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Whether you are just starting out, maintaining or troubleshooting, you'll find advice and answers here for all your rodent control needs. Tomcat Attractant Gel, 1 oz. Bromethalin is an acute, non … After use, simply dispose of the entire trap. Open package and separate Tomcat Glue Traps. Be sure to place flush against the wall and avoid corners. Place trap where rodents travel, usually between a 25 -100 ft. area between their nest and food source, DETECTION TIPS 1 brand of glue traps in America (Based on Nie More. These easy-to-use traps can also help track rodent and other pest activity. Open package and separate Tomcat Glue Traps. Oily 'rub' marks on baseboards and walls. Effectively captures mice and other rodents or pests. Related Products. Compare with similar items. 18 0 obj <> endobj Place Tomcat Glue Traps in areas (such as along walls) where rodents or insects will most likely cross over them as they move from hiding places to feeding places. We do not recommend baiting the glue traps with anything as it will make the glue no longer sticky. Tomcat's powerful adhesive is specially … *����*�q��BS>��(��Rҋ4���)��y�ff��"�[T%����͘|���pE8 �6�"� :y}6���sE�����d%�|NO��s�%|���T���. Tomcat® Repellents Rodent Repellent Granules (and all other Tomcat… 2. }|��>ʯӇ�sPu���#���4X �^�{gQ�;ui~��!��;cJ)�ަp�Q�}#G������������7:_�,�. Be sure to place flush against the wall and avoid corners. Trade Name: Tomcat Glue Boards, Glue Traps, Value Pak Date Created: January 2015 Supplier: Motomco Page 1 of 3 TOMCAT®GLUE BOARDS, GLUE TRAPS, VALUE PAK SAFETY DATA … 3. scurry onto the tray, they will get stuck. How do I remove Tomcat glue from unwanted surfaces? The super-hold formula provides superior gripping power, so mice are stuck as soon as they step onto the trap. The nature of glue traps is that the more an animal struggles, the more stuck it becomes, so try to keep the animal calm, and keep it from sticking its nose in the glue. TOMCAT All-Weather BLOX is a single-feeding anticoagulant rodenticide containing the active ingredient, Bromadiolone. This item Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel, 1 oz. TOMCAT ® GLUE BOARD/TOMCAT GLUE TRAP /TOMCAT MOUSE INN USE: CHEMICAL NAME AND SYNONYM: EPA REGISTRATION NO. If for any reason you, the consumer, are not satisfied with this product, mail us your original proof of purchase to obtain a full refund of your purchase price. Scotts experts are always available by email and phone in our Help Center. Most Popular. Other signs of rodent activity: Tomcat glue rat traps not only kill the mouse but also eliminate spiders, … If you have any further … Then you can simply dispose of the entire glue … Dispose of trap and rodent in trash. Glue Traps, Rat Size. Safety Data Sheets can be found at 3. not required section i. hazardous ingredients active ingredients… 3. HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS ACTIVE INGREDIENTS… Dispose of trap … Tomcat Glue Boards are one of the most widely used ways to control rats, mice, insects or other household pests without the use of pesticides or toxins. Shop Tomcat Glue Trap Mouse Size - 4 Count from Tom Thumb. This is not the product label. Browse our wide selection of Pest Control for Delivery or Drive Up & Go to pick up at the store! It is an excellent clean-out and maintenance bait to control mice and rats, including … Rodent Control Device N/A Not Required SECTION I. Tomcat® Kill & Contain® Mouse Trap encloses all of the working parts of a trap, making it less accessible to kids and non-target animals. Place trap where rodents travel and where you've seen signs of them, between 25 -100 ft. from nest to their food source. Place Tomcat Glue Traps in areas (such as along walls) where rodents or insects will most likely cross over them as they move from hiding places to feeding places. © 2002-2020 The Scotts Company LLC, all rights reserved. Also traps a variety of insects, including … 2. The tomcat traps have a MUCH thicker pouring of glue, much higher quality, and I put a little dab of peanut butter in the center. Tomcat glue traps for rats. Use as a Flat or Covered Trap. Product Attributes. If you unintentionally trap a small animal that you didn’t intend to trap such as a lizard or snake, it can usually be released from the trap in the same manner. Once the targeted pests (cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, ants, mice, etc.) h�bbd```b``�"@$��R&�IC0�D2�I�J�C`��l�;J�$��s��D�����10�Z6���d�?��� ��/ No. 1. Not Required SECTION I. 2. Most of the glue should stay in the trap. The flat sticky traps cleared out a bunch of smaller mice, all silent for a few weeks, and I wake up at 5 AM and this tomcat trap … Tomcat Rat Glue Trap W/Eugenol 2ct/12 - Each. 3. After use, simply dispose of the entire trap. tomcat ® glue board/tomcat® glue trap/ tomcat value pak /tomcat® mouse inn emergency phone nos: medical (877) 854-2494 transportation (spills) (800) 424-9300 chemtrec use: rodent control device chemical name and synonym: n/a epa registration no. Glue Traps Allows you to stop rodents in their tracks and provides a method to uncover activity around the home. Read more. Removing Glue Tray From A Surface: Slowly and carefully pull the tray away from the surface it is adhered to. Tomcat Glue Boards can be used as flat or covered traps. We appreciate your question regarding Tomcat Mouse & Rat Trap Attractant Gel. Read more. % (w/w) … Application Directions: Place Tomcat Glue Traps … TOMCAT® ANT – ATTRACTANT-BASED GLUE TRAPS EMERGENCY PHONE NOS: Medical (877) 854-2494 Transportation (Spills) (800) 424-9300 CHEMTREC USE: Insect Control Device CHEMICAL NAME AND SYNONYM: N/A EPA REGISTRATION NO. endstream endobj 19 0 obj <> endobj 20 0 obj <> endobj 21 0 obj <>stream

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