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I saw in Google dat Tibetan mastiff dog can defeat 11 wolfs. Two Tibetan/Indian Mastiff with spiked collar can not only beat a mountain leopard, but 'll displace him/her from the territory. Lv 6. It depends. Relevance. One day one of our Peruvian herders came down to our house at the ranch carrying one of them in his arms like a baby, everything covered in blood. This thread is archived. Il Mastino tibetano o Do-khyi è una razza canina molossoide del tipo "cani da montagna" originaria del Tibet, dove viene da secoli impiegata come cane da guardia (anche contro predatori di grossa taglia come leopardi e tigri), riconosciuta dalla FCI (Standard N. 230, Gruppo 2, Sezione 2) e dai principali standard internazionali. Tibetan Mastiff VS Lion FACTS. The Caucasian shepherd and the Tibetan Mastiff are in some ways similar (character and size) though both have their own distinct qualities. Pit bull vs tiger. To work this out let’s have a … I'm a mountain shepherd, my family owns 6 Mastiffs, all guard dogs with two alpha males for protection when we roam with the goats. Ara Koos. È un cane leggendario fin dalla sua scoperta nell’antichità. Pit will lockjaw on all 4 of them at the same time = over. It can grow for up to 1.2m in height. Doesn't matter anyway because 1 pitbull in between them will beat all of them. ‍In Tibetan folklore, it's a Tibetan mastiff that brings the first highland barley seed to the plateau. Mastiff will win without a fight. Even cougars kill wolves, so the smallest tiger will destroy any dog. We had Great Pyrenees with our sheep when I was growing up. 11 comments. No. best. Sort by. 6 years ago. J Somethingorother. TİBET MASTİFİ vs ASLAN Hakkında !! Report of fight between a tiger and six mastiff/irish woulfhound crosses . Tibetan mastiffs used to be loyal companions and good guardians of houses and livestock for Tibetan families. Siberian and Bengal tigers have fought and killed more than 20-30 wild dogs by themselves. Doesn't matter anyway because 1 pitbull in between them will beat all of them. Lv 5. To make a comparison, if Tibetan Mastiffs and wolves were human, and six members of the hunting group of wolf/humans came upon a flock of delicious sheep, they would soon decide to go down there, and eat a few. Mastiff will win without a fight. Do the dogs function as a team? Answer Save. Tibetan Mastiff Vs Wolf. Tiibeti mastifid on tohutult suured. Both love a challenge and fear almost nothing. Wild Animal Zone. Lion Dog Vs Grizzly Bear. By LordByronGains in forum Misc. Share. save hide report. Follow. Kangal are also strong but tibetan mastiff never back down at any fight although it has stronger opponent.. Eg: tiger, lion, etc. 1 ran first and tried to bite my rottweiler, but my rottweiler snapped at him and he ran back. Amy Coney Barrett. The Tibetan Mastiff is generally regarded as a primitive dog breed. 11. Trending. it is said in our place of Nepal that two of it can kill tiger.. Appearance . But, recently when I was walking my rottweiler 2 Tibetan Mastiff ran out of their yard and came at me and my rottweiler. Who would win in a one-on-one fight. Güçlü Köpekler Tibetan Mastiff vs Lion About Strongest Dogs. 4:34. I tried my best to keep the Mastiffs back with a stick, but they still ran towards us. By cuitandokter Last updated . The mastiff would win because mom would put a bullet thru the leopard. However, they suddenly became unwanted in recent years … The Tibetan Mastiff’s history is somewhat of a secret, simply because the region where they come from, Tibet, has always been isolated and closely guarded by their people. Un tibetan mastiff è “una testa, un portamento di coda, una camminata specifica”. Find answers now! Lv 6. Juliette. 11. I'm sorry but use some sense comeone. 4:40. There are many newz about this dog fighting with snow leopards and bears.. Also two mastiff dog killed one tiger in newz. The Tibetan Mastiff has become far more popular in the last 5 years. Jacob 1. Sumatran tiger vs tibetan mastiff? 5 years ago | 4.7K views. ? is it true that the tibetan mastiff dog will confront leopard. Pit will lockjaw on all 4 of them at the same time = over. Relevance. Tibetan Mastiff vs leopard who will win in a fight? Standing there and roaring at the Tiger won’t always work. Adam. Siin on pilt, et saaksite paremini aru, kui suured nad on: Need koerad olid aretatud endises Tiibeti riigis kariloomade valvamiseks ning tiigrite, karude, huntide ja leopardide tõrjumiseks ja tapmiseks, kes julgesid kariloomi proovida ja tappa. 0 0. wb. 1 decade ago. Tibetan Mastiff Biggest and Most Expensive Dog … Browse more videos. Favorite Answer. Alfh. Vicente B: tibetan mastiff vs Caucasian mountain dog? Tibetan Mastiff information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. If you want to know the answer and not get some pitbull fanboy's nonsense clichés, then search Liveleak. share. Tibet Mastiff vs a wolf, which would win? Alfh. The Tibetan mastiff does not like warmer weather it sweats a lot and sometimes even dies of a heatstroke. A Tibetan Mastiff would rip a pitbull to shreds in a matter of seconds. Replies: 116 No doubt... 0 0. 6 Answers. It's been selectively bred for the task. ... Tiger Vs Dog 1-1 1-2. Post Sep 21, 2010 #1 2010-09-21T16:46. who would win in a fight (Pitbull) Vs (Tibetan Mastiff) Page 2 of 2 First 1 2. Per quanto riguarda la testa cercatela massiccia, con muso corto, labbra quadrate, cranio largo, stop marcato e, per quanto riguarda i denti, chiusura a forbice. Il Tibetan Mastiff è un antichissimo cane da lavoro dei pastori nomadi dell’Himalaia, e un cane da guardia tradizionale dei monasteri tibetani. Oha Diyorum. 1 Questions & Answers Place. 779. The Tibetan Mastiff can weigh between 45 and 72kg, and grow to a height of 83 cm. I actually have one and believe that don't misunderstand their power and they are too loyal and protective nature. 3:15. 2:01 #10 Amazing facts about the Tibetan Mastiff Dog! the Tibetan was bred to be a flock guardian tho, and was bred to be able to defend against predators such as a wolf. Answer Save. Haha are you serious? 4 years ago ... Tiger vs Lion - Who is the real King_ _ HD_HQ. 39% Upvoted. At the same time, standing there and roaring at the Tiger may work. Chipmagma. please give decent answers and not crap, also this is my first post so don't expect much info etc. Animal Fighting ★ Lion Fighting Hyenas To Die ★ WHO Win _ WILDLIFE SAFARI. Who would win between wolf and tibetan mastiff? So, it is fair to ask: Which of these giants is stronger and would win in a fight? I think it may come down to the overall health and condition of both animals.. and if the Tibetan has the strong working drive that it is suppossed to have. Favorite Answer. I disagree strongly with dog fighting but if by any chance in a dog exposition or somewhere else were a tibetan mastiff to take on a CO which dog would win before being separated??

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