Harry Potter - Piano Notes & Tutorial

Harry Potter has been the most beloved movie series of millions of people. And many of you might be fascinated with its music as well. So, here I bring you Harry Potter theme song piano notes, which are totally beginner friendly, and extremely easy to play.

Video Tutorial

To make your learning easier, we are attaching a video tutorial for the piano notes. This video has both chords and melody. So if you are a beginner, try playing only the melody, the notes of which are given below as well. If you already know it, or have mastered it enough, try playing the chords as well. Overall, the combination of chords and melody will give you the best soothing results.


You can also purchase the MIDI file of Harry Potter song, to learn and practice on Synthesia. Click the button below to proceed with the process.

Below are the piano notes of the theme song. Play the video before practicing the song yourself.

B- E G F# E
B A F#
E G F# Eb
F B-


B- E G F# E
B D+        Db+ C+
Ab C+ B Bb Bb-


G B    G B     G C+ B Bb
F# G B Bb Bb-
B- B


G B    G B     G D+ Db+ C+
Ab C+ B Bb Bb-

I hope you found this tutorial easy and friendly. Let us know what kind of issues you faced if any. We will try addressing the same in our next video. Meanwhile, do check out our home page for more such amazing tutorials.

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13 thoughts on “Harry Potter

    1. Hi Sky, It is recommended to watch the video first. This will help you understand the tune, and reading the note becomes easier.

    1. I am sorry you feel that way. But its actually the easiest songs for beginners. Try learning both hands separately, before trying them together. Then it will become easier

  1. thank you soooo much of making this piano notes website it is really help full and you sould really post more

  2. Newbie’s question – what’s the point of mixing up *b with *# representation while everything could be represented with only one of those signs throughout the whole song?

    1. Actually, They have different meanings. Flats and sharps.
      C# or Db are the same keys on the piano, but they have different meanings in a song or music.

    1. In the video, you can see me play all the chords for this theme song.

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