How to Choose a Guitar for Beginners?

If you are new to playing this instrument, then you are in for a great fun ride. Guitar is one of the best musical instruments to begin with. And the best part is that you don’t even have to spend a lot to get your hand on a guitar. There are so many models you can choose from, based on your level of interest and sincerity.

And here, we will help you choose one for yourself. If you are new to this, follow this article-cum-guide to know which beginner guitar suits best with your needs. And after deciding upon one, you can either go online, or visit your nearest musical instruments shop to get yourself the perfect guitar.

Electric or Acoustic

This is the first hurdle which you have to pass. You need to decide on which kind of guitar you wish to go with – electric one, or acoustic one. Both of them have a stark difference between them. For a beginner, acoustic is preferred and recommended. So try pick this as your first choice. Let’s break them down for you to analyze yourself.

Acoustic Guitars

You don’t need to have any extra accessories to pair with the guitar, such as amplifiers. They have steel strings, which can be pretty hard on your fingers in the beginning. You can play all kinds of music with this kind of guitar, including rock, country, folk, etc. Choosing this will help you learn your guitar lessons with no frills attached.

Electric Guitars

These guitars need extra accessories, such as amplifiers and cords to be fully functional. You can play with any kind of style such as classical rock, indie, etc. This kind has extra controls for volume, tone and pitch. These electric guitars can get louder than acoustic, but the volume can be controlled with a little practice. They are highly versatile.


Both acoustic and electric guitars are nearly similar, with the former giving a beginners feel and the latter one for a bit more advanced players. But many beginners still love to have electric guitar, simply because they look stylish to keep at homes. Still if you are unable to decide, budget will help you make a pick.

Decide upon a budget range that you wish to go with. Acoustic guitars are generally very cheaper than their electric counterparts. So if budget is a grave issue for you, go with acoustic ones. But if you are comfortable with any budget and have plenty of money to spend, go with electric guitar.

Even if you fail to continue your practice and don’t want to do more, an electric guitar can act as a great show piece at home. It looks pretty to place somewhere on a pedestal at your home.

I hope these 2 points were enough to help you make up your mind. So what are you waiting for? Start searching online or visit your local brick and mortar shop to know more about these instruments and make a pick. Don’t forget to take the accessories that needs to be taken with them.