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See Full Cast + Crew for The Big Sleep (1946) Features [3] It went to the Rank Organisation before eventually finding finance via Lew Grade. The film contained material more explicit than what could only be hinted at in the 1946 version, such as homosexuality, pornography, and nudity. On the night of Geiger's murder, Marlowe returns to Geiger's home in a Taxi (20:18) with a number plate 7077. "I've changed the storyline far less than in the Hawks film", said Winner.[4]. It has received poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.9. The cast includes Sarah Miles, Candy Clark, Joan Collins, and Oliver Reed, also featuring James Stewart as General Sternwood.[2]. Mitchum had also portrayed Philip Marlowe three years earlier in Farewell, My Lovely, a film shot as a period piece rather than set in the present day. Some movie posters featured a text preamble that read: "Meet Philip Marlowe. | DC FanDome Presents "Wonder Woman 1984" Virtual Premiere. "[12] John Pym of The Monthly Film Bulletin wrote that the location and time change had "destroyed the crucial geographical and temporal context of Chandler's novel; almost every aspect of the narrative now seems ludicrously out of place". In a lot of ways, "The Big Sleep" must have seemed tailor-made for a remake in 1978. adapting The Long Goodbye, and several radio plays. Murphy, Arthur D. (March 15, 1978). Michael Winner said an American was meant to adapt it but did not agree with changing the locale to Britain so Winner did it first. The story's setting was changed from 1940s Los Angeles to 1970s London. Diana Quick performs the song "Won't Somebody Dance with Me", a ballad composed by Lynsey De Paul. "'The Big Sleep' is one tired movie". Directed by Michael Winner. While at the mansion, he meets the general's spoiled and inquisitive daughter Charlotte (Sarah Miles) and wild younger daughter Camilla (Candy Clark). Howard Hawks' THE BIG SLEEP (1946) starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall is a very complicated film. 1963 Alvis TD 21 3-Litre Series II . Oscars snub Michael Winner. A perfect match of screenplay, director, and leading man, The Big Sleep stands as a towering achievement in film noir whose grim vitality remains undimmed. Christopher Marlowe (the beloved Humphrey Bogart) to get the blackmailer off her back. "[9] Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times panned the film as "a flat, routine procedural detective mystery utterly devoid of any film noir atmosphere". SoundOnSight Siskel, Gene (March 28, 1978). Camilla tries to get her pictures back from Brody, who is now in possession of them. One is the chauffeur for the wealthy Sternwood family. Mitchum was 60 at the time of filming, far older than Chandler's 33-year-old Marlowe (or the 1946 film's 38-year-old Marlowe played by a 44-year-old Bogart). He is working with Agnes now, and she is willing to sell information as to Mrs. Mars' whereabouts. After confronting Charlotte with the facts, Marlowe tells her to have Camilla hospitalized. ... special effects (uncredited) She becomes hysterical at the ruse and he takes her home. The The Big Sleep Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. The first movie version, while justly famed for the chemistry between Bogie and Bacall, really didn't come close to doing justice to Raymond Chandler's original novel. 77. "'The Big Sleep,' the Second Time Around". With Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles, Richard Boone, Candy Clark. Carmen Sternwood Dorothy Malone. Raymond Chandler (novel), Childhood Memories: ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, Michael Winner, Larry Hagman snubbed at Oscars 'In Memoriam' tribute. Mars' wife Mona hasn't been seen in a while and may have run off with Rusty Regan (David Savile), Charlotte's missing husband. We get Mitchum’s voice explaining things on the sound track, and we get flashbacks to remind us of key scenes, and when characters confess to a crime we get scenes picturing them. Philip Marlowe Lauren Bacall. Howard Hawks The Big Sleep provides considerable more awareness and understanding into the character of Philip Marlowe than any other adaptation of a Raymond Chandler novel. Carmen is being blackmailed, and her father hires P.I. In a shootout, he then kills Canino. But on the night Marlowe shows up for their meeting, Harry is poisoned by Lash Canino (Richard Boone), a hit man who is working for Eddie Mars. Marlowe's investigation of the homosexual pornographer Arthur Geiger (John Justin) leads him to Agnes Lozelle (Joan Collins), an employee of Geiger, and to Joe Brody (Edward Fox), a man that Agnes has taken up with. [7] Janet Maslin of The New York Times described the film as "senselessly gaudy" and "overloaded with big names, and in this case the net effect of an all-star cast is to make an already confusing mystery even harder to follow". After he sets up an empty can on the ledge of a wall of the ruins of a Roman castle for her to use as a target, she points the gun at him and begins pulling the trigger repeatedly. Starring: Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart. Look back at our favorite moments throughout the year, from award shows to up-close shots of celebrities. Powers Boothe portrayed the character in a series of 1986 dramas made for HBO. A man named Harry Jones (Colin Blakely) comes to Marlowe with a proposition. The movie stars Humphrey Bogart as private detective Philip Marlowe and Lauren Bacall as Vivian Rutledge in a story about the "process of a criminal investigation, not its results." The Big Sleep (1946 Film) study guide contains a biography of director Howard Hawks, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The Big Sleep is an Crime, Mystery, Thriller movie that was released in 1946 and has a run time of 1 hr 55 min. "Film Reviews: The Big sleep". Private Investigator Philip Marlowe is hired by wealthy General Sternwood regarding a matter involving his youngest daughter Carmen. ... Great cast, with terrific Bogart and Bacall. [5][6], Roger Ebert gave the film 2.5 stars out of 4 and wrote that "despite all the great costumes and sets and London locations they’re given to work with, the actors don’t seem engaged". The Big Sleep (1946) Synopsis. Grizzled American private detective in England investigates a complicated case of blackmail turned murder involving a rich but honest elderly general, his two … Cast Humphrey Bogart Philip Marlowe Lauren Bacall Vivian Sternwood Rutledge John Ridgely Eddie Mars Martha Vickers Carmen Sternwood Charles D. Brown Norris, The Butler Elisha Cook, Jr. Harry Jones Charles Waldron General Sternwood Tom Fadden Sidney James Flavin Captain Cronjager [1945 version only] Louis Jean Heydt Joe Brody Sonia Darrin Agnes Lowzier He added that Winner "ploughs step by step through the complicated plot with a curious lack of interest in, among other things, the nature of his hero's character".[13]. William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett, and Jules Furthman co-wrote the screenplay. Test your knowledge Take the Plot Overview Quick Quiz. Directed by: Howard Hawks. Crime, Drama, Mystery. The Big Sleep (1946) ← Back to main. R The toughest private eye who ever wore a trench coat, slapped a dame, and split his knuckles on a jawbone.". Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of The Big Sleep with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at "'Big Sleep' Aptly Named". Distributie Melissa Joan Hart, Caroline Rhea, Beth Broderick. Two of the names mentioned most often in Howard Hawks ' "The Big Sleep" (1946) are Owen Taylor and Sean Regan. The Big Sleep is a 1978 neo-noir film, the second film version of Raymond Chandler 's 1939 novel of the same name. Mitchum remains the only actor to play the character in more than one feature film. The picture was directed by Michael Winner and stars Robert Mitchum in his second film portrayal of the detective Philip Marlowe. It was originally shot in December 1944, a few months after Bogart and Bacall's debut pairing, TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (1944), and a few months before the two stars married. Digital Spy - Movie News It was directed by Howard Hawks, cowritten by author William Faulkner, and starred the popular team of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Returning to the crime scene, Marlowe is interrupted by gambler Eddie Mars (Oliver Reed), who owns the house where Geiger's body was found. The film was originally developed for United Artists, as when that studio bought the Warner Bros library they obtained the remake rights. The Big Sleep Cast and Crew "The picture they were born for!" Arnold, Gary (March 23, 1978). December 11, 2020. The Big Sleep is an example of the hard-boiled detective novel, which typically has a tougher, stereotypically masculine style. Artisan Home Video (now Lionsgate) under license from Carlton Media (successor in interest to ITC Entertainment) on April 30, 2002 as a Region 1 fullscreen DVD. Play Trailer; The picture they were born for! 59. LIVE on December 15 at 12 p.m. PT [10] Arthur D. Murphy of Variety wrote: "The production is handsome, but in the updating and relocation a lot has been lost. Rated the #3 best film of 1946, and #451 in the greatest all-time movies (according to RYM users). Cast & Crew Robert Mitchum Philip Marlowe Sarah Miles Charlotte Sternwood Maslin, Janet (March 15, 1978). He takes her to a wooded area so she can learn. The Big Sleep Cast and Crew "Some days business is good - and some days it's murder!" At a moment when Canino is out, Marlowe persuades her to set him free. Next section Chapters 1–3. The Guardian - Film News   |  THE BIG SLEEP was based on the Raymond Chandler detective mystery of the same name, and was originally … While the plot is hard to follow at times, the film makes up for the mini frustration by having very interesting characters that have wide-ranging personalities and motives. A lot of that had to do with the fact that Hollywood in 1946 just couldn't show a lot of the things that Chandler did in his 1939 novel. [8] Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune gave the film 1.5 stars out of 4 and wrote: "All of the zigs and zags of the original story are in the remake; what's missing is the enthusiasm. The Big Sleep (1946) NR 08/31/1946 (US) Crime, Mystery, Thriller 1h 56m User Score. He tracks down Canino at a remote garage, where he is overpowered and taken prisoner. Such a lot of guns around town and so few brains! Dick Powell portrayed him in a movie, an episode of Climax! Philip Marlowe: Mitchum, Sarah Miles and John Mills reunited for this film, having starred together eight years before in Ryan's Daughter.

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