, hedge, screen or espalier for lawns and areas around the home. O. f. aurantiacus has narrower, less glossy leaves than the species; its crop of wonderfully fragrant orange flowers in … The tree looked really healthy and good roots, fast delivery, packing was impeccable. False Holly. Hope you enjoy these! This variety Plant arrived in good condition and is thriving in my yard. Osmanthus fragrans var. It has less foliage and much more inflorescence than the "typical" orange tea olive. USDA Zon ...Read more, Full Sun to Light Shade / 3-4'H x 5-6'W / The best of the best of the Dwarf Indian Hawthornes! An extract (alcohol absolute) of gold-orange flowers (O. fragrans var. thanks !!! Restocks typically occur at the beginning of each week. There is a rarer form, called ‘forma aurantiacus’, which has orange flowers. Large dark green leathery leaves and an upright to oval growth habit making it a natural backdrop for other smaller plants. You'll see why when you plant one! A cousin of the white-flowering Tea Olive, Osmanthus fragrans, the Orange Tea Olive, Osmanthus aurantiaicus, produces the same fragrant flowers but in a wonderful creamy orange color! $12.99 to $22.99. It has very few if any insect or disease problems and deer don't touch it! DESCRIPTION: Native to Asia, this gently scented flowering shrub has an upright growth habit and large evergreen foliage; clusters of tiny creamy-gold flowers. The Orange Tea Olive is an exceptionally easy plant to grow in most any average well-drained soil. But they showed no ill effects/shock and in fact, have grown about 1/2 foot since planting about a month ago. Can’t wait for it to bloom! This form is also more cold-resistant. Hardiness Zones: 10a 10b 7a 7b 8a 8b 9a 9b Quick Overview: Large shrub or small tree with 4" olive green foliage. If you like fragrance, Osmanthus Fragrans 'Aurantiacus' has fragrant flowers. Fragrant Orange Tea Olive - Osmanthus fragrans aurantiacus - 3 Gallon Pot; A cousin of the white-flowering Tea Olive, the Orange Tea Olive produces the same sweetly fragrant flowers but in a wonderful creamy orange color. aurantiacus (Orange-flowering, Tea Olive) $ 29.99. Information entered by Gardener Direct members is not endorsed by GardenerDirect.com. My Fragrant Orange Tea Olives are transplanted and being really happy. Looking forward to the fragrant orange flowers blossoming in the fall. GardenerDirect.com is an affiliate of ToGoGarden, Inc. $9.99 shipping. Osmanthus Ladybird Roses I can't believe how many gardeners have never seen this plant in flower. ‘Orange Supreme' is a well-shaped plant with bright orange blossoms. Siebold Osmanthus fragrans f. aurantiacus (Makino) Hatus. Orange Flowering Fragrant Tea Olive (osmanthus) - Live Plant - Trade Gallon Pot. I am really certified with my purchase. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. There are other subtle differences between the two varieties. Fragrant orange flowers in fall are showier than the species. Looking beautiful with no damage to leaves what a wonderful job you did! Watch. it is no damage! The customer service is always very good and the people are all very helpful pre and post purchase. It prefers full sun but will tolerate a little shade. $94.98 $ 94. But we love them both! A breeze will carry the aroma a good distance, but we suggest planting your Tea Olive near windows and outdoor living areas. Feb 2, 2015 - AKA Orange Sweet Olive Japanese Orange Osmanthus. I have refered many to GD but their states don't allow certain plants. In St. Louis, it is grown as a container plant for decks, patios or outdoor sitting areas or year round as a houseplant. Sweet Olive aka Osmanthus fragrans Live Plant Fit 1 Gallon Pot. AKA Orange Sweet Olive Japanese Orange Osmanthus. 190 sold. Varieties of the species bear flowers in orange, gold and reddish hues. Olea fragrans Thunb. Doubt if it can blossom? Here at the Garden, we have an unusual orange flowering form of Osmanthus fragrans ‘Orange Supreme’ in the Camellia Garden. Leaf margins may be smooth or finely toothed. I highly recommend Matt and his crew, they care about their products and they care about their customers. Hi Marina - Thanks so much for taking the time to provide a review. It is too early for the blooms, but I hope to see them this fall. Watch for scale and aphids. As you mentioned, we take great care to pack and ship plants as safely as possible. This is perhaps the most widely grown Osmanthus, and certainly the most diverse, with several attractive varieties. Best with part afternoon shade in hot summer climates. $34.99 $ 34. Osmanthus Fragrans Aurantiacus. Osmanthus fragrans (Sweet Olive) has massed small white flowers , we also grow Osmanthus fragrans aurantiacus with Gold flowers. More tolerant of cold conditions than the species. Tiny white flowers appear in axillary clusters in spring, with some sporadic bloom through the summer into fall. There are 14 photographs of Osmanthus fragrans f. aurantiacus 'Orange Supreme' in the JCRA's photograph collection. Hi Doris - Happy to hear the Tea Olive arrived safely. / Dwarf Shrub Rose / 2'H x 3'W / USDA Zo ...Read more, Harbour Dwarf Nandina - Nandina domestica 'Harbour Dwarf', Sun or Shade / 18-24"H x 18-24"W / The TRUE DWARF Nandina! / USD ...Read more, Full Sun / 4-6"H x 6'+W / Fast spreading on slopes; grows uphill and downhill! It is doing well so far, and I'm looking forward to the wonderful fragrance. Check back soon and sorry for the inconvenience! ... Fragrant Tea Olive Osmanthus Fragrans - 30 Fully Rooted Live Plants - Fragrant Blooming Shrub. In these warm winter areas, it is easily grown in average, consistently moist, well-drained garden soils in full sun to part shade. Drought tolerant once established. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. / Shrub Rose / 4-5'H x 4-5'W / USDA Zones 5 ...Read more, Adagio Dwarf Maiden Grass - Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio', Majestic bronze flower plumes on a dwarf form! Would definately buy from again. USDA ...Read more, Clusters of petite double dark red flowers all season long! Osmanthus fragrans aurantiacus, the flowers are close to orange, much darker than the species and appear in clusters along the stems, and the plant is a little more upright. The Orange Osmanthus is a small tree or shrub bearing large clusters of creamy orange blossoms on the stems and a pleasant distinct sweet floral scent of Apricots that fills the Autumn Garden. Tolerates heavy clays. Tea Olive (Osmanthus fragrans… It … Grows 3-4'H x 3-4'W. $14.00. Osmanthus fragrans NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Plants were packaged securely. The ones in our garden really do have bright orange flowers and they smell a little sweeter than other varieties. Root ball was mostly mulch so I was a bit concerned about its lack of structure when planted. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to deliver a superior quality, healthier plant to you, reduce waste and emissions, all while passing the costs savings to you. I received a beautiful robust plant that took off without any problems. Grows 3-3.5'H x 4-5'W. There seems to be an orange variety that has bright orange flowers. I have often taken specimens to rare plant auctions, and many times it demands the highest price of any plant in the auction. 'Orange Supreme' features orange flowers. Positive: On Oct 13, 2010, Pianokey56 from Fort Mill, SC wrote: I think I have a new hybrid version of osmanthus fragrans aurantiacus (orange tea). Matter fact, packing was done ensuring to protect this healthy plant. I was really impressed. The Osmanthus fragrans Lour. Flowers deliciously perfumed in Summer-Autumn, smelling of apricots. $4000 per kilogram) and accordingly is used in only the most expensive perfumes and flavors (Leffingwell & Associates). Never use any informaiton from this site to diagnose or treat any medical problem. It matures to an average height of 8 feet to 15 feet and an average width of 6 feet to 8 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. It matures to an average height of 8 feet to 15 feet and an average width of 6 feet to 8 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors. Grows best in zones 5A to 9B with average water needs and a lot of sun. Osmanthus fragrans - Sweet Olive Sweet Olive is a rounded evergreen shrub with delicate and fragrant white flowers that bloom in spring against glossy green foliage.

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