Chords in the key of G Major

Starting with the G Major Scale and numbering each note, we have:

G A B C D E F# G
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1

We have also prepared a lesson on Overview of Piano Chords. If you are a novice with chords, it is better to go through the article before you dive into learning the G Major Chord.

Now, we will look at all the primary and secondary triads of G Major scale. Each of these triads are formed from the keys present in this scale only. No extra key is added to make a chord. And each of the chords is named after the degree from which it will start.

Primary Triads (Chords) in the Key of G Major

  • Chord I – G Major Chord: G B D

G Major Chord

  • Chord IV – C Major: C E G

C Major Chord

  • Chord V – D Major: D F# A

D Major Chord

Secondary Triads in the Key of G Major

  • Chord ii – A Minor: A C E

A Minor Chord

  • Chord iii – B Minor: B D F#

B Minor Chord

  • Chord vi – E Minor: E G B. This chord is the tonic chord of B Major’s relative minor – E Minor.

E Minor Chord

  • Chord vii° – F# diminished: F# A C

Extended Chords

Using all the notes of G Major scale, we build four-note seventh chords, as below:

  • G Major 7th: G B D F#
  • A Minor 7thA C E G
  • B Minor 7th: B D F# A
  • C Major 7th: C E G B
  • D Dominant 7th (C7): D F# A C
  • E Minor 7th: E G B D
  • F# Minor 7th Flat 5th (Em7b5): F# A C E

More Chords in different Keys:

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