Vande Mataram - Piano Notes & Tutorial

Let’s learn how to play India’s national song, Vande Matram on Piano. Below I have included a very beginner friendly tutorial, along with Vande Mataram Piano Notes. Originally a Bengali Poem, written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, it was composed into a song by Rabindranath Tagore.

The first 2 paragraphs of this song were then adopted as the National Song of India. Whenever it is played, Indians are filled with a sense of pride and love towards this country. And so, playing it on Piano feels even more wonderful. Here is the video tutorial of the song’s piano notes and chords. Play this video before you switch to the notes given below.

Here are the Piano Notes of Vande Mataram. You can enjoy playing it both on Piano as well as Harmonium.

Vande maataram
Bb- C Eb F Eb F
Vande maataram
Eb F A Bb A Bb


Sujalam suphalam
Bb C+ Bb Ab G Ab G F   F G F Eb D Eb D C
malayaja sheetalam
C F Eb F D C D Bb-
Shasyashyamalam maataram
Bb- C Eb F Eb F    F Ab G G F
vande mataram
Eb F A Bb A Bb


Shubhra jyotsna pulakitayaaminim
Eb F A A A A Bb A Bb A Bb
Phulla kusumita drumadalashobhinim
A A A Bb A Bb A Bb C+ Bb Ab G Ab G G F
Suhaasinim sumadhurabhaashhinim
C C Eb Eb D C C Ab G Ab G F G F
Sukhadaam varadaam maataram
Eb F A A A A A Bb A Bb
Vande Mataram
Eb F A Bb A Bb
Vande Mataram
Eb F A Bb A Bb

I hope these notes are easy for you to learn and practice. Do share your views about this tutorial.

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