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In order to best accommodate shift trades and stay within UW School of Medicine work hours policy you must request approval for any shift trades 2 business days before the day of the scheduled shift you want to trade out of. Goal 3: Acquire knowledge about Ob/Gyn conditions and diseases. Tracker and Clinical Encounters. We hope that you will find your clerkship to be intellectually challenging and rewarding. ), both the original and repeated grades are used in the calculation. You will experience a variety of obstetrical and gynecologic conditions. Students will demonstrate their acquisition of this knowledge on the final Ob/Gyn exam. Pending any COVID-related changes, we will accept applications starting March 1, 2021 for the 2021-22 academic year. Online videos of a breast examination as well as a breast and pelvic examination are available in Quicktime format. Demonstrate responsible and dependable involvement in patient care. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with this policy. Aquifer is a unique mission-driven non-profit organization dedicated to delivering the best health care education through collaborative development and research into innovative, high-impact virtual teaching and learning methods. Clerkship Sites. Orientation & Syllabus. Request a meeting with Sandra Morriss in Student & Career Services (SCS), for an initial clerkship meeting. However, through efficient use of your time and sound planning, good progress will be realized in attaining these five goals. The obstetrical conditions and gynecological problems commonly encountered by the physician provide the primary focus for this clerkship experience, but knowledge of serious, less common conditions, is also required. The physician preceptor will evaluate the exam and document it on the corresponding Mini-CEx form (available in the Reference section of the website). Participate actively in learning opportunities and work assignments. 3. cine clerkship. The regional nature of our medical school allows our students to experience the entire gamut of medical care, both rural and urban, including private practice, community health care centers, community … Requests for time away from your clerkship must be made now, in writing. Permission-only electives are added as Curriculum receives authorization from the departmental Clerkship Administrator. This course is an introductory experience in the provision of comprehensive medical care and counseling services to adult and adolescent female patients. COVID-19 Tests. If the student has not been actively involved with a patient in each of the above categories by the end of the 5th week of the clerkship, the student must fulfill an acceptable alternative experience by completing the corresponding APGO quiz using uWise. Publishing Page Content In Right Rail Page Content Contact: Clinical Curriculum SpecialistHSB A300somclrk@uw.edu206.616.3789 Helpful Links UW SOM Clerkship Catalog Clerkship Coordinators Clerkship Student Reviews (accessible with UW Net ID) Clinical Schedules Clerkship Policies (including Absentee Policy and Duty Hours Policy) E*Value Portal Health Insurance Choices — The … Once the review is completed, the results will be reported as negative and the UWSOM will … About Aquifer. Please review the Work Hours Policy for Required Clerkships for guidelines on medical student staffing in the ED. The expectation for the Basic Ob/Gyn Clerkship is that you begin to build the minimal foundation of knowledge and skills which you will need in obstetrics and gynecology, regardless of the specialty you decide to enter. Permission only electives must follow the timeframes established by the clinical calendar. Recognize your own limitations.Adhere to assignments in a professional manner. Many years before it was a clerkship teaching site, this town was known as New Archangel and served as the capital of Russian Alaska?, This clerkship site most certainly saw the likes of Butch Cassidy, Calamity Jane, and the Sundance Kid, and the bullet-holes are still there to prove it. Organized alphabetically by course, use the index found on the left-hand side to find the rotation that's best for you. Jasmine Rah, MS2 – “Wonderland View“ – Mount Rainier National Park, WA (Edited for size) Welcome to the Family Medicine Clerkship! No action will be taken on an application until it is complete and fully approved by the UWSOM Visiting Student Office. This component will be incorporated into the final clinical evaluation form. Patient Care Phase Scheduling; Explore & Focus Scheduling; Research Electives; Patient Care Phase Clerkships; Explore & Focus; WWAMI Track Program We have been ranked #1 or #2 for the past 8 years, based on the highest end of clerkship score for all of the required clerkships. Test: A total of two workups will be evaluated and critiqued by designated faculty. Students will have direct face-to-face interaction with these patients.Students will read all required topics by the end of the 5th week, with 6th week for review. Students were assigned to the individual clerkship sites based on student preference and clerkship site availability. We will provide you with a good foundation for further study and knowledge that you will use throughout the remainder of your medical career. To Report Mistreatment or a Serious Concern Students should demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility for the care of their patients from arrival at the emergency department through every aspect of their treatment and evaluation through admission or discharge and follow up. An example can be found in the Reference section of the website. These skills have been previously introduced and practiced in ICM I and II. Curriculum: It is expected that students will learn the core Ob/Gyn curriculum as specified in the "Course Content" section in the Required Topics tab of the clerkship website. The Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine offers the following clerkships for interested medical students. Establish sufficient visibility & rapport with preceptors & other faculty (& residents if present) to be fairly evaluated. Test: Perform at least one complete breast and pelvic exam. Applications must be received and approved at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the requested clerkship date. Review the Clerkship Manual, beginning with the Quick-Start Guide. You will spend six weeks working side-by-side with family physicians and … Curriculum: Faculty will model appropriate behavior. It is the student's responsibility to identify and pursue learning which complements the preplanned activities and leads to fulfillment of the course objectives. Applicants can locate federal clerkships, create and submit applications, and generate electronic requests for recommendation letters. Fill out the Clerkship Interest Form and set up your LOR Tracker profile. Home » Office of Curriculum » Clinical Resources, ​Contact: Clinical Curriculum SpecialistHSB A300somclrk@uw.edu206.616.3789, Copyright © 2019 University of Washington | Terms and Conditions | Online PrivacySite by Odd Dog, Educational Quality Improvement (EQI) Office, 2019 Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) Response Program – Documents from SharePoint, Center for Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (CEDI), UWSOM Anti-Racism Action Committee (ARAC), COVID-19 Procedures for Foundations Students, COVID-19 Procedures for Clinical Students, Medical Student Technology Advisory Team (medSTAT), Choices — The Careers in Medicine® newsletter archive. UWSOM Clerkship Policies Objectives Clinical Encounters 2020-21; Complete the appropriate learning modules below. Residency Application System Overview of Residency Planning Video ERAS Application Video ERAS – Participating Specialties and Programs Research Residency Programs Departmental Career Advisors: Contact them early for help identifying programs and to review your application lists. Students will document patient encounters via E*Value. At the conclusion of this clerkship, students should be able to: Discuss the anatomy of the nervous system and how it influences symptoms and signs. However, students are responsible for obtaining some knowledge about each of the topics. Also during the clerkship, the student will have an opportunity to review the anatomic basis for neurologic disorders. Of 29 eligible instructors, 25 (86%) completed the survey, with n = 18 using QR and n = 7 using paper. The complementary Aquifer Pediatrics Exam can be used as a summative course exam or as practice for another standardized exam. Polish your resume and a draft cover letter. COVID-19 Testing & Antibody Testing for UW Medical Students. Neurological Surgery Clerkships There are several different clerkships offered by the Department of Neurological Surgery. This list of required topics was first described by the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics and is currently available via APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives, 10th Edition. WWAMI Student Travel. Of the 29 OB/GYN UWSOM clerkship sites, 18 agreed to participate and were randomized. Describe the full extent and complexities of a patient’s past medical history and current social situation. Internal medicine clerkship The 12-week required third year internal medicine clerkship is rated highly by the students. Some learning activities at each site are preplanned, however many activities are left for each student to plan and develop in the manner in which they best learn. Students will be taught these exams by residents, attendings, and preceptors in the outpatient and operating room settings. Of 161 eligible students, 102 (63%) completed the survey, with n … Perform a thorough neurological examination; Interpret imaging studies and other diagnostic information for patients in … Professional conduct also includes the following: Don't argue diagnoses in front of patients. In addition, students will also be exposed to patients with a variety of medical conditions. Course consists of two parts: a laboratory review of gross and microscopic cardiovascular pathology of selected autopsy cases followed by a combined clinical (medical and/or surgical) and pathology conference discussing these cases. Note: Departmental evaluations are required to be completed by faculty and student prior to receiving a grade. Clerkship Sites & Required Documents . (here hyperlinked to https://education.uwmedicine.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/clerkship-absentee-policy.pdf. Review the policies, learning objectives, and required clinical encounters of the clerkship(s) in which you will teach. It is recognized that in a busy 6 week clerkship mastery of all of the goals will be difficult. Students will have an opportunity to assess patients in both the inpatient and outpatient environment, to observe the spectrum of neurodiagnostic studies that are used in the evaluation of patients with neurologic disorders. You must email Curriculum at medevalu@uw.edu and copy Registration at somreg@uw.edu to add permission-only electives. Students will: Test: Students will be evaluated specifically on these interpersonal skills and this evaluation will be reflected in the Student Performance Evaluation Form. Regional Clerkship Sites: UWSOM prides itself on the depth and breadth of excellent clinical educational opportunities available throughout all of the five states that comprise WWAMI medical education program. By the end of the clerkship students should be able to: 1. This minimal foundation is described in the five goals that follow. On behalf of our faculty across the WWAMI region, we would like to welcome you to your clerkship experience. Call Expectations for Clerkships in Seattle: Medical students scheduled between the months of May and October will be expected to take overnight and weekend call. The core pediatric clerkship is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the approach to the care of children and their families. Curriculum: Faculty will teach students how to write an appropriate Ob/Gyn workup. Please refer to "Patient Encounters" under the Required Assignments tab of this website. Assess patient understanding about workup a… Neurological Surgery is a wonderful field, and we are pleased to have you join us. Test: Students will be evaluated specifically on these interpersonal skills and this evaluation will be reflected in the Student Performance Evaluation Form. UWSOM has a unique required Chronic Care clerkship in the fourth year, combining cl inical and didactic expo sure to Rehabilitation Medicine , Palliative Care , Chronic Pain Interested students should obtain a “Credit for Away Clerkship in WWAMI” form available from the UWSOM Dean’s Office Registrar and complete for departmental approval at least two months before advance registration. School of Medicine grade review, challenge and appeal process can be found here. The third-year IM clerkship takes advantage of this prior expe-rience by simply providing online video tutorial reviews on the basics of ultrasound, such as machine operation and exam techniques. If there is a positive result for a prescribed medication/s, a Castlebranch "Medical Review Officer" will be in touch with you and ask for documentation of your prescription. To accommodate 265+ students per year and give everyone a good learning experience, we will be using community neurologists and non-Seattle WWAMI sites in addition to the core hospitals: University, Harborview, and VA. Curriculum: It is expected that all students should master the basic breast and pelvic exam during the clerkship. Data from all UWSOM third-year medical students from the academic years 2005–2006 and 2006–2007 were gathered retrospectively after institutional review board approval. Take the quiz to attest to your completion. Manage timely patient evaluation, treatment, re-examination, and disposition. Aquifer Pediatrics can be used by third-year medical students, Physician Assistant students, and Nurse Practitioner students as a complement to a clerkship or course on pediatrics. Students will actively participate in the evaluation and care of patients presenting with a variety of medical complaints or needs. UWSOM Travel Policies. It is a goal of the department to help develop problem-solving, self-directed, and independent-learning physicians. Training Future Pediatric and Physician Leaders. Benchmark: The exercise of writing comprehensive women's health workups will be benchmarked. As a student at the University of Washington School of Medicine, you will be expected to travel the five-state WWAMI region to complete required clerkship rotations (including the WRITE program) during your Patient Care and Explore & … 2. In-Person Clerkship Reviews You can view the student-submitted reviews at this Clerkship Review document . The UWSOM pro-on standardized patients or simu-lators. During your 4-week clerkship, you will have the opportunity to interact with women in all stages of life, from adolescence through and beyond menopause. ©2015-2020 | University of Washington | Seattle, WA, Training, Education, & Advocacy in Miscarriage Management (TEAMM), Pregnancy-Related Care Research Network (PRCRN), Women's Reproductive Health Research (WRHR), Absences, Illnesses, Exposures & Policies, APGO Medical Student Educational Objectives, 10th Edition. Clerkship Basics; Clerkship Policies; Clerkship Registration & Scheduling. Students participating in patient care activities are expected to present a professional image in both conduct and attire, including the following: Attire appropriate to professional environment. Some of the best learning may be out in the community where one-on-one teaching will be the model. The Department of Pediatrics follows the UWSOM Clerkship Absence Policy, which can be found in the Student Handbook. School of Medicine Clinical Clerkship Absentee Policy can be found here. We realize that students will not see examples of every entity listed in the goals or the specific topics required for this clerkship. The Pediatrics Graduate Medical Education (GME) program is designed to train skillful physicians with ingrained habits of life-long learning and well-formed ethical and professional modes of practice, consistent with UW School of Medicine's Commitment to Graduate Medical Education. OSCAR (Online System for Clerkship Application and Review) OSCAR is the central online resource for federal law clerk and appellate court staff attorney hiring. Review Process Family Medicine Clerkship > Info for Students; Info for Students. If you need a COVID-19 test and you are in Seattle, you can contact Hall Health at (206) 616-2495 to schedule a test If a student remediates any course or clerkship/clinical rotation, the original grade is used, not the remediated grade; and; If a student repeats some segment of the curriculum (year, clerkship/clinical rotation, etc.

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