Best Kids Piano in the Market – Brands and Tips to Buy

Little Kids piano

A good instrument is required for any new learner to feel relaxed while learning a piano. Many parents feel confused while choosing a piano for their kids and they sometimes end up buying a wrong one. Kids piano should not be too complex as it would lead to frustration while learning it. There are many things which a person needs to think of before buying a piano for his kids. The first experience of learning a piano should be a memorable one. And it would help a kid to excel at learning all the lessons of a piano.

In the market, various types of pianos are available namely, Acoustic, Digital, and Electronic Keyboards. However, for kids, the first choice should be an easy to play piano. Kids piano ranges from low to high price so one should select from all the available pianos by taking into consideration his budget. Here are little details about the three types of pianos:

  • Acoustic Piano – These are expensive and large in size. Acoustic pianos are embedded with a lot of features and are an excellent choice to learn real-life piano skills. What makes these types of pianos popular is their ability to offer a level of responsiveness and a range of dynamics as well as tone color. The price of these pianos starts from $4000 and is not easy for everyone to buy it easily.
  • Digital Piano – These pianos are designed to produce the same effect as that of an acoustic piano. Its keys are weighted so as to provide high resistance to touch and are sensitive to speed and pressure. This helps in providing a range of dynamics while playing it. Digital pianos are less expensive than acoustic pianos and are a perfect choice for those who can’t afford acoustic pianos.
  • Electronic Keyboard – Electronic Keyboard is the best choice for those who can’t afford to buy an expensive piano such as Acoustic piano. These pianos are able to produce sounds of different instruments but their keys are not weighted. It is also a good choice to buy an affordable piano then later move on to the real one.

Tips for buying a piano for a beginner

Here are some tips for buying little kids piano which would be handy in making the learning of your children very convenient.

  • Keep it Simple – Kids piano should be simple and easy to use. This is a very important factor as a beginner should not feel uncomfortable at the start of piano learning. A kid doesn’t require a real piano to start his/her learning. If you choose a complex piano for a kid then it would not be easy for him to learn and play it. Too many features on a single piano can confuse and distract the learner, which is not good for a beginner in any case. There are many simple pianos available in the market which are specially designed for the kids.
  • Choose a Full-Size Keyboard – The size of the keyboard of a piano should be similar to that of a real piano. Also, the keys size should be uniform to ensure right finger spacing and the scale of an instrument. They will not only teach proper kids piano lessons but would play a vital role when a kid shifts to a real piano in the future. He would not feel uncomfortable in adapting to the complex piano when he grows up.
  • Adjustable Stand – When you buy a synthesizer, then one thing that should be taken care of is that the stand for a keyboard should be adjustable according to the height of a kid. It is very difficult to feel comfortable in playing piano by placing it on a table on any other stool. One should place the piano at the right height which is important to play it easily and comfortably.
  • Keys should be Weighted – The keys of a piano should be weighted so as to ensure the feel of a real piano. A key, when pressed, should come back with the right speed. In future, whenever a beginner switches to the real piano then he would not feel difficult to adapt accordingly. Also, learning to play piano on weighted keys would enhance the finger strength of a player.
  • The sensitivity of Keys Matters – One should take special care while examining the keys of a piano. Not only it should be properly weighted but also it should be sensitive enough to easily play on it. It should respond back with the same volume as you press it. This would help a learner to adapt to other complex pianos at an ease.

Top 3 Kids Piano Available in the Market

In our opinion, a parent should buy a small piano for kids. And the main motive of their learning should be to enjoy the process rather than feel pressurized by the practice. Here are some of the popular brands available for Kids:

  • Yamaha P115B Digital Piano – Yamaha is a very good and popular brand available in the market. Yamaha P115B has a lot of specifications and features in it, and it is better than kids piano keyboard. The cost of the piano is $639.99 which is not big considering the features it offers.
  • Casio Kids Digital Piano – One of the great advantages of buying this kids piano is it is light in weight and easy to carry. Casio is known for producing great pieces of pianos and in this piano also, there are a lot of features to make learning easy for the beginner. Its sounding effect is very good and has triple censored pedals. It costs $199 and is quite affordable.
  • Yamaha PSRF51 – 61 Keys Portable Keyboard – It has 120 voices and 114 styles, which makes it one of the versatile piano available in the market. This piano has a color-coded and intuitive control panel, which is easy to use. Also, the price of this piano is $89.99, which is very convenient.
  • The ONE Kid Portable Keyboard Piano – It contains 61 keys which makes it easy for the kids to play and its price is just $336.54. Also, it is very light in weight which makes it easy to carry. This piano can be connected to the phone for music, games, and videos to make it easier to learn.
  • Kids 61 Key Electronic Keyboard – This kids piano is popular for its design and is available at just $69.99. Also, the stool to sit on for the player is available with it and it saves a person from buying a new chair to sit. This electric piano is easy to use and is a perfect piano for a beginner.
  • Hamzer 61 Kids Electronic Piano – If your kids are looking to switch to the grand piano then this is one of the best choice available for the parents. It is available at a reasonable price of Rs. $86.99 and it has special effects such as 8 percussions in it.

So, these were some of the categories of pianos available in the market for kids. Every parent wants to see his kids learning piano effectively. And so a special care must be taken in order to choose a good piano for your children. Follow all the above tips in order to buy a proper keyboard for your child. And through this, you will also take care of how to teach kids piano.

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