Pirates of the Caribbean - Piano Notes & Tutorial

Here I present to you Pirates of the Caribbean Piano Notes, which I am sure you are going to enjoy very much. The theme song “He’s a Pirate” is very energetic and definitely adds glamor to any party wherever it is played. So, if you are looking to hype your party a bit, then go for these easy piano notes along with the cords.

Video Tutorial

I am including an easy video tutorial for Pirates of the Caribbean theme song piano notes. Here you will also find chords with the notes. It is difficult to write down the notes for this song. So we would encourage you to watch the video carefully and practice the tune with full vigor. There are no lyrics for it. The theme song itself is an amazing music to enjoy and practice.

Buy MIDI File

If you wish to practice and learn the song key by key, then you can do that with Synthesia. Here is the clickable button from where you can purchase the MIDI file of the song to master these piano notes.

I hope you like the above video tutorial. Keep practicing the tone starting with the green key presses. Once you are confident on that, move to the chords (which are the blue key presses). You will definitely enjoy playing this song on your keyboard and entertaining everyone around you.

Let us know how you like it. And if you have any other song requests, mention in the comments below.

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