Why Pianists have a Healthier Brain?

People do so many things to keep their brain healthy. But there is a fun & interesting activity which not only improves your brain health but gives it super powers too. Check out all the Benefits of Playing the Piano Below:-

brain piano clipart

1. Improved Motor Skills

You are using up to 10 Fingers at the same time. Evolution gave us opposable thumbs, but both your hands are performing different tasks at the same time. This improves motor skills and the strength of our fingers.

2. Enhanced Multitasking

A Pianist is completely engaged while playing the Piano. His Ears, Eyes, Hands all are working together in harmony. Processing so much information in a matter of milliseconds and executing it successfully is a great skill.

3. Concentration Abilities

When you read notes for a song, you have to read 2 separate lines of notes together. One for your left hand & one for your right. Ability to do such a task improves your concentration in day to day tasks as well.

4. Self Confidence

Becoming a Musician does a lot to your mind. You become more compassionate and begin to appreciate the smaller things in life.  Learning Piano results in a wider attention span and enhanced self-confidence.

5. Reduced Stress

Music is well known to reduce stress. If listening to music can impact stress levels so well, you can wonder the impact when you are playing the music and adjusting it to your mood.

6. Improved Memory

A Pianist over the course of his career and life learns thousands of songs, and he/she tends to remember them all. It’s easier for him/her to recall them whenever he/she wants. This improves the everyday memory of a person.

7. Improved Ability to Learn

When you have a super-brain with better memory, concentration, confidence and multi-tasking skills, learning new activities are a breeze and your mind encourages you to do so.

Here is a cool infographic you can share with your friends. Just Right click the image, and choose¬†“Save Image as”. On your phone, long press the image to show options to download. Here is the direct url of the image, if you want to share the url.


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