Indian National Anthem - Piano Notes & Tutorial

If you are a proud Indian, you will be definitely loving this song. National Anthem makes all of us proud, even when we are not happy with other things. So here in this article, I will be sharing with you our National Anthem Piano Notes with chords and lyrics.

Video Tutorial

For easy learning, here is the song’s video tutorial. Below going ahead with notes yourself, just watch the video once so that you get a clear understanding of rhythm.

Piano Notes with Lyrics

Below are the piano notes for National Anthem. Play them yourself and enjoy the feeling of pride that comes henceforth.

Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya Hey,
D E F# F# F# F# F# F# F# F# F#    E F# G
Bharat Bhagya Vidhata
F# F# F#   E E E    Db E D
Panjab Sindhu Gujarat Maratha,
D A A A A A Ab A A A A Ab A
Dravid Utkal Banga
G G G G G F# E G F#
Vindhya Himachal Yamuna Ganga,
F# F# F# F# F# E A A A G G G
Uchchhal Jaladhi Taranga
F# F# F# E E E E Db E D


Tav Shubh Namey Jaage,
D E F# F# F# F# G E F# G
Tav Shubh Aashish Maange
F# G A A A G F# E G F#
Gaahey Tav Jayagaathaa
F# F# E E E E Db E D


Jana Gana Mangal Dayak, Jaya Hey
A A A A A A A A A A Ab B A
Bhaarat Bhaagya Vidhaataa
G G G G G F# E G F#


Jaya Hey, Jaya Hey, Jaya Hey,
Db+ Db+ D+   Db+ B Db+    A A B
Jaya Jaya Jaya, Jaya Hey
D D E E F# F# E F# G

Hope the above notes and tutorial helped you in mastering the song on piano. When you will be going to hold any special event, begin that by playing this song. Everyone is going to love it.

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    1. Currently, its difficult to denote chords in letter notations along with melody. The best way to denote chords is sheet music. We are working on creating sheet music for all our songs.

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